Every app is created with a purpose. And that purpose is to rule your audience heart. This happens when you address a specific problem and come up with a solution with your app.

The reason why people choose to keep their apps on mobile because they find it convenient. They are not at risk of losing their data and get in complications.

For one specific niche, there is a range of apps. And the user prefers the one with good customer reviews and your customer only applause you when having these features in your mobile app.


  1. Ease of Navigation

You can have an ecommerce app, gaming app, banking app or a networking app, but if doesn’t provide you simple navigation then it goes to the trash straight.

Navigation is essential, especially when you own an ecommerce app. If the app is taking too long to reach the menu or the accessories, then you need to rethink.

The content and the design of your app should be inflow. Make sure users don’t have to wait for a specific feature to take action. They’ll leave your app if they have to keep waiting for the screen to load.

When users download your app they are putting their trust on it. So, perform A/B testing of your app before you launch it on play store or app store.

  1. Security

Your mobile has everything in it. Your emails, photos, financial apps, your social accounts are open on it and your private messages.

You can’t trust every app that people are inviting you to download. Security is the main concern of the users. You have to make them realize that your app is secure and won’t cause any data breaches.

So, in your privacy policy mention your data security and tell users how you protect their data. To build a strong user base, take your users in confidence and assurance that their data won’t be compromised in any situation.

  1. Social Media Integration

People have a strong digital presence on social media today. They like anything, they’d rush to share it online with their friends.

Especially when your app is focused on content then social media integration is a must to have. It gives access to customers and makes sharing easy.

In addition, social media integration is a good advertising trick. You hardly see any successful app without social icons. Icons like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter makes it easy for people to share on different forums.

This social media tip is highly important when you own a blogging app like Medium, Quora or Evernote.

  1. Customer Support and Feedback 

A feature which makes it easy to get in touch with the customer support directly realize your customers that you care about them. It makes easy for them to drop feedback and contact in any important case.

It also reduces the efforts to search your website and wait for the time to contact you. The contact us button gives the accessibility to the user to drop you email or query anytime they want.

Apart from it, receiving feedback from customers helps in improving your app and enhance it according to their reviews.

According to a study, if you stay in touch with your customers, you drive exceptional engagements to your business.


In Closing

Whenever you’re handing over your app to the company, conduct research about them. Either they possess a sound reputation in the industry or not. I’d recommend you Dubai Monsters – mobile app developers because I have tried them for my app and the results were phenomenal.

In summary, the above four features are essential for every app. Your app is incomplete without these. So, before you figure out the unique specifications of your mobile, ensure that you include these four features on top.

It will help to build a strong user community and reliable relationship with your customers.

If you don’t have these features, it’s time for you to start considering.

I hope you find this blog a useful read. If you want to know more, feel free to add your comments in the section below.