MI-2S with new chipset announced, faster than the S4-Xiaomi mi2 Review

MI-2S with new chipset announced, faster than the S4-Xiaomi mi2 Review
Xiaomi mi2 review-Xiaomi has recently introduced another super phone Xiaomi MI-2S with a Snapdragon 600 chipset which is actually over S4 Pro of the MI-2. This is very incredible of the Xiaomi which has been giving out very low priced super phones with a challenge that they can only be found in China and very had to trace in any other country.
 S4-Xiaomi mi2 Review
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The consumers and eager users of the Xiaomi phones are having great hopes that this new Xiaomi MI-2S will be found in a larger market other than in China so they will be able to get to test it and use it.
Their latest Xiaomi MI-2S with new chipset that was announced recently is quite a wonderful device with a quad-core Krait 300 CPU with 1.7 GHz. This becomes very superior to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which actually has a 1.9GHz Krait 300 CPU according to the Xiaomi.
There are several other unique features of the new Xiaomi MI-2S that makes the producers proud of it and may also attract the consumers to the new device as compared to the ones that are already in the market.This new Xiaomi phone called the Xiaomi MI-2S comes into the market well equipped in two versions. The first version is known to come in a 32GB with a 13MP camera. This version is said to cost about $370 which is equivalent to 2299 Yuan. It is actually much expensive than the other version which comes in 16GB version with an 8MP camera. This version with the 16GB will cost $320 which is actually equivalent to 19999 Yuan.
Both the versions will also have a 4.3 inch 720p screen. This is very efficient, convenient and effective even for work to view your working documents. They will also be MIUI 5 based on the Android 4.1 as well as the 2GB of RAM.
The Xiaomi MI-2S phones will come with a wonderful battery for its efficiency of 2000mAh battery and an optional 3000mAh battery.
As one of the eagerly awaiting users of the Xiaomi phones I am very excited at the Xiaomi MI-2S because the features portray that this is one of the best devices to have in this current generation. I will definitely look for it even if it means getting hold of it online. Who doesn’t get excited when something new and of higher version is introduced? That is the way the users of Xiaomi phones are excited at the introduction of Xiaomi MI-2S with new chipset.
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