Why you need to invest in a Content Management Solution

Reason to invest in a Content Management Solution

The Top 3 Advantages of CMS

Content is everywhere. It is on the website that is trying to sell you clothes; on the hoarding at your gate pursuing you to improve your communications skills. The emails spamming you to subscribe to your town’s gym is nothing but pages of sales content. In today’s day and age, everything is about proliferating actionable information through a variety of channels. One of the most important media of communication and selling is the internet. Search the internet and you will find an infinite number of websites, blogs, podcasts, webinars all trying to achieve that single objective of fulfilling your requirement! Many a time they are tapping into some latent need and creating a demand for something you did not even want! Yes, that’s the power of content.
Research shows that the average time a user spends on any website is close to just fifteen seconds! This means brands have less than a minute to convey what they want to and capture the user’s attention. This also means that businesses have the onus to develop extremely precise, informative, interesting information that persuades the user to a click, to buy their product or to share their post. Good content is the formula for success in any business.  Developing an exciting website is tough enough; but even tougher is keeping the audience engaged 24*7. This means a constant flurry of new content, updates, additions and deletions.
To perform these continuous bouts of activities to keep the website gleaming new, a whole lot of technicalities are involved. Manually coding all updates is not only cumbersome but also not feasible for any business looking to engage clients and be a sustainable business model.  A lot of time and effort is wasted which could be spent on more fruitful operations like researching user behavior or developing creative copies. Moreover, not everyone is comfortable with heavy coding methods.
Here is where a Content Management Solution comes into the picture. A CMS allows publishing, editing and modifying the content of a website from a central interface to users who are authorized. It enables your website to stay fresh with page updates and also enables SEO.  A CMS used to power your website could be one of your greatest investments. Gone are the days when you would have to chase coders to make a tiny update on your site. CMS does it all for you in just a couple of clicks.
The top 3 advantages of using CMS for your business

  1. A centralized and secure repository: A CMS allows you to compile all your data in one central bank and that too only once, thus reducing scope for errors and redundancy.  It also keeps a track of all updates, publishing and other activities. With CMS it is easy to keep the data secure as only authorized people are allowed access to backend operations.
  2. None of those coding complexities: Not every content developer is familiar with HTML and other complicated coding methods. CMS simplifies activities like uploading, creating, writing, editing and publishing. It is in fact so easy that even a non techie who has a basic idea of word processing can easily learn to work on the platform with no prior training.
  3. Access to multiple users and scheduling made simple: Businesses have various teams like writers, designers and marketing folks who work on content. CMS allows authorized users to access the tool and make changes without so much of a hassle. At a glance it shows a list of all the updates made, drafts saved and all articles published. It makes managing and publishing items simpler and more streamlined. CMS makes complicated tasks like scheduling simple and user friendly.

In a nutshell, by investing in a suitable Content Management Solution, the business can indulge in a series of interesting, actionable campaigns and offer readable, regular and up to date content to engage users. CMS tools are the talk of the content town as they not only offer a string of advantages like security and easy interface,  but also are cost effective. And the best part is that you are in control.
Author Bio:
Preethi Vagadia is currently a Senior Business architect with the Service operations practice at a well-known IT Industry in Bangalore. She has worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers. She has over 8 years of experience in mortgage technology and has successfully executed several projects in logistics management, logistics integration, reverse logistics, media planning software, and warranty software.

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