Why Do Enterprises Need to Use Temperature Controlled Warehousing Services?

While every enterprise doesn’t need a temperature-sensitive warehouse, businesses that manufacture and sell products that need to be stored within specified temperature settings and conditions must use special warehouses.

Many companies provide warehousing services, but not all of them temperature sensitive. Since enterprises now prefer 3pl warehousing services, it is important to choose a company that offers the exact services the enterprise is looking for.

Even if the products will be stored for a few hours at the most, the temperature settings cannot be compromised if the enterprise wants to deliver quality products to the customers. The warehouse and the freight containers should be temperature sensitive and maintain the required temperature that keeps the products fresh and prevents damage.

In this blog, we will see how the largest warehouse companies manage temperature settings to cater to a wide range of enterprises, along with the types of products that require special warehousing services and the benefits of using a temperature-sensitive warehouse.

How is the temperature adjusted in a warehouse? A simple yet effective method of cooling or heating is followed by the companies. The average temperature in these special warehouses is maintained around 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit and changed based on the type of products that are currently being stored.

Compared to ordinary warehouses, these need additional care in terms of maintenance. Changing temperatures lead to the growth of bacteria and moss, which could ruin the products stored in the warehouse. Also, the power supply has to be continuous with alternate arrangements ready so that the temperature doesn’t change due to the lack of power supply.

Employees who work in these warehouses need to be provided with additional security gear to protect their health when being exposed to cold or hot conditions for long durations. A well-known 3pl warehouse company handles all the above-mentioned factors with ease and ensures only the best services to enterprises.

Benefits of Temperature Sensitive Warehouses

Total Protection to the Products

Without temperature-sensitive warehouses, it would have not been possible to manufacture and sell as many products on in bulk. Imagine producing thousands of strips of medicines and not having a proper place to store them until they can be distributed to the hospitals and medical centers. The warehouses are sealed and secured to ensure that weather conditions on the outside affect the products stored inside.

Increase the Shelf Life of the Products

When the warehouse temperature is conducive to the requirements of the products, the shelf life will invariably increase. In fact, manufacturers mention the best before date by calculating the warehouse conditions. When we see some products being damaged before the due date, we understand that the storage requirements have not been followed. This will result in a loss of products, money, and even customers for the enterprises.

Good Quality Air

The pollution in the outside world is not good for the products. Dust is one concern, and germs are another. Even for products that do not necessarily need temperature-sensitive warehouses, by storing them in these places, enterprises can be assured that the air quality within the warehouse is maintained to avoid humidity, bacteria, and germs.

Customer Satisfaction

Which enterprise doesn’t want happy customers? By making sure that the quality of the products is not compromised at any stage, enterprises can deliver the best to the customers and keep them happy. Customer satisfaction results in brand loyalty and customer retention.

Increased Sales

When the quality is great and customers are happy, enterprises will achieve their ultimate aim of increasing sales, profits, and the return on investment. When all of it can be achieved by outsourcing the services to 3pl logistics companies, enterprises can easily take over the markets.
Types of Products That Need Temperature Sensitive Warehouses

• Food and Beverages: Chocolates, cookies, bread, cakes, cold drinks, dairy products, etc. are a few examples of food products and beverages that require temperature-sensitive warehousing services. Varying temperatures can damage the items, making them useless for consumption.

• Makeup Products: Top makeup and cosmetics brands store the products in special warehouses to maintain their quality. A dried-up mascara tube or a bleeding lipstick is not something customers will buy.

• Health Supplements: Medicines need to be stored in colder temperatures so that their chemical composition doesn’t alter and cause adverse results to the consumer. Humidity is a big no where these products are stored.

The largest warehouse companies in the region usually own temperature-sensitive warehouses to attract more enterprises from various industries. If an enterprise products sensitive and perishable products on a large scale, such companies are the best choice to outsource warehousing and logistics services.

The best 3pl companies also provide temperature sensitive cross-docking services in case enterprises wish to move the goods immediately from the manufacturing unit to the distributors or customers.

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