Why CCTV is an Affordable Security Solution For Your Premises

Why CCTV is an Affordable Security Solution For Your Premises

One of the primary concerns for any organization, especially in today’s times, is security. All security professionals have to be on guard 24/7 to ensure no authorized personnel enter the designated building. This holds true for both commercial and private buildings, even more so because migrant populations are on a growth spree around the world.

Certain security products are launched on a single company basis. However, there are many others which need to be manufactured through partnerships. Examples of such products are video surveillance systems, IP access control systems, safes, and more.

Widespread use of CCTV

You may be looking for CCTV surveillance company to meet either your personal or official needs. It will be advisable to purchase CCTV from a reliable security equipment manufacturer in the market. You would be most assured of safety at your home or office if you purchase world-class security technology only from a leading company.

For purposes of troubleshooting, excellent technical support services from experienced design engineers and security specialists must be available 24/7. Technical support, along with the system’s features, will certainly make you proud of your purchase.

Different industries which commonly make use of CCTV technology are:

• Hotel and hospitality sector
• The growing energy sector
• Real Estate sector
• Government enterprises as well as critical infrastructure
• All shopping malls
• Multi-purpose venues for the general public
• IT companies
• Research labs

CCTV is covered under the category of surveillance systems. Other types of security solutions are:

• Cyber security solutions
• RMS and AV solutions
• HVM and car park management systems
• Specialized security systems

Advantages of using CCTV cameras

You will find CCTV cameras to be very helpful for tracking thefts and various suspicious activities within any premises.

Here are the ways in which this technology can prove advantageous for your establishment:

1. Detecting motion- Modern CCTV systems can be used for on-demand recording, which is really helpful for commonly accessed areas. You can have several hours of video recording with regards to people moving in and out of a door, as an example.

2. Conversing through two way audio- Many people are unaware that it is possible to talk with the person in front of the CCTV by speaking into it on the surveillance side. This is highly suitable for interactive access control systems, and it also eliminates the need to install intercoms.

3. Carrying out facial recognition- Today’s CCTV systems are capable of carrying out facial recognition by matching persons’ facial features to their databases. This is a very powerful feature which is most useful in sensitive VIP areas. By contacting a reputed security company online, you will be able to get the best price for highly accurate facial recognition.

4. Real time alerts- This is a relatively new entrant in the field of CCTV systems. It works in a manner similar to push notifications, sending out alerts to configured devices that may be in the case of motion. Sometimes these alerts can seem to be bogus, and may unnecessary make lives difficult for security personnel. All security personnel must be made aware of the same.

5. Storage can be difficult- CCTV footage is normally stored on cloud-based systems, especially due to the high volume of data being recorded. If companies do not manage cloud systems, it may get really difficult to extract this footage. Reputed security companies will ensure that they have the latest web technologies for storage and play.

6. Recognizing vehicle numbers automatically- Automatic Number Plate Recognition (APNR) is a highly advanced technology which enables CCTV systems to easily read and accurately identify vehicle number plates. This is useful for simplifying parking access, reduce the time taken in transit, and also keep track of the available vacant spots on a real-time basis. Available on many modern CCTV systems, you will find these being used in several shopping malls.

7. Preventing crime at home- After the installation of CCTV, criminals will always think twice before breaking in to your home

8. Remote monitoring of activities- You will be able to log in to your secured account and monitor CCTV footage remotely from any part of the world. Monitoring can be done via a tablet, smartphone or computer.

9. Pay a lower insurance premium- When insurance companies get to know about CCTV at your home, they will charge you a lesser insurance premium than if without it. This is true because CCTV minimizes chances of burglary, making it a win-win situation for both.

Any reputed organization which offers the latest security systems to its customers is normally driven by strong engineering principles. This is integral to molding the customer’s perception of a system integration provider.

Additionally, customers also gain confidence about the high quality of security systems after knowing about these being supplied to countries in different parts of the world. In other words, always ensure that you purchase security systems from a well known company.

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