Why a brand name is important while investing in real estate


Why a brand name is important while investing in real estate

The one of the most significant financial decision in every household is of buying the property. Many factors may affect this decision, out of which the most important one is the brand name. The brand name holds importance because it serves as a measure of the value of the property as the brand name creates trust among customers. Some of the crucial reasons that why it is important to opt for the builders who strong reputation with the impressive brand name has been mentioned below:

Expertise and Credibility

To avoid any kind of fraud or foul play, it is always essential that the buyer should opt for the trusted builder. A reputed builder always has transparent dealing without any financial fraud satisfying the buyer. On the other hand, if a builder is not renowned, the chances of property on certain land become higher. Also, the level of expertise of reputed builders is very high as they have years of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry. In addition, the products used in their project are of high quality. A well-established builder offer the property with all the necessary facilities without compromising the value of construction

Timely Delivery

Most of the real estate sites in India are RERA registered. The projects of reputed buyers are registered as per government policies, therefore; they do not delay possession if the property is under construction as this may affect their reputation and brand name. They complete the construction on time for timely delivery. Also, if timely delivery is not done, the builders may face penalties from RERA.

Investment returns are higher

The brand name also helps in selling the property. If the buyers plan to sell or let out its apartment o rent, the brand name may help to gain more profits. The value of property becomes higher if it is associated with the reputed brand name of the builder. In addition, the established builders always consider good housing sites in India with well connectivity and infrastructure for the construction of new properties 

Home loan sanctioning

If the brand name of the builder is reputed, the banks also rely on them for bank loans. If leading and popular builders have developed the property, then the home loan gets sanctioned easily. These builders of real estate in India have tie-ups with reputed banks such as HDFC, ICICI and many more. These banks have trust in builders, and therefore the loans are sanctioned without any hassle. 


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