What Questions Should You Ask A Commercial Cleaning Before Hiring?

Do you want to hire a commercial cleaning company for handling post-construction cleanup of your office? Opting for a reliable company can enable you to create a trustworthy relationship that will last for years. There are many companies offering the same services. Choosing the right one can therefore be a tough task. To ensure that you are hiring a trustworthy company, you need to ask the following questions to the cleaning service provider-

How Long Have You Been In This Business And What Type of Cleaning Projects Have You Handled?

Make sure that you don’t opt for a commercial cleaning service company which has just ventured into the business. As in any other business, experience matters a lot and top commercial cleaning companies have a better understanding of client needs. Therefore, looking for a company which has the experience and manpower to successfully handle the post-construction cleanup of your office area. Check the company's track record well before hiring.

If you require office cleaning services, don't go for a janitorial services company that has worked on medical cleaning projects in the past. Instead, go for the one which has enough experience and willingness to work according to your needs.

How Do You Check The Background of Your Employees?

Any reliable janitorial service company will screen an applicant for drug use and check whether the person has a criminal history or not. They will look for employees who can work as per the needs of clients. This might be done through personality testing. Moreover, verifying early employment record and checking references can help a company to build a great team. If the company that you want to hire takes shortcuts for screening applicants, there is no point opting for their services.

What Type of Training Does Your Staff Receive?

Once an office cleaning company hires a suitable applicant, they will offer him the tools he needs to clean your office area. But to handle cleaning projects with precision, comprehensive training is necessary. If a company offers services beyond basic cleaning such as medical cleaning and industrial cleaning, then the company should offer its employees with training which is in sync with the type of facility they have to clean.

How Do You Manage Your Team?

Once the cleaning company hires suitable candidates and trains them, they must manage the latter efficiently. The success of a cleaning business to a great extent depends on the employees. Even highly skilled and well-trained cleaning professionals need to be motivated so that they feel that they are the vital part of the organization. They must be held accountable for their work and offered incentives for performing beyond expectations. But when they are not performing according to expectation, they have to be managed in a better way so that they do not repeat the same mistakes again.

What Type of Green Cleaning Program Do You Have?

Green cleaning companies focus on sustainability, health and safety and environment. Basic green clean practices usually include proper chemical storage, labeling and disposal. Good green cleaning practices also include limiting disposal of plastic trash liners. This can be done by reusing them in case they are intact. It can save money and reduce the amount of plastic trash that your office generates.

Is Your Company Insured?

The office cleaning company you hire must be insured. Are you aware of the different types of coverage a commercial cleaning service should have? These include general liability, worker’s compensation, umbrella policy and automobile liability. Check coverage to be assured that the company you hire is adequately protected.

General liability insurance protects your property against various claims of alleged negligence or wrongdoing by a cleaning company. The company whom you hire needs to have at least $1,000,000 of general liability insurance. A worker's compensation insurance on the other hand covers job-related accidents which might injure, disable or kill an employee. Such an insurance covers your staff within the workplace and also during business trips. Check whether the cleaning company has at least $1,000,000 by verifying their insurance certificate.

An automobile insurance protects people and property from accidents involving the cleaning company’s vehicle as they come and leave from your business premises. The company must have a commercial auto insurance policy to protect the company’s assets. Umbrella policies on the other hand cover all the losses hat are not included in general liability, workers compensation and auto liability insurance. Companies of any size are vulnerable to litigation worth millions. In case the actions of the company resulted in an event that led to great financial losses, a commercial umbrella liability insurance policy will urn out to be your savior. This policy will cover those areas which are not covered by other policies. A cleaning company must have a minimum of $500,000 of umbrella coverage on the insurance certificate they possess.

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