What Makes Online Ludo so Interesting

Entertainment has become essential in today’s world that is full of hassles and stress. One of the best ways for an entire group of friends or family members to be entertained is by playing online ludo. Though rules are similar to the game played over the years in conventional form, the UI (User Interface) has undergone a radical change, with the advent of websites and mobile apps. Game creators are able to provide a plethora of options to players for earning money. 

Download App to Play and Earn Money

It’s reasonable to say that the ludo game online is every bit as entertaining as its earlier avatars. To play it, players need to download game apps or access websites that allow them to play. The instructions for these games are quite self explanatory, as inputs on how to earn money may be necessary. To begin playing the game, a player must deposit money into the game wallet in an online form. Whenever players win, they can withdraw the money as per set limits.

Apart from winning the game, there is yet another method to get money. Upon registering new players on the app with individual referral codes, an opportunity to get cash is created. Every time a new player gets registered with the same code it increases the cash in the online wallet. 

Getting Cash Bonuses

In addition, there are also bonuses for winners in a game. Each bonus is decided as per number of finished games. These may be higher in certain apps as compared to others. In some apps, bonuses tend to arrive earlier than others. 

Playing in Groups and in Separate Rooms

Players can participate in any numbers within this game. A group of friends who know each other can create a room amongst themselves and play with each other. Any player who gets on the app alone can either select a random person or play with another known person. Virtual rooms that are private and public can be found on the app.

The type of look that a player sees for the virtual ludo board is its skin. It is possible to set skins on an individual appearance to add visual appeal. Players at various levels have the option to select from different skins. Interesting sounds also accompany each of these skins.

Knowing the Best Strategies to Win

There are numerous techniques that can be employed to increase the chances of winning ludo. Numerous websites have detailed many of these tactics in detail. Here are a few of them:

  1. Allow All Tokens to Move- Do not wait for a single token to finish moving around the board and get back home. Other squares must remain unobstructed during the game. The quickest method to win is to make each of the tokens move as quickly as deemed possible.
  2. Adhere to the Rule of Seven– It is a prudent strategy to stay seven moves ahead of your opponent when on the board. This provides a reasonable likelihood of escaping as the opponent’s token approaches. It is unquestionably the best way for a player to survive till the end.
  3. Remember to Wait– Try to move tokens towards star-shaped signs on the virtual board. Keep them here for duration of time sufficient to plan the next move. It also helps get rid of other tokens that pass by.
  4. Increase Chances of Knocking Over Opponent Tokens– First and foremost, players must realize that for this to occur, they must reduce their own likelihood of being knocked off. See if possible to strategise with others to corner an opponent’s token and get rid of it.
  5. Use Math Skills– Probability calculations are often helpful in being able to keep tokens intact for the longest duration. 

Game Cannot Start Without Six on Dice

Ludo begins only once a player is able to successfully roll six on the dice. This player has to progress through one round of the entire ludo board with every token. As a result, four rounds will ensure completion of all tokens of a player. Once the rounds are done, the player enters a house of the same colour as the token. During the time this token is being taken around, others get opportunities to knock it off. 

It is a lot of fun when certain tokens are just not able to move ahead of their starting points while others march ahead with six on the dice.  

Be Careful from Fraud Websites and Apps

Fraudsters on the Internet can dupe individuals into disclosing crucial personal information under the guise of playing ludo, resulting in harmful data breaches. This can be prevented by playing on reputed websites and mobile applications only. Not only do these sites conceal information from third party websites, but also authenticate every user. Use of money is yet another reason to be careful. 

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