What Is the Difference Between a Robotic VS Manual Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure. The surgeon collects hair from the back of your head and transplants them to the affected areas of your head. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia to prevent pain.
Hair transplant is done on both men and women. You can choose the methods that you want. There are many hair transplant methods. You can talk with your doctor, and he will advise you on the right one. A robotic hair transplant is less invasive and fast also.
This process uses artificial intelligence to give the best results. It also has fewer movements which cannot destroy the hair follicle. Here is the difference between a robotic and manual hair transplant.

The Difference Between A Robotic VS Manual Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant is an automated FUE. The procedure uses two processes that include harvesting the follicular units and creating the recipient area. Robotic hair transplant is the best because it is less invasive, and it is also faster compared to other hair transplant methods.
The experts say that this procedure is fast and more accurate as well. Robotic hair transplant also identifies hair grafts well compared to human hands. Robotic hair transplant uses artificial intelligence to make perfect patterns on the recipient area. These patterns then make the hair look natural and permanent.

The Speed of Robotic Hair Transplant and Reduced Risk of Follicle Damage

The robotic hair transplant is known to be less invasive and fast. It also uses artificial intelligence methods, which makes it more effective. It also has fewer movements that reduce the risks of follicle damage. When the surgeon is using a manual punch, the movement varies. It moves back and forth. If the doctor uses a motorized method, the movement spins.

The robotic hair transplant is as well faster if you compare it with manual extraction. It is always important to go for skilled doctors when undergoing a robotic hair transplant. The doctor has to know how deep he or she buries the punch. Knowing this will help in preventing buried grafts.
When the doctor is not experienced, these risks are usually common. The robotic system enables the surgeon to feel tissue resistance. This will help the surgeon to judge the depth and adjust the movements.

Robotic hair transplant reduces the time for harvesting the hair follicles. It also helps to reduce the damaging of the follicular units during harvesting. The experts say that this process is quicker than manual and is also the most popular nowadays.
If you go for the best doctors and clinics, the results will be as perfect as a manual FUE hair transplant. Like any other process, a robotic hair transplant also has some disadvantages. The doctor has to examine the patient to know whether they are fit for the procedure. The robotic procedure is not fit for everyone going through hair loss. It is also more expensive compared to a manual hair transplant.

The surgeons believe that robotic hair transplant is not as best as manual yet. They also believe that one day it will be better than a manual due to technological advancement. Most clinics do not use the automated hair transplant method because it is too expensive.

Examining the Hair Loss is Important

Examining the hair loss pattern by an experienced surgeon is always a must. Make sure the doctor checks the extent of your hair loss before you undergo surgery. Doing this will help the process to be successful.
The number of hair follicles that the doctor will collect is different for every patient. Each patient has different scalp features and hair types. A good examination will help the doctor to know how he will start the surgery. It will also help him know what method is perfect for you.

The doctor must be experienced to decide the method that is best for you. The robotic FUE is good because it gives good results, permanents, and no visible scars. Still, this method needs the hands of an experienced surgeon. It has not yet reached the stage where it can replace a skilled surgeon.

Manual Hair Transplant

Manual hair transplant is where the surgeon uses manual tools to remove the hair follicles from the donor area. The harvested hair will then be planted in the affected areas of the scalp. The tools used during manual FUE are not motorized. It is only a trained surgeon who cuts carefully around each graft.
Most manual tools are handheld, but the doctors will not have to move his hands. Manual FUE was the original method, but it is not done by many clinics today. The method is the best because the tools are in a surgeon’s hands, so the complications are less. This hair transplant method is gentle compared to motorized FUE. Always go for the best clinics for better results. Researching the best surgeons will also help you to avoid bigger risks.
Manual hair transplant also has some disadvantages. It is slower compared to a robotic hair transplant. That is the biggest disadvantage of this method. For most patients, manual is still the best method because it is safe. Collecting a large number of grafts may destroy the donor area. It requires a skilled doctor to perform a robotic hair transplant to avoid these risks.


A hair transplant is the best way to restore your lost hair. It is permanent, and the results are always natural. If you are going through hair loss, make sure you choose the best clinics. Also, make sure that the doctors are skilled. During the consultation, the surgeon will let you know which hair transplant method is best for you.

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