What is Subdomain? Why Do You Need It?

What is Subdomain? Why Do You Need It?

If you already have a domain name, then there is no need to go out and create another one. You may like to create a subdomain. The subdomain in this case can be its own website. It can have its own unique content and you may even call it another website in your marketing literature.

It looks a little different when you place it as a web domain in an address bar. For example, your usual domain may look like this:

What is Subdomain


But a website with a subdomain may look like this:


It is up to you how you build your subdomain, but if you are using a content management system then you may find it easier. There are plugins and extensions that may help you, and there are certain themes that even make it easier to set subdomains.

You can do it with cPanel

First you log into your cPanel and find the part that says subdomains. Click on the part that says subdomains and in the drop down box you choose your domain. There is a box just before your domain name in which you may type in the name you want for your new subdomain. You may then click inside what is called the “Document Root” box and you will see it auto-fill. Now press on the create button.

If you are looking to delete it then go to your cPanel, log in, click the subdomains part, and under the part that says actions click on “Remove”.

Using subdomains

You can use subdomains as hostnames. That is the service provided by a lot of machines in a cluster. There are some websites that have a different subdomain and each subdomain will point to different server clusters or to another datacenter.

If you are typing in a subdomain then you don’t need www

When you type in a domain and it is a subdomain then you are not going to need to www bit. You can still add it if you like, but it makes no difference.

The benefit of a subdomain

There is the fact that it may help the entire website because it is sitting on a root domain. The heavy traffic metrics from the subdomain are going to elevate the status of the entire website. There may be problems if your subdomain starts doing things it shouldn’t. If you start using black hat SEO on your subdomain then it is going to drag down the rest of the website with it.

It is possible to add a subdomain to a subdomain, and some people who run very complex websites may feel the need to add another subdomain. That is a limit to how many subdomains you may create and that is up to your website host. Your host is probably not going to like you setting up lots of subdomains when you could be creating brand new websites and putting them on his or her hosting service. You will have to check with your host to find out how many subdomains you are allowed.

Can a website be punished by Google for subdomains?

There is a question of spamming, where a lot of subdomains are put together with the hopes of getting traffic without offering anything to the user, but quite how strict the rules are is unclear. Obviously, Google doesn’t want single domain sites that are loaded with traffic grabbing pages.

Google doesn’t mind subdomains so long as they have unique content and are of some sort of use to the end user. The title tags, Meta tags and alt tags are just as important on subdomains as they are with root domains. The content is very important in both cases.

The cost of subdomains

There are a lot of reasons to have subdomains, but one of the more common reasons is because it is cheaper. You can lower your running costs by using subdomains because you do not have to buy and financially maintain a new website. You just have to be wary for if your host service charges you for having subdomains.

It is possible that having a subdomain is going to cost you a lot of time because you have to upload and edit things especially for it and in a sense keep it separate from the root domain stuff. However, a similar argument could be made for having a website on a brand new domain, so really it is just up to you and your preference.

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