What factors are driving Yii framework the most miraculous among web developers?

Yii is an open source web application development framework which is widely employed by PHP for developing web 2.0 applications. This is also deemed as one of the latest and dynamic PHP frameworks that are very popular these days among developers. No matter, whether your project is small or huge; this is the best platform for handling projects and to deliver them with the high productivity to the clients. It can be downloaded for free from its official website. This is the reason which is driving every developing company to use Yii Framework. There is a plethora of features that is not only leveraging the developers, but also the business owners to boost their productivity.

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Elements making Yii framework highly versatile:
Yii owns the CRUD feature. This is the reason that allows the developer to save heaps of time and making the process facile. Just assume for an instance, that we are developing a user creation form and it is required to develop the User table as well as other fields within the database. By simply employing, Gii link, which is a powerful tool, one can simply generate the user model along with CRUD. This is all that will be bequeathing user create, delete, update and managing the system in just two or three clicks.
Easy Form Validation:
Tackling form and its required validation is one very essential feature of any website. By employing Yii, one can connect the forms with the models which are usually in the form of database tables. The developer can also set the validation for different models. As an example, you can assume the user model and a field with the username.
Yii applications usually own theme directory inside it so the user can easily set the theme for the application. The user is also allowed to switch easily to any other theme within config file. This eventually aids the designer to implement the designs very swiftly.
This will aid the developing process to improve the overall pace and performance of the website. Yii will also allow the user to integrate the diversified caching components on different scenarios. This will assist in reducing the time of the load page at a certain extent.
High pace:
Being a developer, you must evaluate the differences that within how many RPS other frameworks can perform in contrast to Yii. You must also trace the drastic comparison when APC extension is enabled. Yii is well-known for high speed because of its light weight and optimization of coding. However, the lazy loading aid in improving the speed of Yii.
Yii owns a default login system within which one can authorize the user. One just needs to get connected with the user model in order to employ the Yii Framework Development at its best. However, it is comprised of all the essential features required which can be session, error handling, cookies and much more. One can also manipulate the login system very easily.
Yii is comprised of built-in role based access controls using which one can develop the roles to the users. However, the access can be made limited to various sections that is based on different roles.
Perks for developers by Yii:

  • Yii seves the web development to bestow a systematic activity using Soc (Clean Separation of Cencerns).
  • The built-in authentication functionality as well as RBAC (Role Based Access Control), Yii allows the web development swift and facile.
  • Yii is the framework that eliminates the gigantic and complex tasks for writing the SQL queries again and again and this allows the Yii Framework Developers to transform the database in aspect of objects.
  • Tackling errors is a bit simple and quick with Yii framework. This is because the logs are save sequentially that can be accessed on the basis of category.
  • There is a scaffolding feature of Yii which is highly effective in application development process.
  • The websites are highly secured against hackers, if Yii framework is used. There are many security mechanisms that prevent the major attacks on various web applications such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, cookies and tampering.
  • The user-interface can be developed with high efficiency because of AJAX enabled features that are loaded within this framework.
  • It offers good set of extensions because of which testing efforts can be reduced at a high extent. Thus, the business owners can save their investments.
  • It offers an outstanding compliant with the third party codes. This simply means that the code from other PHP platforms can be easily employed with Yii without any kind of hassles.

This is not the limit to the benefits leveraged by Yii framework. There are innumerable benefits that are the results of its features, themes and advantages. This is the reason that makes it popular among developers.

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