Five Tips for Reliable WebServer Hosting

New WebServer Hosting Tips

As the use of Internet is growing day by day, the threat of it being attacked by harmful content is also increasing. One who wants to grow his or her business has to take some precautions in choosing a secure webserver hosting. As hacking of internet is growing day by day, making it the worst kind of attack to business security, the requirement for a secure web hosting increases. Many important customer details like the credit card number, the bank details, and contact details can easily be hacked by the prominent hackers all over the world. Therefore, a few things need to be followed while finding a web hosting plan.WebServer

1. Selecting a secure hosting option:

If the customer finds that your website is prone to security threats, they may not like to make any business transaction with you anymore. As your server does not offer maximum protection of their credit card information, they tend to move to someone else. Therefore, while selecting, conduct a thorough research on the available server hosting options and their advantages. As an example, we can say that shared hosting is less costly but prone to security threats. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is secure to the extent you may select your own software; however, it is expensive.

2. Proper SSL certification:

We need to look for a webserver hosting plan that can provide proper SSL certification. It should have the capacity to encrypt all money-related data like credit card information of the customers that can be secured from the hackers.

3. Proper operating system installation:

Before choosing a webserver hosting plan, look at the operating system the hosting plan will work on.  If you are looking for the most secure hosting, you need to be aware of every little detail of the operating system offered by the hosting company. You need to know the dissimilarity between safety alternatives offered by the Linux operating system and the Windows operating system. Even if you run a small online store, you will still manage databases and proper security of these databases is very important.

4. Installing a firewall:

While choosing a proper hosting plan for the business, you must ensure that the hosting provider will install the proper firewall service to the server; the firewall will protect the servers and the websites from outside malicious threats.

5. Automatic software updates are required:

Make sure you get automatic software updates as these updates or patches allow you to protect the software or your website from potential bugs. Also, when you run your website on open source software, you risk the security of your website. Since open source software such as Joomla is free, hackers can easily find methods to breach the security of websites running on such software. However, when using an updated software version, breaches may be avoided. Similarly, if the webserver hosting scheme is entirely based on the Windows operating system, you need to confirm that automatic updates of the software from Microsoft are easily accessible.

Summary: Therefore, if you run an online business, it is highly recommended that you should find a secure web hosting plan which comes not only with the above-mentioned things but also includes spam protection. It is always wise to look for hosting companies that promise to monitor your data and the website to ensure maximum security.

Author bio: Dobrin Georgiev is a young architect with interest in many fields. Since two years he is a regular writer on various topics of public interest. Some of them are – business, home improvement, travel, finance, technology, internet business and others. Recently he has contributed to the Danish “UnoEuro server hosting” hosting campaign. In his articles he is trying to be as much informative as possible.

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