Innovative Websites Trends for the new year

Innovative websites trends

As the world of technology and innovations is continuously evolving, there have been noticed several changes in the trends of web designing. And, every business must have their websites up-to-date with latest designs in order to attract new visitors to make them as their future clients.
Here are some prominent innovative websites and web design trends which you should be aware of:
Responsive Mobile:
Innovative websites new year

The mobile phones and smart devices are already dominating and the usage of mobile devices will surpass that of desktop computers by this new year and it is imperative to keep your design compatible to any kind of device. If you have not implemented the latest version, you can now initiate by implementing latest interface elements in your design layouts and improve the look and compatibility of your website.

Infinite Scrolling:
Many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more have implemented an infinite scrolling interface to their timeline, dashboard and feeds, which is the surpassing trend. Although this is not suitable for every business website, it can be generally preferred for those kinds of sites that do not require specific pagination styles. These styles are most prevalent in the social media sites that keep users to stay on the same page without the need of clicking other pages.
Fixed Head Bars:
Fixed header bars keep the header tabs in sight all the time and it does not vanish like olden menu tabs that get disappear as you scroll down and take you all the way to get back to the beginning if you need to find other menus. This will look similar like freezing rows or columns while working with Excel with constant header bars offering clear functionality. This trend is getting viral as it provides a better navigation to the users and makes them comfortable with some continuity as the site logo will appear always.
White Space:

White spaces are being existed in the strategic web designing over many years. White space is specifically used to attract visitors towards the main content. If a web page is cluttered with ads and archives with other content, it is difficult for the user to focus on the important facets of the main message which the page is intended to display. It doesn’t mean that a website must have white spaces, even it can have dark layouts or background, but there must be enough spacing around the main content so that it will allow to user to breathe without feeling frustrated.

Big Picture in the Background:
Nowadays the big picture in the background seems to be trendier and many prominent websites have already started using it to enhance their look with variety pictures. It provides an effective communication of emotion and feelings with the use of different styles of colors and backgrounds. However, this trend will not warm up everyone, but it will surely give a pleasant look to your website leaving a plenty of space. This specific design trend works best for the personal websites, design portfolios or website designing agencies that can very well expose their creativity to attract clients.
Natural Design Components:
Because of the continuous changes in the specification of CSS, many features have been introduced for web designing. @font-face and the @keyframes animations have been rocking the CSS applications in the recent days. It also influences few fundamental properties such as background gradients, box shadows and much more that adds an extra edge to the styles which presents the natural replica of the browser entirely with the help of CSS.
Flat Design:
It has got a distinct popularity in the current trend of web designing. It is employed with exciting colors and typography that helps in differentiating one element from the other. 3D outlook with shadows and textures has become outdated. Now flat design overrules it with functionality of the website rather than its style. iOS7 relies on flat designs with heavy outlook.
Large and Bold Typography Design:
Right now larger typography is one of the biggest trends in the market. As we always use bold feature to specify something, this bold typography will attract visitor’s attention and taking a look at the company logo, products, services and other features. It can help you out in catching the visitor’s eye and making them stay on your site and look at more pages.
High Resolution Screens:
Apple’s retina screens have brought a great revolution to the high resolution graphics to be incorporated into the websites. This feature will make the websites look exceptional, but it requires amazing images that are of high resolution capacity which in turn needs the reduction of pixilation within the website. This also has a prominent power of bringing a lot of traffic to the website.
These are the latest trends that I have come across which should be kept in mind for including in your strategies as it adds an extra edge to your designs!
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About the Author:
Amy Jasmine is a freelance content writer at the Chennai Webs, who also loves to blog and share inspiring & exiting stuff about the latest innovation and discoveries found on the online marketing world.

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