5 ways to invite your followers into your content marketing

5 ways to invite your followers into your content marketing

5 Ways To Invite Your Followers Into Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the term used for the creation and promotion of content for the purpose of engaging current and prospective consumers. Since content marketing is the reason for most websites working well, the owners of the website should make sure that the content is informative, educative and entertaining. Content today is not just the textual content, it is also the audio and the videos in the website that carry out a message. Content is anything in the website that is going to give a good impression about the company to the audience and anything that brings prospective and good customers who in turn bring profit to the company.

In order to bring followers into your content marketing permanently, it is important to understand your audience and build a beautiful and unhindered social relationship.

ways to invite your followers


Voting enables existing members to have products according to their choice. Products according to their choice may be a customized photo frame, a personalized T shirt, picking their favorite holiday spot and suggest tips for the product. When you know what your customer wants, then it becomes easier for you to make content that the customers want to see.


The growth of online media has given rise to a wealth of opportunities today for marketers because it’s easy to know what customers really want and need through customer behavior and customer interaction. Personalization is basically ‘one to one ‘marketing and marketing that studies behavior that is good for the present and future of the company. With emails, vouchers, mobile marketing and contests it’s easy to personalize any experience.

What are the other things you can do to increase usability?

It is very easy for brands to increase usability of their products because of the variety of things available to the brands for their marketing tactics. There are many companies that help you in making your digital social experience a great one. Companies can make customers vote, take part in photo contests, and get to know about deals on social networks, reward customers who retweet your offer and give gift vouchers to users who help share your content in the online space.

Let customers contribute good content relevant to your brand

By asking customers to share their experience, it can become easy for marketeers to brand their products. As online media now enables easy interactivity you can ask fans and followers of your website to contribute photos, reviews, videos and other stories and news related to your brand or other experience. Getting testimonials is also a great way to increase brand value. Testimonials are a great way to convert a sale also into evidence that the product is doing really well in the market.

Test the knowledge of your audience

You can test the knowledge of your audience by conduct polls and quizzes. Since your website may have different kinds of customers, at least in the initial stages it is not very easy to make the contests and quizzes appealing to everybody. So, let the marketeer make the quiz great for a particular kind of audience and then try to get the maximum results from that. Creating a quiz involves picking topic that should interest the audience, picking a great title that will catch everybody’s attention, should be the kind of content that can be shared to a great audience. Quizzing is not simple though it may seem , it needs some real good strategy to make customers do it on a regular basis.

Profile Insights

By using profile insights, it’s easy to understand what the follower is thinking about and the customer himself will understand things about his own behavioral tendencies .Engagement apps now track even the tiniest of customer behavior that may help the marketeer. Profile insights may help a customer understand the brands she follows, the pages he has visited and thus actually helps the company understand the follower sand fans individually.

When the marketers understand the need that content is necessary for making fans and followers stay, then they also should understand that the content should be good, updated and informative so that brands can experience a new level of success.

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