8 Ways to Drive Traffic From StumbleUpon To Your Blog

8 Ways to Drive Traffic From StumbleUpon To Your Blog

As a blogger, you would probably be aware that social sites are credited to be the largest traffic contributor to websites and blogs. Many of you would have used Twitter or Facebook to your advantage since they are big and famous and ignored others like StumbleUpon because it appears to be a simple bookmarking site to many. This is however not true. StumbleUpon can get you more traffic than the sites that you have been using to drive traffic to your blog viz. facebook and twitter.

You would realize that StumbleUpon is a great traffic generator once you start using it for this purpose. However, there are rules to follow with StumbleUpon to generate positive results.

Ways to Drive Traffic From StumbleUpon

Here are few golden ways to drive traffic to your blog with StumbleUpon:

1. Add Stumble Buttons to Your Blog:

This is a surefire way to generate more traffic to your bog or website. All that you need to do is add a StumbleUpon button to your blog thereby exposing your visitors to StumbleUpon. When they visit StumbleUpon from your blog, they promote your brand thereby giving making your products reach a wider audience. Statistics reveal that blogs with a StumbleUpon button received seven times more traffic than the ones without such a button.

2. Stumble a Variety of Content from a Variety of Sources:

It is recommended to take time to stumble content from a number of different types of blogs and websites. You can also stumble videos, photos and mixture of articles. Make sure you only stumble the content that you deem fit in standard to be shared with others. Do not just keep sharing content that does not have value for other users.

3. Use Great Titles and Descriptions:

This is one vital criterion that matters for the stumbled content. It is necessary to have a great title and description in the content to be able to persuade users to click through and have a look at your submission. Titles that are not related to the content and descriptions that are poorly written have a negative effect on your standing as a writer.

4. Make Friends:

Invest some time in knowing others who you come across in the StumbleUpon community. Once you get to know a person, befriend him or her and then keep networked. Your presence on StumbleUpon will increase as you keep networking with more and more users. The more you network, more results you get from StumbleUpon.

5. Use One Account and One Identity:

Having multiple accounts on StumbleUpon is something you should never try to do because there are huge chances that you will get caught. Also, do not try to stumble only your friends' content or ask them to stumble yours. If you get caught, you risk getting banned from StumbleUpon permanently and thereby shattering all hopes of using this wonder platform to drive traffic to your blog.

6. Be Active:

As with other social networks, the more active you are on this site more you get noticed by others. Someone who is using StumbleUpon to only bookmark shall not expect much in return. Try to follow others and appreciate them as much as possible to expect a similar response.

7. Submit wonderful Pages:

It is advised to avoid submitting pages in bulk and instead, do so at regular intervals. If you try to spam with your links, all that you will get is ignorance from other users. Submission of 3-4 pages a day seems to be a decent enough score. It is your content that has the power to get you likes and subsequently likes convert into more traffic.

8. Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery:

In case you fail to achieve desired results from natural discoveries, this is what you can resort to. This enables you bypass community building and give you quick results. Once you put yourself on the StumbleUpon discovery system, those who are interested in your niche will get directed to your blog. Paid discovery has three plans to offer. You just need to choose the plan according to your needs and get started.

StumbleUpon is still a platform ignored by most bloggers. Armed with these 8 golden ways to get more traffic to your blog, you have all the knowledge to use StumbleUpon to your full advantage.

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