Using Instagram Hashtags Daily for SEO and Brand Promotion

Instagram Hashtags Daily for SEO and Brand Promotion

When you are confronted with a flood of selfie, photos and crafting across Instagram, it may seem to you that it is a social media platform that is ideal for the everyday user. Many companies do not know how to make the most of the Instagram and exploit this market to their advantage. However, those businesses that have come to understand the importance of hashtags and how to use them effectively for reaching out to their customers are benefitting immensely.

Currently, there are over 500 million Instagram users. Hashtags are an excellent way of reaching them. It is interesting to note that some of the most effective and popular hashtags having millions of posts daily are actually assigned to the different days in a week. Business owners desiring to boost their bottom-line should learn to use hashtags on social media platforms. They should add hashtags to their artillery for impacting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positively.

Advertising Your Business on Instagram

The Significance of SEO

If a small business wishes to be found in a potential customer’s search results then SEO has to play a pivotal role. SEO is actually what effectively assists a business website to go up in the rankings so that the potential customers could easily find it. Some businesses are easily able to use and gel the visual style and manner of Instagram. For example, businesses that concentrate on precisely a physical product, and ones which could be utilized for visual enhancement would be more likely to be using the platform more effectively.

The kinds of businesses which could be flourishing on Instagram include apparel, jewelry, home décor items, landscaping, and hair salon etc. which offer extremely visible results. However, even in the case of other companies, a wee bit of creativity could yield excellent outcomes and daily hashtags seem to be an effective way of tapping into this potential. You may not always be hitting every possible hashtag every week, however, you could be successfully using them whenever you could yield a wonderful benefit for connecting to a greater audience.

While getting connected to a potential audience using social media marketing platforms, the aim is to develop and cement relationships. People who are actually following you would be having a far easier time in getting connected with your business if they believe that they are actually connecting with a real individual. So do not ever be scared of demonstrating a personal side of any of your brands.

It is a good idea to drop the excessively professional veil and also, the formal language and show to the world that your organization comprises real people. If you are an Instagram user and using the platform for your business, you must incorporate hashtags in all your posts. The simple measure of including the perfect hashtags could dramatically boost the reach of all your posts, enhance engagement and reach new audiences. Once your customers start using your hashtags on their Instagram posts, you would be seeing the way they would be getting connected to all your products. You may find top quality and creative user generated content for sharing with your audience. However, in order to make the most of the hashtags on social media platform like Instagram, it is essential to have the perfect strategy. If you end up using hashtags only occasionally or using the incorrect hashtags, it could actually hamper your growth and progress. Visit for all your Instagram solutions.

Weekdays & Hashtags

Here are a few examples of hashtags for every day of the week and how businesses could use them wisely and effectively.

Two Common Monday Hashtags

Beginning of the week is just the best time and wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the personal aspect of your business or your team.    

#mondayfunday: You could demonstrate the fun aspect of your business with some light-hearted posts. You could effectively use this hashtag along with pictures of some of your team members taking part in some fun activity or doing something really funny at the office.

#mancrushmonday or #mcm: You could shift the limelight on any of your male associates, employees, or even a leader who is well-known in your trade.

Two Popular Tuesday Hashtags

#transformationtuesday or #tt: This hashtag is focusing on some sort of a change. So this could be used effectively to demonstrate how your product has undergone changes. You could use an effective before and after image comparing the product then and now. You could post pictures of any sort of renovation, change or makeover.

#traveltuesday: You could use this hashtag for posts showing anyone from your team attending a conference somewhere, or you could even highlight any event that is taking place in your particular industry somewhere else. This could be a really useful tag.

Two Good Wednesday Hashtags

#womancrushwednesday: Spotlight should be on a leading lady from your team or your industry.

#wellnesswednesday: You could offer some valuable advice to your audience for a really healthy way of life or maybe you could demonstrate how your business could help them out and keep them fit.

Two Oft-used Thursday Hashtags

#thankfulthursday: This could be a golden opportunity to express your gratitude. This could be the excellence award in your industry that you have received or may be a token of thanks for the successful years in the industry. Do not feel afraid or awkward to infuse a personal touch.

#thursdate: This is a really good hashtag and need not be used as a literal date. It could be effectively used to show business luncheon, meeting and such similar things.

Friday Popular Hashtag

#fridayfunday: This is a wonderful opportunity to share the lighter aspect of your organization. You could gear up for the weekend by sharing some fabulous fun posts.

Fantastic Saturday Hashtags

Remember that many users would be spending, even more, time during the weekend browsing through posts on social media. You must not miss the opportunity.

#caturday: This is your opportunity to establish contact with your audience by sharing adorable cat photos.

#saturdayswag: This is a fantastic hashtag for contests which you are organizing for giving away items for highlighting your products on sale, or showing your team fully dressed in their outfits promoting your brand, for instance, company T-shirts.

Sunday Hashtag

#selfiesunday: This is the most frequently used and popular hashtag for Sundays. You could just show your team or your brand apparel. If your industry is dealing with makeup, jewelry or other products that are good for enhancing your looks, this is surely the best hashtag for you.


The most vital factor while navigating social media should be to keep in mind always that you are cementing relationship with your target audience, not merely selling your brand. As your audience recognize your name and find you trustworthy, awareness and conversions are sure to follow. Using these popular daily hashtags could be quite a valuable tool for accomplishing your target. You just need to learn how to use them to your advantage.

Author Bio: Martha Brown is a social media consultant and currently attached to a reputed consultancy firm in Pittsburgh. She is an avid blogger and has an impressive fan base. Her posts are very informative and discuss SEO tactics to social media trends. She talks about reputed sites such as for all your Instagram related queries and solutions.

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