UNC basketball

North Carolina understood that a win at Notre Dame wouldn't necessarily help them much in their pursuit of a strong NCAA Tournament resume. Consequently, in the first half, the Tar Heels played as if the game didn't matter. They had a woeful shooting performance, with a season-low 18 percent from the floor and 0-for-11 from beyond the arc. In the first half, they also scored a season-low 19 points against a Notre Dame team that had been ranked 14th in defensive efficiency in the ACC by Ken Pomeroy. Although they almost paid for their sluggish start, they bounced back in the second half and won 63-59 after a "heated discussion" during halftime. UNC forward Armando Bacot, who recorded 16 points and 11 rebounds, emphasized that their season was at stake, and that losing the game would be catastrophic for their chances of making the NCAA Tournament. UNC (17-11, 9-8 ACC) now has a chance to secure a much-needed Quad 1 win in the NCAA Net rankings when they face Virginia at home on Saturday. UNC has a current record of 0-9 in that metric, which is used by the tournament committee to choose and seed teams. During halftime of the basketball game, Eric Hoots, the director of basketball operations, stayed at midcourt with the officials to review if D'Marco Dunn's basket would count. Initially, it was considered good, but upon review, it was overturned, which left the Heels with only 19 points. Guard R.J. Davis shared that the players were concerned about how they were performing and discussed this in the locker room. However, Hoots came in with a fiery energy that lifted their spirits. The discussion was not about how they executed their plays but about their desire to win. Davis expressed that they shouldn't have waited until halftime to motivate themselves. They were in a tough spot, and that was the main message that stuck with them in the second half.

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