Twitter Remarketing: A WordPress Hack to Capture Online Leads

Capturing your most interested online leads is important. You know when people are in your store if they’re just browsing past, or if they’re genuinely interested in purchasing something that you sell.

Twitter Remarketing is your key to unlocking this knowledge online, I’ll explain what it is and how WordPress factors into it all in this article.

Twitter are doing everything they can to put their company in the black, as they have yet to turn a profit. Offering a way for businesses to see the value in Twitter is how they’re doing it with Twitter Remarketing as they incorporate it with their Promoted tweets, Twitter ads and Twitter Cards services.

When you use Twitter Remarketing with any of these three tools, you have a powerful online tool working to help you find more potential consumers.



What exactly is Twitter Remarketing?

Twitter Remarketing is a tool which combines Twitter ads with your website. Any time someone sees one of your Twitter Promoted Tweets, ads, or Cards and follows the link to your WordPress website, this is recorded.

Twitter Remarketing is designed to help you stay on the mind of those who are the most important to you – those who are interested already. Finding new leads all the time can be daunting and exhausting to both your emotions and wallet. Twitter Remarketing allows you to focus only on those who have already shown an interest, your job now is to continue leading them down the path towards a purchase.

You may catch their interest with your first Promoted tweet and send them from Twitter to your WordPress website. But if they’re not in a buying mood a second tweet or contact could very well get their attention. That’s where the “re” in Twitter Remarketing comes from – you’re re-introducing your product to someone who was already interested once before, taking your large Twitter following and narrowing it down to your most important followers.

How to install Twitter Remarketing into your WordPress website

There is a bit of behind the HTML coding to do. If you’re not comfortable with this, talk to your favorite local web developer. This is also not a short process where you click a few buttons and copy and paste one thing, there are 14 steps to follow. Messing up one will make your Twitter Remarketing ineffective.

Here we go:

  1. Go to Twitter and start by  clicking on the Settings gear along the top of your profile page.
  2. Click on “Twitter Ads” in the menu that drops down. This will take you to your Twitter ads dashboard.
  3. Now select “Conversion Tracking” from the top toolbar.
  4. In the window that opens, select “Create Your First Website Tag.”
  5. This is where you will give your Twitter Remarketing tag a name. For the example we’re doing, choose “Website visits” as the type of conversion you want to do.
  6. Select the “Create a Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes” option now.
  7. You can now create your Twitter Remarketing tag by clicking on the Create Tag button. This will open a popup box with your custom Twitter Remarketing tag in it. Copy and paste it into another document as a backup, and keep this window open.
  8. Go to, or open a new, Google Tag Manager account and paste the assigned website ID into the document above as a backup.
  9. Open up your WordPress editing dashboard. Click “New” on the bar along the top, then “Tag.”
  10. Choose a name for the new tag.
  11. From the drop-down menu, choose “Custom HTML tag” as the type of tag that you want to use.
  12. Go back to the document, or the still open window, and copy and paste your Twitter Remarketing tag into the field.
  13. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section, and select “Add New.”
  14. When the search box comes up, enter “Google Tag Manager” in the field and hit enter.
  15. Install the Google Tag Manager plugin once it is downloaded. Now use the Google Tag Manager ID from step 7 by copying and pasting it in.

If you followed this exactly, your WordPress website will be all ready to take advantage of Twitter Remarketing. Keep in mind that the folks at WordPress have a great support team and will be able to help you with this.

Which Twitter Ad do you want to use with your Twitter Remarketing?

The advice that I’ll give is to use Twitter Cards. They’ll allow you to not only do their standard job of collecting email data, but will now also help your Twitter Remarketing. This two pronged approach helps you maximize the potential of Twitter Remarketing, and can really help your business take off.

No matter whether you’re using Twitter Cards, Promoted Tweets, or a combination of the two in some way, Twitter Remarketing can only help your ads become more targeted, and increase your conversions as you stay on the minds of those who are the most interested in what you offer.


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