3 Essential Features that Add Value to Travelers app

3 Essential Features that Add Value to Travelers app

Travel apps have changed the way tourists interact with the world. Every aspect of travel has been touched by mobile apps – maps on the mobile give directions to the tourists and help them reach their destination, booking apps help them find tickets for transportation, and reservation apps make it easy for travelers to find accommodation at the last minute. Travelers app development is a broad category – there are all kinds of travel and tourism apps that help users accomplish a wide range of tasks.

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But when you are building a general travel app, there are certain features that your target audience will appreciate. Here, we take a look at some features that a travel app can offer to its users.

  1. Map with Directions and Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Your app must help users find the location. Users are always taking help of maps for finding unknown locations. You can help them by adding details in the map and making it useful and interesting at the same time.

For instance, imagine a user who is using a map to get an idea of how to go from point A to point B. He will be bored if all you provide is directions, but by adding more information about the places on the way – restaurants, hospitals, medical stores, and gas stations – you can make it interesting for the user and generate some advertising revenue at the same time! This will make your map more useful than general map apps.
Lots of apps targeting tourists and travels give directions and highlight locations on the app. Navigation is an important feature, and you can make it more effective by including turn-by-turn directions. While most apps targeting travelers have a navigation feature, you can integrate customized voice navigation features to make your app seem special.

  1. Special Information about Restaurants and Gas Stations

My favorite feature, as I am a foodie and like to have varieties of food, is the one that show what restaurants are on the way. So, a person like me will specially like this feature where I can find information about restaurant and their dishes in quick menu. By making it possible for the travelers to view the menu of the restaurants, view reviews and submit reviews, the travel experience can be enriched.
Apart from food, the other important thing that travelers need is gas. By indicating gas stations on their way, you can make life easier for the travelers. You can add the details about nearest gas filling stations in a route and also note what other services – free air, cleaning, repair – are offered by at the gas station. In addition to this, you can also show up some details about garages on the way.

  1. Traffic Flow Information

No one wants to get stuck in a traffic jam. Information about the flow of traffic can be of great use to travelers. Detailed information regarding the traffic conditions, road conditions, weather or political emergencies can make a big difference to the travelling experience. There are many service providers that offer up-to-date information about traffic flow in different locations. By integrating this functionality in your app, you ensure that your target audience doesn’t have to go through a tough experience.
Place Information
# Bonus: Vital Miscellaneous Features
There are many apps out there that enable users to find cheap flights and hotel rooms. Travelers are adept at making the most of such services. By integrating your app with such services, or by making it easy for travelers to use your app to book tickets with your company or reserve rooms with hotels affiliated with your company, you can get leverage your travel apps to drive business.
Also, there are all kinds of problems that you face when you are traveling. Think of some problem that the travelers may face and offer a feature that makes their lives easier. For instance, a simple app like Detect Me that enables travelers to easily find their mobile when they are leaving a room or car can impress travelers. Such an app can let the users use any designated mobile to call and override the ‘Silent’ mode. So, adding a miscellaneous feature like this that lets travelers take care of everyday problems can make your app doubly useful.
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