Top Car Apps Ideal for Car Enthusiasts & Drivers

Top Car Apps

There are car apps on your smartphone for practically everything from avoiding phone calls, text messages, and Skype calls to locating a parking space, identifying the nearest & cheapest gas station to purchasing car parts online. Be sure of coming across some useful car app on your smartphone that would be meeting your traveling or driving needs. Here is a fabulous selection of top mobile apps to assist you in getting the most out of driving & traveling.
CarChecker by Point the Way at $2.99
CarChecker is a great app that helps you in purchasing a used car. It effectively comes up with a checklist that is supposed to contain signs of poor ownership, bad damage or wear & tear and makes sure that you do not end up buying a lemon. The application seems pretty nice though jumping through lists possibly could be made smoother. Once you have ticked the criteria, your car would be given a score by CarChecker. Get in touch with Ideal Auto USA for a fabulous selection of reconditioned cars.
GasBuddy Free App
Top Car Apps Ideal for Car Enthusiasts
This app helps to locate cheap gas. Most gas stations are known to have apps which lead you to their outlets that are pretty useful if you are using their credit cards. Drivers who are looking for the cheapest gas, there is the iPhone app Gas Buddy. It demonstrates the 10 nearest gas stations and their respective prices. GasBuddy application is intending to include fuel-station conveniences such as carwashes would be added to its listing. GasBuddy claims that there are 110,000 gas stations stored in their extensive database. This simply means that almost all stations in the USA are incorporated in GasBuddy’s database. Free App
This app helps to read all your text messages. When you are using this truly innovative and advanced app you would actually be hearing incoming text messages, Facebook messages, Twitter updates, Google text messages and emails. The most striking feature of this app is that it successfully eliminates your compulsion to grab the phone. Moreover, you do not have to go by pressing any button to access your text messages or updates. The app is known to do everything on its own. The user can drive attentively without any distractions as his eyes and hands are free for driving.
Openbay Free App
This app helps you in accessing good repair and maintenance services for your car. You could now locate nearby garages and get their quotes. The most useful and striking characteristic of the app is its ability to compare the prices offered by various garages. Moreover, it tells you the exact time frame and repair cost.
TripAlyzer at 5.99
It serves as an effective fuel-economy coach. This is a fabulous app which is known to function via Wi-Fi or cell tower and it has been designed to examine and analyze your driving skill and efficiency. It is effective in recording your fuel usage and efficiency habits. It keeps count of every penny that you have actually spent on your trip. The TripAlyzer application is good at displaying your car speed, distance, route direction and is helpful in determining miles per gallon. It keeps track of your carbon dioxide emissions. It would be recording the amount of gas that has been refilled. The present fuel efficiency is also, presented to you by TripAlyzer.
RepairPal Free
It keeps you well-informed about specific car repair history. This is supposed to be an award-winning application that would be updating you with all relevant information relating to your car repair history. It is known for creating car repair cost estimates and suggests the best car repair shops in your locality. This app recommends online stores and places for buying your vehicle parts. This app is best for synchronizing all repair-related information by maintaining the online record.
Find My Car Free
This app is efficient in locating your parked car. You often get really frustrated trying to find your car that you had parked on unfamiliar streets or in parking lots. This fantastic app could really be of help to you in such situations simply by using GPS and Internet connectivity. It boasts of a system, Find My Car Smarter that automatically, goes about saving your parking location. The updated and most advanced version of this app is said to feature an augmented reality technology.

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