Top 5 Web Designs That Will Make Your Site Stand Out

Is your website driving potential customers away?

Your website is like the home of your business. If people like it, they will stay on, come back, and invite their friends. If they do not, they will hit the back button and that will be it.

We are living in an era where tech and innovations are the norms of life. As a business, you have to keep your home in top condition, which means keeping up with the latest trends while striving to be unique. Otherwise, you will become obsolete.

But let’s face it—creating killer websites may not be one of your strong points. That is why the best Phoenix web design firms exist— to help you design a winning website.

What then, can you do to make your website stand out and provide your desired results? Below are 5 top trends:

1. Dark mode

Almost every site uses a white background for many reasons, from looking trustworthy and the fact that it blends in well with other elements of a website.

However, dark designs when done right can bring out the creative side of your site.However, not all websites can benefit from a dark mode. If you have elements or products on your website that you want to stand out, using a dark theme will work the magic.

One major advantage of dark designs is that users will stay longer on your website thanks to lower digital eye strain.Today,the average person does not end a day without looking at some type of screen—be it a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone screen at least once. That causes eye strain, exhaustion, and possible future eye problems.

Secondly, a dark design makes your site appear more modern.

If you do not want to use dark mode but think that users could be interested, you can design your site in a way that allows users to make a switch.

Google, for example, gave users a choice to enable dark mode on YouTube on their Android phones.

2. Using luminous colors

In case you didn’t know, website colors matter a lot in web design. Color psychology impacts over 60% of snap buying decisions. Colors make your site look fun—there’s too much seriousness out there already!

The right mix of colors also helps you create a memorable brand, which is what you need if you want to attract buyers.

With that in mind, how do you choose the right colors? The first step is to choose your primary color. You can then decide how many colors you can add to the main color.

Do not be afraid to experiment until you find something that makes sense for your website. A good place to start is by studying your competitors.

3. Increased navigability with minimal text

Gone are the days when you would visit a website and you would be met with loads of text everywhere. Your next step would be to look around as you determine what to click on or just leave!

The easier your website is to navigate, the better experience you create for users. That of course means landing pages with huge impressive images and scripted videos.

Having lots of white spaces on your website works magic when it comes to bettering user experience.

Using frames for your images and other web elements gives your website structure and increases navigability.

4. Hand-drawn icons

Hand-drawn icons are the real deal. They show off your personality and creativity and take you a step ahead of your competitors.

You can be selective about where you keep your messy looking designs so that your website maintains its clean and polished look. Most websites use hand-drawn items in headers.

5. Color blocking

The fashion world began the trend of color blocking by arranging items on multiple blocks of colors. The trend has quickly moved into the world of web design.

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