Tips to Set up a Comms Room in Your Office

These days, you cannot think of spending even a single day without the internet. Be it in your personal life or professional one, internet plays a huge role in every days life. And when you own a business and build your own comms room, it is one of the most important things that can help you remain connected with your clients across the globe. Besides, the internet is also the most important platform that you will need to perform any task. And for this, you will need to have a server room in your office. It will be the base of all the internet-related functions that are taking place in the office.

Set up with Enough Space

Comms Room

If you are planning to set up a server room in your premises, you will need to gauge a number of things. You need to have a proper idea about a lot of things before you can advance. There are several things to decide when planning a comms room design. And the primary one among them is probably the physical location and size of the room. If you have enough space, it is always advisable to select a large room for the server. Besides, keep the room as much inside the premises as possible to ensure that it is quite secure. Decide keeping the data of your company away from the wall. It will help to ensure that the data are secure enough.

Check the Hardware Capacity to Increase Return on Investment

Nowadays hardware getting cheap as well as advanced. What is the hardware capacity of the room that you are selecting as a comms room? You need to ensure that it has enough number of racks of server, though it is vary by the type of user and data center. This will help you make the most of the space that you are getting. It is one of the most important things that you can do, as you usually have to pay for the space. The benefits of higher efficiency. So, you select a room with high ceilings where you can stack as many equipment as possible. This will ensure that you will have enough return on investment for the space.

Maintain a Proper Environment

When you are designing the comms room for your company, you will surely need a proper environment for it. The room will act as a space for a number of high-quality equipment. So, it is important to have an environment, which will not cause any problem for the instruments used in the rooms. You must consider some facilities for your comms room, such as; cooling, structure, power consumption, fire safety and security awerness. You will need to beef up the security of the server room if the weather and environment in the place cause:

  • Floods

  • Severe storms

  • Earthquakes

Besides, you also need to be careful enough if you live in a space, which has extremely dry conditions and. It usually tends to cause accidents due to fire in such situations. So, you will need to maintain the right levels of temperature, humidity and so on. These are also likely to play a major role in ensuring that the instruments are in good conditions even after days of use.

Use Air Conditioner to Keep the Temperature Low

It is always important to have a low temperature in the comms room. The IT administrator should maintain always remember that the door should be closed properly. The door should be magnetic on the comms room. You will need to keep this mind while designing the room for the server of your company. It will help you to keep your cooms room cool. The best way to achieve this is by installing an air conditioner in the server room. You can have the temperature fixed low enough to ensure that the instruments remain in a proper condition. Moreover, the air conditioner will also play a major role to keep the room cool despite the fact that the temperature emitted by the instruments in the server room is usually quite high.

When you are designing the comms room for your company, make sure to concentrate on cabling. Use the best cables, as they are going to play a major role in ensuring that the speed of the internet is high enough. It is better to use the best quality cables from the very beginning rather than using it later after the system fails to deliver high speed for the internet and mess up your all important works.

More over ask any expertise to build your comms room or outsource a well known company. It is the best choice for the firm. The experts will know how would you design your comms room that will appropriate and safe for you.

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