The Survival of Email Marketing: The Main Reasons

The Survival of Email Marketing

Every time an innovative online marketing method is introduced, an increasing number of people would start suggesting that email marketing is about to die a natural death as it is going to go out of fashion. Yet, as per the statistics provided by Direct Marketing Association, firms are still expecting an estimated ROI to be 4,300 % from email marketing. Does that sound like email is going out of vogue? Not at all.

Email marketing cannot lose its significance because it is a cost-effective and simple method of nurturing leads by brands. In fact, research has reaffirmed that email is supposed to be the single-most efficient way of building customer relationships. You could start experiencing these invaluable benefits from your specific email marketing by creating exceptional email content and following best practices. Email marketing is very much active and kicking as opposed to popular belief.

Email Marketing: Follow the Best Practices

Tips for Integrating Content Marketing into Your Business

The best way of initiating a successful email marketing campaign is by not only paying attention to but following the best practices effective for brand email communications. Here are some general tips for developing dynamic and effective email marketing content which would be getting real results.

Develop a Solid Strategy

Do not jump into the complex business of email marketing blind-folded. Keep the following points in mind while creating a strategy:

  • Your precise email marketing objectives and goals
  • Who is your precise target audience
  • How to create an email list
  • Frequency of your emails
  • Chalking out your budget

Put in Concerted Efforts in Creating a Super-effective Email List

Buying an email list seems to be an easy option. But the main reason why you must avoid buying an email list is because most of the people would not be reading or even responding to the emails that they have not signed up. You would be wasting your precious time and money in creating content for those people who would never be reading it. Instead, it would be far effective to concentrate on creating your email list organically by simply making real connections between the leads and the prospects. Get in touch with a reputed bulk email marketing services in Mumbai for successful email marketing strategies.


Offering Your Prospective Customers Something That Has Value

Remember each and every email communication must generate and provide some kind of value to your customers. This may not essentially imply providing discounts for specific services. The value could be added simply by educating the customer. Consumers could be made more aware so that they are equipped with more informed buying decision by addressing consumers’ greatest concerns and biggest questions.

Email Optimization for Mobile Devices.

Many subscribers would be accessing and reading your emails from a mobile device or a smartphone. They would be promptly deleting the message if they find it pretty tough to navigate or view on their device. They could go to the length of potentially unsubscribing from your list.

Make Your Email Messaging Relevant

You need to provide your customers with the best possible content so, stay away from using a cookie-cutter approach. You need to go about segmenting your email marketing lists so that readers are able to view the kinds of content which are supposed to be most effective and relevant to them.

Take Your Email Marketing Campaign to a Whole New Level

Some experts believe that consumers are bombarded with excessive emails and that is precisely the reason why they do not really give a positive response to brand emails. However, a specific study report demonstrates that around 95 percent of customers who have opted for any brand’s email messages would be finding the emails pretty useful.

The major possibility seems if individuals are subscribing to precisely your email content, they would desire to read it. Consumers are in no mood to entertain same old sales speech, boring copy, irrelevant messaging etc. If you wish your emails to leave a profound impact on your specific target audience, you require staying ahead of the competition. Taking your email marketing endeavors and initiatives to a whole new level would prove to be successful.


Email marketing is here to stay despite what common people are led to believe. Email marketing still has immense potential for making your brand a success. More than 34 percent of people across the globe use email. That amounts to around 2.5 billion people. This is predicted to go up to about 2.8 billion people using emails, in the next couple of years. Business email is still popular. Email marketing is actually a powerful and vibrant way of connecting with people. Your company would be requiring email marketing to achieve success.

Author Bio: Dorothy Meyers is an online marketing consultant who specializes in email marketing. She is attached to a private firm and is an avid blogger. She browses through reputed sites such as to keep herself updated.


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