The Problem with Residential Solar Panels is Not a Problem at All

Residential Solar Panels

The last thing you want on your mind is the numerous ways that anything could go wrong with residential solar panels once you’ve have them installed on the roof of your home. You certainly have apprehensions while making such a big decision as getting solar panels installed. This is absolutely natural.
For example – you’ve heard from a couple of people how a certain brand of television isn’t worth buying because it gives a lot of trouble. The word gets around and the negative image of that brand goes viral. Yet, many other people may be enjoying in front of a TV set from the same brand, watching their favorite show without complaining. So, to make sure you don’t get into trouble, it’s good to opt for a licensed company that offers residential solar panels and installs them too without a hassle!
To be honest, solar panels are no saints. There is always a little possibility for things to go wrong, and same is the case with solar panels. However, the good part is, these problems can be resolved. Without delay, I’ll take you through the possible glitches with solar panels – but worry not, when you have a reliable specialist doing the job for you, your solar panels will be in safe hands! Read below:

  1. Electrical Trouble

The size of the entire equipment should be considered when installing residential solar panels. Why? Solar panels use the AC current from the sun and convert it to DC for residential use, with the help of an inverter. Inverters with higher AC-to-DC ratio produce more energy, which at times causes clipping (only on very hot and sunny days).
While the clipping sound may seem like a drawback, it eventually is advantageous for you. Why? Because it produced more energy as compared to an inverter with low AC-to-DC ratio. So, although the sound of clipping may be annoying, the average production ratio throughout the year is higher and thus more beneficial; you can also share the excess energy produced with nearby homes.

  1. Poor Quality Production

Today, companies get into agreements with institutions that provide loans on production of PV solar panels. In the drive to meet the production capacity, many companies often condone the quality of panels. The production capacity is achieved, but not all required factors are taken into account. These factors may include the tilt of your roof, the direction of the solar panels, latitude, and other measurements. These factors are necessary to ensure that the panels on the roof fit right and produce optimal energy.
A licensed residential solar panel company will have trained and skilled professionals who take the right measurements and do correct assessments of your property. They take all the factors in to consideration including latitude, direction of the panels, neighboring homes, trees, and exposure to sunlight, etc. They use different tests and measuring instruments to do the job right. So make sure you opt for a reliable company.

  1. Structural Issues

Structural failures are too far and few between, but it’s still good to know all possible occurrences for your own good. Such incidents usually occur when there is additional load on the roof, other than the solar panel itself. These added weight may include snow load, people installing the panels, and also the speed of wind. Snow and wind speed are usually calculated based on the location and elevation of your home.
Structural failures only occur, though only rarely, due to miscalculation and poor assessments. It is therefore important to hire professional and licensed solar panel installers who take the right digits and determine the exact amount of weight that the roof can tolerate. A professional will run an inspection on your property and the area around your home before determining the numbers. Therefore, make sure you hire the right people who you can trust so you know you’re in safe hands.
Choose a Reputable Residential Solar Panel Provider
The point of discussing the problems in residential solar panel installation was not to make you contemplate your decision to install panels on your roof. Rather, it was to enhance your knowledge, and thus help you choose only the best companies for solar panel installation and if you are looking for a Residential Solar Panels in NJ so feel free to contact Amergy Solar.

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