The 10 Best Rated Apps for this new year

Best Rated Apps for this new year-

2015 has come and gone and now everyone is wondering what 2015 will bring in terms of advance and innovation. With over a million iOS and Android apps available to the public, it is hard to pick just a few that can be considered the best, but these are some of the newest and are proving quite competitive in the application market. The biggest trend with these apps seems to be the ability to streamline all work or interest between phone, computer and tablet devices for instant information and connectivity.

Best Apps for this new year

1. Songza– Available for iOS, Songza is an innovative app in that it allows the user to set their mood and location when listening to music. This app can be particularly helpful for those with a large music library. Instead of searching through thousands of songs to find the one that you are in the mood for, by entering your mood and location, Songza can find the right song for you to listen to at any moment. This app can be great for those in long periods of transit, exercising or having a celebration. It’s the portable DJ that fits in your pocket.
2. Scoutmob– Apps like Groupon have faded in popularity as of recently, but Atlanta-based start-up Scoutmob is available in both iOS and Android and can help you find savings for your dining experiences around the city.  The app is not available for every city, but if you live in a larger city and are wondering what’s good to eat and where to get it for the best price, try Scoutmob. Restaurants and bars also post their coupons and giveaways on Scoutmob so you can start your saving searching as soon as possible.
3. iMovie– Available on iPhone, iMovie allows you to record, edit and make your own feature films. You can even make a trailer after you are finished to show your friends and family. This app would be ideal for the cinematographer friend or a teacher that wants to provide more interactive and fun learning techniques to the classroom.
4. Carrot Fit– If are a person that has trouble working out and staying motivated but you’re a sensitive soul, don’t try Carrot Fit. Available on iOS, Carrot Fit is a different kind of fitness and nutrition app in that it can threaten, ridicule, bribe or inspire you in your health and fitness regimen. If you need a little bit more pushing during your workouts and don’t mind a little more intense motivation, try Carrot Fit and get started moving.
5.  5by–  Are you one of those people that hates searching through endless lists and genres trying to decide which movie to watch? Do you get annoyed with the movie choices you sometimes select because they didn’t match the mood you were aiming for? Then 5by could be perfect for you. This is not your usual movie watching app. Endorsed by StumbleUpon, 5by is an app that allows you to personalize your movie choices depending on the mood and location of the user. You can watch videos based on suggestions like “Entertaining You” or “Showing Your Friends.” You can even search by time limit for when you are in a time-constrained situation. 5by is available in iOS and Android.
6. Beats Music– Trying to create another music streaming app in the face of Spotify and Pandora can be risky, but when it’s Dr. Dre, there’s always the possibility. Beats Music is an app available in both iOS and Android for $9.99 that allows unlimited music streaming but also seeks to put the listener in contact with music and albums that they have not heard yet.
7. Spill- Available on Android, this app is both innovative and socially conscious. Known as the “empathy machine,” Spill was designed to help people to deal with their typical stressors, school, friends, and money. The app allows for people to anonymously spill their personal feelings and get them in contact with support. The entire app is anonymous and has led to helping those in crisis situations. The creators of the app maintain it was not designed to properly deal with crisis situations, but allowing for users to describe their personal problems and find a community of support is always worth keeping.
8. Level– If you are someone that is looking for a more personal and streamlined applications for your spending and savings then Level is a great app for you to consider. By linking up to your banking accounts, Level can help to show you spending habits, areas you could be saving, and your financial responsibility. It can track your monthly income, regular bills, and savings and then shows you a balance sheet for the day, month and year. This app is extremely user-friendly and can help the individual that wants to keep a tight leash on their funds and learn more about their personal spending habits.
9. Pulse– There are so many different news channels today that trying to wade through all of them is time consuming and in the mean time, you are missing out on important information. Pulse brings your favorite news venues together in one place so that you can search through the headlines in one app. Pulse can also tie in your Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Everything right where you want it, all at once.
10. Evernote– This is a great app for the student on the go. Evernote is the note taking app in this year because it allows for note taking, dictation, photographs, and sound recording to be added into your notes. You can also edit your notes on all your devices so you’ll never miss a beat in school or the office.

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