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Q-I run small social projects and at times need to do a conference call with nine to ten people.The way we do is rater crude and i wanted to know if there is free service possible that can help me to do  a conference call with nine to ten people in a professional manner?
-Smith (UK)
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Ans-Conference call and dial-in-calling are traditionally a corporate thing  but still lot of projects and institutes ,students groups use this services albeit with limited functionality.
so i request you to check out which allows you have upto 0 participants on a call.
Its very easy to use and follow steps on website guide.They have local dial -in-numbers in Delhi,Mumbai,Banglore,Chennai,Hyderabad,Kolkata and Mumbai.
You generate 7-digit id that you share with your team and they call in you or people in conference.The negative part is that the website displays advertiserments ,but still you get free  Conference call .

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