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Some Windows 8 operating systems come without the .Net Framework 3.5 that comes with versions 2.0 and 3.0 of .Net Framework. This feature is very paramount for very many programs to enable the programs to run well. Windows 8 comes with .Net Framework 4.5 pre-installed but some earlier versions of Windows 8 do not come with the 3.5 Version of the Framework.
In this article I will be describing the process of enabling .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 operating systems that might be lacking this crucial component. The procedure for installing microsoft .net framework 3.5 on windows 8 is pretty easy as shown below but it requires an active internet connection.
Procedure of enabling .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 8.
Online Computer OfferOpen Control Panel and under view by enable large icons in order to easily find Submenus.
In the different Sub menus select Programs and Features.
Double click on Programs and Features to open its content.
In the left side of the window double click on Turn Windows Features on or off.
A new window titled Windows Features will appear.
The first folder inside this window is .NET Framework 3.5(includes 2.0 and 3.0).
Keenly observe its status. It is disabled because it does not have the marker as shown below. The process of re enabling it is by marking it just as in the .NET Framework 4.5 Advanced. After that press ok and a new window will appear.
As I said earlier you must be connected to the internet for this to work.
A dialog box will pop up showing the searching and downloading of the necessary files
Hence .Net 3.5 will be downloaded and installed and you can start using it with all the programs that need it in order to run properly.
Another way of downloading and installing it by accessing the .Net Framework 3.5 installer from the Microsoft Official Download Centre and downloading it. This process also requires active internet connection in order for it to work properly. Run the .Net Framework 3.5 installer and it will download the necessary files needed to complete the installation successfully. After downloading .Net Frame work will be installed automatically.
In conclusion, if your Windows 8 Operating System does not have this feature then use any one of the above methods to download .Net Framework 3.5 and install it. Thank you for taking your time to read my article.
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All You Need to Know About VPN Today

VPNs or virtual private networks are beginning to take the world by storm. Eventually using a VPN may become as widespread as Internet use for individual users. There are a number of great VPN providers that can help to establish strong and secure networks over VPN. In the following article we will discuss what VPN is, why you should use it and some of the VPN service providers to look into if you are interested in using VPN today and All You Need to Know About VPN Today.
Using VPN for business
A VPN is essentially linking a number of computers together in a network usually across the Internet. Virtual private networks make a lot of sense for business applications because they can essentially link each and every work computer that they have on hand to share information. Rather than sharing information across an e-mail client, Dropbox or website utilizing a VPN tool works to make sure that each and every file that is sent across the network is kept 100% secure.
Security vpn connection : how it works?
In order to network computers together they will all need to utilize a VPN client. VPN clients work as a sophisticated login system. This is a kind of software to scan through a computer and detect any threats as well as a password system to ensure that only designated parties have access to a Virtual Network. VPN clients work to ensure the security of data that is hosted on each of the work computers and shared among them.
When you log into the VPN your PC will exchange a special key with the VPN server to ensure that you are designated to access the data that you are trying to view. If you have the correct key and authentication the data is sent across a secure Internet connection and encrypted to ensure even further security. All of the data that is sent across the VPN network is in the most secure format that it can be for online sharing. This can help a company to prevent company data leaking, ensuring the safety of customer information and much more.
VPN for personal use
VPNs can have appeal to a variety of other uses as well. For the average person a VPN can make sure that you can share files across your computers, with friends or family completely securely. For example, when you fire up your computer in public and use a public Wi-Fi system there are always ways that people can snoop into the connection and pull data from it, a VPN helps to secure your data even when using public networks or sharing files between friends.
VPNs can also come in handy when it comes to filesharing, whether you are a musician and collaborating with other artists or you have downloaded a movie that is copyright protected, using a VPN can help to protect your Internet connection and keep you from being accused of copyright fraud. For travelling you can also use VPNs to view data that is only available in your home country. By logging into your VPN server you can utilize your home network and watch region specific TV shows, or access specific websites that may only be available in your country.
Using VPN service providers
It is possible to open up your own VPN using your router settings however there are numerous companies and services that allow you to use secure VPNs from around the world. When looking for a good VPN company you should see the type of security that they can offer, if they come with any anti-malware or anti-spyware options to protect you even further when browsing, if they come with mobile options for VPN connecting, and just how reasonable their services are.
Some very popular VPN service providers include:
Torgaurd: this VPN service is targeted more specifically at people who regularly torrent and download copyright material. It make sure that any of your downloads cannot be tracked and that you are much more anonymous when torrenting. This is a great way to secure your network for an individual VPN user.
ProXPN: this service offers a free plan that allows you to secure your data but also severely limits your transfer speeds and restricts you to using one location for your VPN. This is an inexpensive way to secure your data, however unlocking the full premium version of this service is fairly inexpensive as well – just $10 a month.
Using a VPN may soon become one of the most popular ways to secure your data online, share your data securely and make sure that you can remain anonymous while you are browsing.
Author Bio
James Weaser is a software developer, now he is working on DVD Burning software. In his free time, he loves to read SEO tutorials to know about the new trends.

How To Create A Positive SEO Experience

 Create A Positive SEO Experience

When investigating search engine optimisation (SEO) for the promotion of your website, it is likely that you will find plenty of information on all of the negative aspects of the process. Unfortunately, much of this perception has been created thanks to supposed ‘experts’ who really know nothing about optimisation and are just attempting to make a quick buck. Most of these people are here one day and gone the next, which just goes to show how much confidence clients have in them. So, how can you go about creating a more positive SEO experience?
The first thing that you must do in improving the experience is to balance the client’s expectations in regards to their SEO. It is likely that many of the people approaching you for optimisation services have left their previous consultant because they did provide them with the service they were paying for or they didn’t get the results they had hoped for. Unfortunately, SEO is very difficult to quantify, and the number of hours spent on one client may fluctuate from month to month depending on the circumstances.
Create A Positive SEO Experience
Try to judge what sort of SEO work has been completed for the client in the past; often the best way to achieve this is to ask them. If they are unable to tell you exactly what their previous consultant has been doing to boost their rankings, this should be sending alarm bells off in your head. When SEO experts prefer to stay in as little contact with their clients as possible, it is often a sign that they aren’t quite sure of what they are doing themselves or that they are doing very little work on the website.
Now we can move onto improving the SEO experience and making it much more positive for all those involved. There are a number of ways that you can work to achieve this, the most important of which being communication. At the end of the day, the more communicating that you do with your clients the better off you will be. Not only will this enable you to build a solid relationship with them, it will enable you to quash unrealistic expectations and encourage the client to better appreciate your work.
This does not mean that you should be bothering your clients hundreds of times a day with little tidbits of information regarding their SEO, nor does it mean that your clients should be bothering you every day with questions and queries. If you were to send your clients a maximum of three emails a week regarding the progress of their strategy and a monthly report with more in depth information, you will be doing plenty. You should also encourage your clients to email you any questions instead of calling, so that you can answer them in your own time.
Must Read SEO Tips of this Years->https://share-ask.com/?s=SEO
Whilst there are a number of ways that you can create a more positive SEO experience, the most important way that you can improve upon this is by using effective communication. This will provide your team and clients with a number of benefits aside from a more positive experience, encouraging you to work together to achieve the rankings that you desire. It will also ensure that, when there are any problems, they can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of Remote Data Centres

Data centres are integral parts in the world of business and technology. In essence, these rooms are huge computer storage rooms. The set-up of server rooms may seem complex to many people, but the Benefits of Remote Data Centres are vital in keeping things running as they should. Servers are where companies store the majority of their information nowadays, gone are the times when all data was written down and filed in storage cabinets.
These rooms are dedicated to accommodating the computers and subsequent software which in turn store information in a much smaller space and in a much more accessible fashion those filing cabinets.Think of them as rooms of computers arranged like the filing cabinets of old….except that these filing cabinets can hold information that would require hundreds of filing cabinets filled with thousands of pieces of paper! They also house telecommunications equipment, power supplies, and other related computer technology. Most businesses will not house their data centres at their actual business location, because it just isn’t feasible in most cases. They have them housed at professional companies where they can be properly maintained and monitored at all times.
What is a Co-Location Centre?
For companies who have midsize IT requirements, co-location data centres are perfect. Larger companies can use them as well, but the average clients are those who own midsize businesses in most cases. These facilities are incredibly useful and due to the internet it still means that your servers can be accessed even if you are not onsite.Using a remote data centre allows company IT personnel to concentrate on actual work, instead of on support issues.
The data centre locations have a ton of available rental space, and they provide everything that businesses need to have a secure data centre for a low cost, and without the headache of having to maintain equipment. Popularity has definitely spiked in this sector, because businesses no longer have to tap their own resources to effectively run their servers.Data centres have become so integral to the lifeblood of companies that there are specialist business who are experts in designing and building server rooms for companies – whether onsite or offsite (see https://www.commsroomservices.co.uk/services/server_room_build.asp).
Services That Are Offered by remote Data Centres
The benefits of using a remote data centre are numerous. They will usually offer lockable server racks, different power varieties, network connectivity capabilities, and real time monitoring of all equipment in case failures should occur. They will usually offer complete security through badge and biometric access, and redundant systems as well, in case problems occur or systems fail.These facilities provide businesses with low network latency and high bandwidth for really low costs.
Since businesses don’t have to hire a lot of IT personnel to constantly monitor their servers, it is hard for them to find a better deal. They can’t pass up third party data centres, because they just can’t do it differently any cheaper. It is much easier to have someone else monitoring their servers as well, so that they can sleep at night without the worry that their systems might go down!

how to Find the right agency to accomplish Fiber Optic Cable network setup


Find the right agency to setup Fiber Optic internet Cable network for telephony and internet
It is necessary you hire a suitable company to setup fiber optic network for web access. This will help your company stay connected at high speeds.
To ensure that your business’s output remains top notch and workflow in organization does not get affected adversely, you should have proper telephone and internet network installed.
This is something without which your business cannot perform optimally. Nowadays, millions of people buy online and communicate with sellers using the web. You will also need internet connectivity at the workplace at high speed at all times. Same can be said about telephony. Despite the popularity of mobile phones and especially smart phones, landline phones continue to be used widely in workplaces. To set up web access and phone system at your offices, you need the services of a professional entity.
Nuances of business web access and telephony you should be aware of
Setting up web access in workplace can be far more complex than doing the same in home based setup. In a typical business setup, you may have to use various types of web access setup. While wired internet access may be used for workforce, you may prefer having a wireless access method for management staffs. Telephones may be used for various purposes in an office as well.
how to Find the right agency to accomplish <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'><strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Fiber Optic</strong> Cable</strong> network setup” src=”https://share-ask.com/wp-content/uploads/442.jpg” width=”259″ height=”194″ />Some telephones can be kept for management usage while customer care department needs dedicated handsets. Based on usage needs, some handsets need to have conference call facility and voice recording features. Setting up all these is something your employees cannot handle properly ad you need to hire professional agencies.</address>
<address>Know advantages of <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'><strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Fiber Optic</strong> Cable</strong> technology</address>
<address>While there are various options for setting up telephony and web access, it is ideal if <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'><strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Fiber Optic</strong> Cable</strong> is used for these services. These cables ensure that tee is no disruption in data flow. You can expect hassle free voice and data transfer when this technology is used. It used to be quite expensive but now you can avail it for reasonable rates. Top notch MNCs and corporate companies prefer this technology over older ones.</address>
<address>Look for entities that offer professional and advanced web access setup installation</address>
<address>When you have decided for high <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>speed</strong> web access setup in your office, look for companies that offer such installation services. You can search in web for such entities easily. Using region based search or services within price range will yield more apt results. You can compare the packages and quotes of various regional contenders to select the most fitting one. Apart from web based search, you should use professional connections to find reliable telephony setup providers in your location.</address>
<address>Assess capability and reputation of an agency prior to hiring</address>
<address>Before you appoint a company to set up telephony and install web access in your offices, it would be better to see if it has the expertise for the job. You may require its services later for maintenance and upgrades in long run and so enquire about its terms and conditions of work. The opinions of existing clients of such a company are valuable in this regard. To clarify anything about cost ad service, you should interact with the company staffs directly.</address>
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10 online reputation management tips for businesses to get it right – Guaranteed Success

Online Reputation Management is Easier than You Think

10 online reputation management tips for businesses were your reputation is what viewers will find attractive about you. Whether you strive to be funny, sophisticated or a corporate professional, it is your job to see that everything you post is consistent with this theme.
The freedom of the internet allows many of us to post without worry on just about any topic that comes to mind without the fear of repercussions.
Or so you may think.
While many of us have seen commenters on different websites go “left” when venting, the majority may think nothing of it. However, there are a times when people will take to time to look up a person’s IP address and take things to another level.
This is not to be morbid but to make people who are online frequently to be cautious of what they post.
 Online Reputation Management
Not-So-Fresh Content
Some bloggers can become complacent with their ranking and traffic numbers and decide to start the first paragraph speaking of a matter that has nothing to do with the topic or their brand.
Once in a while, your audience may be able to relate to bratty kids, a bad dog, and a worse mother-in-law. You can even develop a funny thread around it if there are others who are willing to vent and share their stories.
The key is to not make it a habit and reply to responses privately, if at all. In other words, you don’t want for your micro-niche blog about making gourmet food shortcuts to turn into the “I KInda Hate My Spouse” website.
Yes, balancing personal and professional life is hard. Without a boss looking over your shoulder every couple of hours, respecting the boundaries can be an even greater challenge. If you find yourself tempted to do so, try typing your industry keyword in a major search engine to find news and updates. Even better would be to use the keywords in an RSS (really simple syndication) feeder so that is automatically sent to your homepage.
A True Horror Story
Often we may find an online mentor who can teach us little tips and tricks to help us advance in our careers. They may be on eHow, About.com or other site where expertise is rewarded as the website itself normally comes up first in an engine search.
Last year, a popularAbout blogger chose to reveala negative transactions that involved a subcontractor. While their short tutorials about the writing game were well-regarded and this person was respected in their field, they felt an immediate backlash for straying. Commenters went in hard and strong about how this person used this platform to air out their laundry.
While the blogger did not reveal names, they did try to defend their actions as how aspiring writers should not communicate when things do not go well. Believe it or not, the comments got worse and the blogger had to block new comments before removing the post entirely. This matter was even posted on other sites where some even went as far as to tear down the blogger’s looks.
Since then, this person’s posts are fewer and there has been a difference in the number of commenters.
It should also be mentioned that being an About blogger is one of the best way to enhance a brand. If someone is chosen to write continuously about a particular industry or topic, there is monetary compensation that is similar to holding an entry-level part-time job. And compared to many online salaried jobs, there is a lot of flexibility and status involved.
So if you feel the need to comment on a controversial topic, use an email address that is separate from business. If someone makes a comment about your product or service, try to resolve it privately. Should you feel the need to warn the public about a particular individual who may be involved in shady dealings, make sure that your words are factual and not slanderous and that you have the documents to back up your claims.
Neil Napier is an online entrepreneur, who conducts Marketing case studies on Online Marketing Laboratory. If you are interested in finding marketing ideas that work, hop on over to read more.

Web Content Syndication In Marketing And Lead Generation Terms

Web content syndication used to mean simply delivering articles and press releases to submission sites, which would generate links for the client according to the keywords enshrined within target web pages.
This is no longer really the case.Since, Google’s game-changing updates throughout 2012 mean the ways in which online marketing is done have had to change beyond recognition.
Now, web content syndication refers not to keywords, nor yet to articles created with no genuine informational purpose, but refers instead to properly researched pieces of work through which the target audience is given something genuinely interesting to read.

Web Content Syndication

The overall purpose of this content is still to transform readers into cust
omers but now the emphasis is on creating trust and engagement rather than simply driving people to a web page and hoping that the design of that page will do the rest.
In terms of lead generation, for example, web content syndication is used to turn sales leads into definite sales prospects. Whitepapers, guides and other thought leadership pieces on how to perform certain common tasks or overcome pain points might be sent out promoted.
If the information engages, the target might then respond directly to it.Normally, by filling out a survey or questionnaire or by replying with a click, where directed, with information about his or her own.
At this point, the target is thought to have changed from a sales lead into a sales prospect. He or she is proving that they have an active engagement with information directly related to the product or service area in which the client marketer is working. The bait is set on the hook, the fish is circling and it is now up to the marketer to bring it in.
The act of engagement with this kind of information is seen in much the same way as a double agreement (normally, referred to as a double opt-in) through email or website sign up.

A double agreement happens when a primary action sets the actor up for inclusion in a database and a secondary action confirms that this was, in fact, his or her true intention.
The most common format for the double agreement runs as follows. A decision maker within a business makes a purchase or signs up to a useful site and by completing either purchase or sign-up, implicitly or actively agrees to be sent relevant future information.
He or she is then sent an email to the email address that he or she has provided asking him or her to confirm that he or she wishes this action to complete.
Web Content Syndication In MarketingThe act of confirming, usually by clicking on a link within the confirmation email, activates the process that will see his or her contact details end up in a database of sales leads.
It must, of course, be noted that some signups require a confirmation link to be clicked before the service originally required is also activated. In these cases, the double acceptance loses its virtue.

How to check Printer Cartridge when 101 trouble erupts

Check printer cartridge
Printer cartridge is carved up in two categories: Inkjet Cartridge & Toner Cartridge which is available according to our needs as what kind of printer we required.
It depends on whether the printer is an inkjet printer or a laser printer as Inkjet printers support inkjet cartridges on other hand; the laser printers use the toner cartridges.
Inkjet cartridges work as a replaceable item on an inkjet printer hence these Inkjet printer cartridges are provided by the companies for the Inkjet printers.
Ordinary the inkjet cartridges & ink cartridges are similar for the inkjet printers, and commonly used for the same purpose.
How to check Printer Cartridge
These inkjet printers are also categorized in three classes like OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges & remanufactured cartridges.
As we explained that the inkjet printers are replaceable printers for inkjet printers, likewise the Toner printers also stands for the laser printers or Xerox copiers.
As these printers are specially used for the toner cartridges, Toner printers are also concerned as laser toner cartridges.
As the same like Inkjet cartridges, these Toner cartridges  express are also fractioned in three same categories as Inkjet cartridges; OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges & remanufactured cartridges. 
A large area of inkjet printers those manufactured by Canon, HP and Lenmark, use a thermal inkjet which goes inside through a ink reservoir of the printer in its each partition & heats the element with a small metal plate & when this metal plate gets warmed, a tiny current flows in the printer and responses after a signal given by the printer.
Now the ink instantly covered up on the heated plate which is than gasified into a diminutive bubble inside the nozzle and transcends in its total volume that of the nozzle.
Now the ink droplet is forced out to set its rotation of the cartridge nozzle on the paper. This all process takes a matter of milliseconds. 

Google nexus 7 specifications

Things that impress in Google nexus 7 specifications are-
A lot actually .
Top speed
It has top speed 1.3GHz quad core processor and 1GB RAM which it offfers in comparatively cheap prices toth e other top brands like Apple,samsung,Amazon,etc.
Best Display-
It supports advanced Display with 7-inch IPS LCD screen with resolution of 1280 by 800 and  216 PPI density.
Hi Fi Network –
You can access Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth,near field communication and battery life of around 0 hours .
Ease of Entertainment
Games looks amazing ,movies plays well and all other Entertainment addons are easily manageable..
New Features
The notification panel now dispaly an incredible amount of new information and also bring in more wide amonut of new information and also brings more interaction and user friendly features,plus the number of customisable icons at the task bar has now been added to seven.
The default browser which is google chrome is inbuilt with fanatastic google apps .Play magazine is type of google apps which is more intuitive way to read digital versions of magazines.
Google maps has compassion mode which is made compatible to be on portable tablet.The voice dictation apps and commands now work offline and are even more accurate .
Things Not To Like
Not too much to hate in Nexus 7.The big negative is Nexus 7 has limited space with maximum up to 16GB with no slots or way to expand card or drives.This flaw limits its use to large storage users.
Also it has Wi-Fi only device hence even if you have 3G or 4G connection you cant use in Nexus 7.This isnt big deal as most people will be fairly happy to use this Wi-Fi environment or use phone with 3G or 4G personal hotspot connected to this when on move.
Our Advice
Even if there are many tablets with most superior features compared to Nexus 7 ,but its advatage is that  Nexus 7 beats them with lowest price to offer you service

The Best Buy Printers To Buy Today

While you are looking for a printer to buy for your office or home, you thought it would be the simplest task to pick and swap your card. But when you browsed around you were confronted with the mass of choices each one varying in terms of pricing, features and performance. Now what? It is obvious to get confuse over the choices, but to make the best choice out of it is what it counts.
Best Buy Printers Buy
Before shortlisting any printer, it is important to figure out your work requirements, budget etc. Will the printer be for the primary use or just for the document printing? Do you need a black and white printer or a colored one? Once you have known your preferences it would be easy to pick the best buy printers from the rest. Below lined up are the best buy printers available in today’s date.
Epson Stylus
This printer is true value for money device. It comes featuring with multi-function scanning, copying, Wi-Fi printing and built in memory slot card. This printer prints absolutely smudge free paper.
Cannon Pixma
If you are looking for a printer with stunning looks for your home or office then this is the one to go for. The printer has got 5 tank systems that give water proof along with crystal clear text. The print quality is undoubtedly superb and neat.
Kodak ESP
This printer is the best one till date if you are keen on reducing the cost of photos and documents in the long run. With built in fax machine, Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi it is something worth to invest in.
HP Envy 110 All in One
It is an ideal printing device for those who like to have advanced technology feature with some style. The printer has got all high-end features and allows user to print from the cell phone devices.
Lexmark Genesis
The printer is developed and designed out of fresh ideas. It is multifunctioning device with an image capture system. It has got range of integrated mini apps and other downloadable apps such as clock, calculator, Twitter, Facebook, music paper printing and graphs.
With the above mentioned printer choices, you are sure going to find the right one for suiting your budget and work preferences.
Author bio: Daniel Zica is an entrepreneur who lives with his family in Fort Lauderdale and works at https://southfloridapcrepair.com/. He also love dealing with various types of printers and provides his tips on his blog about the same. He recommends using computer repair Fort Lauderdale Company in case if you are looking for the best computer repair services.