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Google Maps share location with StreetView – A Tool for Criminals…

Criminals of the 21st century have a wide variety of free, innovative and easily accessible tools at their fingertips. With the launch of Google Maps share location StreetView back in 2007, criminals quickly realized what an incredible opportunity this technology presented. From the comfort and confines of their own home, they now had the ability to do virtual reconnaissance without the worry of getting caught or raising red flags; hence the importance of programs like neighborhood watch where eyes and ears on the ground can often times prevent a crime from ever occurring.

google map share location

By utilizing maps StreetView, Criminals could do the following:

  • Locate entrances and exits
  • Map out escape routes
  • Pinpoint the locations of security gates and placement of cameras, sensors and monitors
  • Identify hiding spots
  • Obtain personal identity information via license plates of cars on the driveway in addition to materials on or surrounding the home
  • Note the make/model and number of vehicles in the driveway at one time

Fortunately, virtual reconnaissance remained limited to the exterior…that is until Microsoft responded with Bing Maps streetview & Local features (Street View) giving users the ability to obtain interior views of businesses as well. In addition to virtual map technology, criminals are benefitting and profiting from the rise of social media.
As the general population becomes ever more interconnected through the use of social media, the amount of information openly available to the general public continues to swell. For a clever, technology savvy criminal, such information creates opportunity. Several methods and techniques commonly used by criminals include:

  • Geotagging
  • Creating Fake Charities
  • Victim Profiling
  • Cyberstalking
  • Blackmail

Such practices can result in cases of identity theft, fraud, burglary, drug smuggling/dealing as well as kidnapping among others.  It's important to be mindful of the personal and private information you share with the world; the dark side of social media is alive and well. Posting a simple update on Facebook such as "heading out of town this weekend" could make its way to someone looking to invade a home. At present, numerous police department are working with both their support staff and officers to limit overall information sharing via social media to protect the interests of officers and their families.
On the flip side, the use of applicant programming interfaces (APIs) can be used for the purpose of protecting the general public as well. Both local law enforcement and the FBI have used Google Maps StreetView to nab criminals in addition to raising awareness of criminal activity on both a local and national scale. Websites like criminalsearches.com give anyone with internet access the ability to search/locate local criminals and convicts in their neighborhoods via Google Maps StreetView.
For those parents looking to keep a close eye on their kids, mobile GPS trackers have grown in popularity in recent months. Mobile GPS Applications are offered for both Android and iPhone and are relatively inexpensive. GPS TRacking Pro utilizes Google maps to display a real-time location of the end-user. Whether you want to keep an eye on someone in particular or are just interested in seeing where your friends are at, I recommend looking into such mobile apps.
In the end, technological innovation will have both positive and negative consequences for generations to come. It’s no secret we live in a world where criminal activity is abundant and will continue to be. Fortunately, there are consequences for those who break the law and it’s in everyone’s (justifiably) best interest the criminals are ultimately caught and prosecuted for their actions.
Daniel Black consults for Protect America - A leader and innovator in the home security industry.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel composition and its Benefits

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a term originally coined in the development of culinary products. Now, it is more widely used and covers a large range of stainless steel composition types and grades for corrosion and oxidisation resistant applications. Iron alloys with at least 10.5% chromium make up stainless steel. It can be combined with other elements such as nickel, titanium and copper for added strength and toughness. It does not rust or stain easily as ordinary steel does, therefore it is often used in environments where corrosion is an issue.

super duplex stainless steel composition

What makes it Super Duplex?
Duplex stainless steels are an equal mixture of ferrite and austenite and depending upon the other elements contained within it, can vary how resistant to corrosion it is. Super Duplex stainless steels are so called due to their high content of alloys, making it high performance and highly resistant to corrosive materials. It is also characterised by the higher chromium content, usually between 12 and 19%.
What are Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steels used for?
Due to the low maintenance and corrosion resistant nature of stainless steel, it is used in many different industries such as building, architecture, bridges and aircraft. Stronger stainless steels such as duplex and Super Duplex, are especially useful when used in the chemical industry for example, building tankers and containers. As chemicals need to be stored safely and securely, only the strongest materials can be used. It is not just the containers and vessels which need to be highly resistant to corrosion within the chemical, and indeed many of the industries listed above, the pipes, welding, tubes, fans and rotors to name but a few components, must also be tough enough for the job. Super Duplex materials are being improved all the time and so can also be used as an alternative to expensive nickel alloys in even the most demanding locations such as hot tropical water where only the toughest materials survive in the harsh salt water conditions.
What are the benefits of Super Duplex materials?
Super Duplex stainless steel is popular in industry as it is easily workable and can be welded without too many problems. The high strength of the material makes it a good choice to use where structures need to be strong, safe and unyielding under pressure. In the aircraft industry, all materials come under a great deal of pressure, from extreme heat and extreme cold, chemicals to fuel and lubricate joints, plus the immense air pressure components are subjected to. Due to the nature of the aircraft industry, it is important to use materials which can handle the varying temperatures and which don’t crack, buckle or erode under stress. Safety of those in the aircraft and those on the ground is paramount so only the highest performing materials are used. The mechanical strength of Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steel make for lighter constructions and more compact designs, perfect for industries where size, weight, cost and length of construction time are limiting factors.

Definition,Advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine of computer numerical control

Advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine

Definition of Computer Numerical Control(CNC)-Advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine

When it comes to core working method, CNC lathe machines are similar to any other variety of CNC cutting machines available in the market. All you need to do is feed the computer program and it will do the needful. A CNC lathe machine can be used for cutting, drilling and sanding of wood or metal products.

There are mainly two types of lathe machines – wood and metalwork. However, a wood lathe can be used for cutting or drilling brass and aluminum as well. In case you deal with heavy and thick metals, a metalworking lathe is a better option for you.


Disadvantages of Computer Numerical Control machines


When it comes to CNC lathe machines, the disadvantages are very few. Still, it’s better to learn everything about these machines before buying them, because the future of your business depends on intelligent investments.


# CNC lathe machines are expensive and small businesses may not be able to buy them. If you do not have enough requirements, buying a CNC lathe machine may not pass the cost-benefit analysis.


# As the machine is computer controlled, you have to train your staff and let them practice the CNC router software for a couple of days to make sure they do not face any problem while operating the machine. Training dozens of employees is a costly affair and during the training period, your productivity may remain low.

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The Function of G Codes in CNC Cutting

CNC machines-Use the best safety and security of high quality


Benefits  or advantages of CNC lathe machine


# Time saving: This is the greatest benefit of a CNC lathe machine. Since it is computer controlled, the way it works saves a lot of time compared to manual labor. In one turret, a CNC(Computer Numerical Control ) lathe machine can have more than 12 tools and thus, changing one tool to another can be done swiftly without losing a moment.


# Accurate: Cutting wood or metal sheets as per the exact requirement can be done using lathe machines. Once you instruct the machine about the measurements, it can slice wood or metal exactly as per the command.


# Economical: A CNC lathe machine may cost you a few hundred dollars but when you consider the output it provides and that too within the short time span, you will realize that it’s actually a cost-effective solution for your business. A good CNC lathe machine can perform many tasks at the same time and can handle heavy workload with ease.


How to select a CNC lathe machine?

There are a number of lathe machines available in the market, but not all of them provide good features. You should be very careful before buying the CNC lathe as it’s a costly investment that should serve you for a long time. Here are some of the factors you should consider while buying.


# Lathe machines are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of business owners. If you handle only a couple of projects every month and workload is not much, a mini lathe with upgrade facility is best for you. However, if your company handles dozens of projects and needs to slice large wooden or metal pieces regularly, you should buy a mid-size or large lathe machine.


# Spindle is the core tool of a lathe machine and hence, you should check the spindle size before buying. It’s usually best to choose a CNC lathe that has 1"x8 TPI spindles.


# Check the bed size and speed variation option. The bed size will help you understand the size of material with which you can work. Speed variation is important because for sanding you may prefer a higher speed, while for carving, lower speed is more suitable.


Always buy from a reputed company that provides good after-sales support. You may find 2-3 CNC lathe models having all the required features. At this stage, compare the prices to take the final decision.

lathe machine advantages and disadvantages pdf imagelathe machine advantages and disadvantages pdf image

About the Company:

Ajan Electronic offers a wide range of CNC machines with different production capacities and price ranges. If you are looking for a new CNC machine or replacing the old one, browse through featured range of CNC machines to fit your current production needs.

Computer Numerical Control Lathe machine

Why to Consult a Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

The residential homeowners are more prone to fire accidents than commercial. No one would probably love to experience a fire, but sometimes, its reality cannot be avoided. Anyone in your family or friends may have encountered fire accidents in which their house has been razed and destroyed by fire. The only thing homeowner can do is clean up and restore their house back to its former glory.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

The cleaning and restoring house to its pre-incident condition is an extremely time consuming and stressful task for the untrained homeowners. It is advisable to hire a fire damage cleanup company to do the job instead. There are many reasons why cleanup should be left to the professionals such as, lack of necessary equipment, risk of further damage to the house, unfavorable impact on a person’s health and many others.

Many times, you may not realize the damage of fire cleanup. If a damage is caused to the foundation of the house, then a single wrong step can result into falling down of the house. If you are untrained or inexperienced individual, then you have a genuine risk of causing further damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to call the professionals for fire damage cleanup services who have sufficient knowledge and equipment to avoid further damage and complete the task as soon as possible.
You might plan to clean up the fire damage by yourself; however, doing so can even worsen the situation. Without adequate planning and machinery, you directly risk your health. Hence, the best thing you could do after a fire damage in your house is to list down the number of professional restoration company in your area. As these companies backed by sufficient knowledge and equipment, they will take better care of your house’s cleanup and restoration in lesser time.
After such fire accidents, there are possible chances of airborne toxins mixed with dust, soot, and smoke. They will be free in an atmosphere and breathing these particles along with harsh cleaning chemicals can have an adverse effect on the skin and lungs. The trained damage cleanup professionals are aware of risk as they have experience with this kind of job. Not only that, most cleanup companies have licensed and insured teams to respond such accidents during restoration processes.
Whenever you opt for fire cleanup damage, make sure that you hire a company with flawless reputation, licensed professionals, experience and machinery so that your home gets back to its former glory. If you do not have any prior experience of this job, better leave it up to experts.

Best Multi Tool Blades: Which One is the Most Important

Be it an artisan or a homemaker, everyone needs to be multitasking. While a craftsman has to be proficient in grinding, scraping and polishing, some basic uses of tools also need to be learnt by all of us to execute domestic chores at a faster speed.

best multi tool bladesAs far as craftsmen are concerned, multi-tools is the Most Important  sole answer to their various requirements. These tools come with unique designs and flexible features. The most useful among these are the oscillating blades that are manufactured in various shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of requirements.

If you are to embark on home improvement tasks, oscillating blades will help you cater to remodeling, flooring, scraping among various other activities.

Why Best Multi Tool ?

These tools help to work with efficiency in closed areas and can help in repairing the objects quickly. Swiss Army knife is undoubtedly the most popular multi tool. It has multiple tools that are part of a compact pocket-size knife. The usual tools are knife, scissors, can opener, reamer etc.

The best thing about a Swiss knife is that it comes in handy especially when one is travelling. So, if you are willing to buy one, go for those manufactured by either, Fein MultiMate, Dremel Multimax or Bosch. There are several leading brands that sell locking blades, tools for cutting wires, pliers etc.

Points to Note

-      Before you invest in multi-tools, make sure what your requirements are and accordingly select the type of blades. A variety of blades are available with a range of power and speed functions. While high power and high speed blades are always prescribed, if you don’t have very technical requirements, it is better to opt for the less powerful portable designs.

-      The common kinds of blades are course-toothed, that can easily cut green wood, hack saw used for cutting metal, fine-toothed for sawing wood and plastic and knife to chop off anything and everything starting from leather and meat to fine cloth etc.


-      Also, make sure that the blade patterns fit all types of models of multi-oscillating tools available in the market.

-      Try to purchase the latest models which include the universal replacement blades. These blades can fit into 30 different makes and models and helps in reducing your work and effort considerably. These tools also helps save time as the work can be executed in a short span of time.

Often buyers get baffled by the variety of blades and the varying price range. Prices are usually decided based on the quality and power of the blades. If you need a long-lasting blade, go for the top brands. It might be expensive, but it would be definitely be a worthy buy. Fein Accessories are usually priced higher as compared to others.

A market survey in such cases is the best way out. It helps you better understand the difference between the features of various blades.

Would you know if you’ve been the victim of credit card skimmer or fraud?

I was the victim of card fraud, you could be too...
One of the biggest factors in dealing with credit card skimmer or fraud is realising that you’ve been the victim of credit card fraud.
Every day thousands of people like me have their bank and credit card accounts violated, as 21st century technology allows criminals to get smarter and more devious all the time.

So if you think you’ve had your account tampered with or your card has been used without your permission what do you do next?
Recognise a fraud has taken place
Recognising that you’ve been the victim of credit card fraud is the first step. If you don’t realise someone else is using your credit card how can you report the fraud?
I always make a point of studying my credit card statements thoroughly as soon as they come through, making a mental note of all the transactions listed and highlighting ones that don’t spring to mind straight away or look suspicious. You don’t need to go overboard, just cast your eye over the amounts that have gone out and make sure you recognise what they were for.
Anything that you don’t recognise you should investigate thoroughly and double check.
Just the other day I was looking through one of my statements and noticed a transaction for some disposable contact lenses purchased in Durham. What alerted me to this item? Well one, I don’t wear contact lenses and two, I’ve never been to Durham. So this was a pretty good clue that my card details had been used by someone else.
What do you do next?
Before you go screaming fraud, you first need to ensure that the purchase wasn’t one which you authorised willingly or one that you made and forgot all about – for me with the contact lenses, definitely not the case.
If you’re pretty sure the transactions are fraudulent then you need to take action immediately.
After much brain wracking and convinced the transaction wasn’t mine, I decided to call my credit card company and report the alleged fraud.
I was asked to give them all the details of the transaction, the time and place it took place and the amount that was charged to my card.
They cancelled my card immediately and informed me that a replacement would be sent out straight away; with a new PIN to follow shortly after.
Then what happens
As for the money for the lenses I never ordered, I was told that the incident would be passed onto their fraud team and then a decision would be made regarding crediting my account for the lost funds.
I was also advised that if I wanted to pursue the issue I could fill out a police report; a decision I would have to make at a later date - but as soon as I reported the incident I knew that no further transactions could be made on that card.
The end result
Sure enough my account was credited with the money for my phantom purchase after a couple of weeks and the matter was never thought of again.
As for reporting the incident to the police, I chose not to. It was a minor inconvenience for me and I was refunded for my loss. The problem is though, another small incident that goes unreported means another small victory for the modern day fraudster and more victims in the future – another reason we should all check our credit card statements thoroughly.
Matthew Crist is a journalist, blogger and careful credit card user. He wrote this article in conjunction with Minnesota criminal law firm Rivers Law, who specialise in fraud.

3 Essential Features that Add Value to Travelers app

Travel apps have changed the way tourists interact with the world. Every aspect of travel has been touched by mobile apps – maps on the mobile give directions to the tourists and help them reach their destination, booking apps help them find tickets for transportation, and reservation apps make it easy for travelers to find accommodation at the last minute. Travelers app development is a broad category – there are all kinds of travel and tourism apps that help users accomplish a wide range of tasks.
But when you are building a general travel app, there are certain features that your target audience will appreciate. Here, we take a look at some features that a travel app can offer to its users.

  1. Map with Directions and Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Your app must help users find the location. Users are always taking help of maps for finding unknown locations. You can help them by adding details in the map and making it useful and interesting at the same time.

For instance, imagine a user who is using a map to get an idea of how to go from point A to point B. He will be bored if all you provide is directions, but by adding more information about the places on the way – restaurants, hospitals, medical stores, and gas stations – you can make it interesting for the user and generate some advertising revenue at the same time! This will make your map more useful than general map apps.
Lots of apps targeting tourists and travels give directions and highlight locations on the app. Navigation is an important feature, and you can make it more effective by including turn-by-turn directions. While most apps targeting travelers have a navigation feature, you can integrate customized voice navigation features to make your app seem special.

  1. Special Information about Restaurants and Gas Stations

My favorite feature, as I am a foodie and like to have varieties of food, is the one that show what restaurants are on the way. So, a person like me will specially like this feature where I can find information about restaurant and their dishes in quick menu. By making it possible for the travelers to view the menu of the restaurants, view reviews and submit reviews, the travel experience can be enriched.
Apart from food, the other important thing that travelers need is gas. By indicating gas stations on their way, you can make life easier for the travelers. You can add the details about nearest gas filling stations in a route and also note what other services – free air, cleaning, repair – are offered by at the gas station. In addition to this, you can also show up some details about garages on the way.

  1. Traffic Flow Information

No one wants to get stuck in a traffic jam. Information about the flow of traffic can be of great use to travelers. Detailed information regarding the traffic conditions, road conditions, weather or political emergencies can make a big difference to the travelling experience. There are many service providers that offer up-to-date information about traffic flow in different locations. By integrating this functionality in your app, you ensure that your target audience doesn’t have to go through a tough experience.
Place Information
# Bonus: Vital Miscellaneous Features
There are many apps out there that enable users to find cheap flights and hotel rooms. Travelers are adept at making the most of such services. By integrating your app with such services, or by making it easy for travelers to use your app to book tickets with your company or reserve rooms with hotels affiliated with your company, you can get leverage your travel apps to drive business.
Also, there are all kinds of problems that you face when you are traveling. Think of some problem that the travelers may face and offer a feature that makes their lives easier. For instance, a simple app like Detect Me that enables travelers to easily find their mobile when they are leaving a room or car can impress travelers. Such an app can let the users use any designated mobile to call and override the ‘Silent’ mode. So, adding a miscellaneous feature like this that lets travelers take care of everyday problems can make your app doubly useful.
Author Bio:

Nikhil Makwana
Nikhil Makwana is an Internet Marketer & Blogger at Cygnet Infotech. He is devoted to numerous business & Industry and Technologies innovation. Cygnet Infotech is providing software development services and solution for wireless application development. You can follow Nikhil at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest

How to Paint Cast Iron Radiators

Diy radiator-If you are stuck on how you can paint a cast iron radiator without ruining the features and the class of it then this article is a must read for you. Many of the older homes and buildings have cast iron radiators throughout, however over time with the constant heating and cooling of the radiators, the paint chips off and makes the radiators an eyesore. You can if done correctly restore them to their original beauty, this will take some time but in the end it is well worth the effort that you put in to do so.
You should plan to work early in the spring as you are going to have to turn off the heating for at least three months to allow the paint to settle on the radiators before you turn it back on again, the key is not to rush the process as it will look awful and it will be a waste of your time.
Cast Iron Radiators-Start removing the radiators by turning the gas off and taking the bolts out that are fastening it to the wall. Place a bowl or a dish under the valve in case any water starts to come out so that it doesn’t go all over the floor. Then take the radiator outside and tilt it on its side to remove any remaining water and debris, you may want to get a few people to help you move the radiator because they are very heavy.
Wipe down the radiator, front and back with a warm rag to get rid of any dirt and dust before you go to paint it. Then after you have done this scrap off any flaking bits with sandpaper or a wire brush. Then to get that smooth even finish sandblast all of the parts of the radiator to remove any stubborn paint or rust. Wear safety glasses when sandblasting to protect your eyes, you also need to sand the whole radiator so that there is a surface for the paint to grip onto. You don’t have to sandblast it just use some coarse sheets of sandpaper to get rid of the majority of the paint.
Again after you have done this wipe away all the debris that might mess up the job. Put down some newspaper if you haven’t already to catch the paint instead of going all over the floor even if it outside. Hold the spray paint can 12 to 18 inches away from the radiator and work on a single section at a time lightly covering it with paint as you go to get an even finish all around. This allows the paint to dry faster but always check with the manufacturer’s instructions on the drying time. To make sure that you have enough paint buy at least two or three cans of spray paint and you can always store them for touching up if you don’t use them all in one go.
After you have put one coat on and its dry keep going until you are happy with the finish, remembering to let it dry each time you finish.
Then after you have painted the radiator put it in a well-ventilated area until you can put them back onto the wall and make sure all coats have dried to touch. When this is complete you can then move it back into the house. Then it is basically just a case of repeating the steps that you did to take it off the wall to put it back on.
Author Bio:
Aidan is a keen writer who has a passion for radiators. He currently writes for the radiator works who have a selection of bespoke radiators and modern radiators.

5 Things To Consider When Using File Sharing to share files with others

When a company chooses to use to share files with others there are certain things they should keep in mind about the process and the technology behind it. There are both good points and bad points to using file sharing. Here are five things a company should consider in regards to file sharing.

  1. The Implementation of a Mechanism To Control File Share Users

Implementing a control mechanism is the best way to ensure that a company’s file sharing is safe and secure. This means setting up password protected access to file sharing services. Each employee gets their own user account with their own unique password. When sending file sharing links to employees, the links can be set to expire on a certain date. This means the people that need access to a file get it immediately can do so and others will not be able to use the link once the information in it is no longer relevant. Companies can set the time when the link expires; making it good for 24 hours from the time the link is downloaded by employees. Even if an unauthorized user finds the link they will not be able to see the information that link leads to because it will be protected by a password.

  1. Devise an effective strategy for file sharing

Company file sharing is only as effective as its strategy. An effective strategy for file sharing can make the difference between companies whose files are secure and one whose files are vulnerable to hackers and other dishonest people, including shady employees.

  1. Can a file sharing program work effectively with the business?

Before a company chooses to use file sharing, they need to determine whether or not it will work well with their business. In order for file sharing to be successful, each employee must understand how to use it. Many business productivity tools are compatible with file sharing programs such as Share File. Corporate emails can easily be organized using file sharing programs.

  1. Will the file sharing program a company uses be compliant?

Depending on the industry a company belongs to, some file sharing programs like Share File are compliant with legislation. For example, if a healthcare company uses a file sharing program it must be compliant with HIPPA and if an educational company or school uses file sharing it must be compliant with FERPA.

  1. Is file sharing safe for the business to use?

In some industries the information exchanged during file sharing is information that, according to the law, has to be kept confidential. To make sure this information is kept away from those not authorized to access it, business owners should use ShareFile.com by Citrix.
File sharing, if used correctly, can help just about every business to make their communications safer, more convenient and more efficient. Any file sharing program used by a company must be a high quality program that each employee can easily use and understand. File sharing is a powerful tool for companies.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Communications to an IP Phone System

If you run a business, then you will know the importance of keeping up with technology. Not everyone is going to do this, however, as it can sometimes be beneficial to remain with a specific type of technology. These days, however, it is important to understand just how vital communication is in the work place, as well as with your own clients. As a result of this, it is important to take a look at IP phone systems and how they can help your business. IP telephone systems are surprisingly useful and versatile, and will grant you a much better level of communication amongst both your employees and your clients. In Philadelphia IP telephone systems have already helped businesses in numerous ways, hence leading to a variety of reasons as to why you should consider using them.
Easy Installation
One of the first reasons that you should consider using an IP telephone system is that the whole process is not as complicated as you may think it is. A lot of businesses want to save time. While you will of course need to invest a certain amount of time in upgrading to IP phone systems, this is not going to be as long as you think it will be. In fact, IP systems are so easy to install that you will be able to have everything up and running in no time at all, giving you more time to focus on increasing your productivity.
The cost of IP systems, especially when it comes to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is going to make you consider this even more. IP systems do not actually cost that much, since they are already going to be running on a better network. Businesses want to ensure that they have an effective means of communication but still want to save money, and this is one of the best ways of ensuring that this happens.
No More Wired Phones
Even though you will be using an IP telephone, you are still going to be able to connect with traditional telephones. Overall, this can make things easier for you and therefore allow you to enjoy a much more cost-effective and efficient system.
This is one of the main reasons that IP systems are preferred. An IP system is going to be using your Internet network, and therefore upgrading it is quite easy. Small businesses may start off with one specific IP system, but over time they are going to consider growing, especially as operations grow. As a result, your system needs to be flexible and grow with you. Scalability is what an IP system can offer you, so make sure to consider this.
Easy to Use
This is something that all of your staff are going to be happy about. VoIP systems are quite easy to use and can be installed on all computers. This is going to mean that communication throughout the office will be made easier as well, increasing overall productivity in business.
Mariam Thomas emphasizes the need and advantage of IP phone systems for business communications to improve the productivity.