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How to choose the best antivirus software for your PC?

With the spreading of virus and malware on the Internet, you may suddenly find that your files deleted, your personal information lost or your software corrupted without your permissions. Now, there are four methods to guard your PC against viruses, cloud-based antivirus, firewalls, on-line scanners and antivirus software. Malware is evolving faster than ever, so it's reassuring to discover that the latest generation of antivirus is better equipped to handle this rapid pace of change. While, we can see that there are many vendors who produce anti-virus software, and deciding which one to choose can be confusing,so what are the best antivirus softwares?
 best antivirus software for your PC
In general, antivirus software works in two forms: automatic scans and manual scans. Most of the software allows users to configure it to automatically scan specific files or directories and prompt users at set intervals to perform complete scans. It is also recommended to manually scan files you receive from an outside source before opening them. Though their functions are similar, there are some aspects we should take into consideration in order to choose the best antivirus software for your PC.
The first thing you have to think about is your operation system. Different antivirus software works for different OS. Make sure your antivirus software version isn't lower than your OS. Meanwhile, if you are really concerned about security and you are still running Windows 7, you can consider upgrading your antivirus software to the version for Windows 8. Unlike the choice of other software, say, the password recovery tools which may work well Windows 2008 password recovery may be useless for Windows 8 password reset. It is supposed that Windows 8 anti-virus software may be more powerful than that for Windows 7.
The next step is to check the major certifications and testing agencies to see how the antivirus scanners fare. Agencies include VB100%, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, Checkmark, ICSA Labs, and NSS Labs. Any reliable antivirus scanner should be listed by most of these antivirus testing agencies. Besides, the price of the software matters. There is a misunderstanding that commercial tools are more powerful than free ones. Actually, we can also find many useful free tools to satisfy our daily demands.
Besides, for different users, their requirements may differ a lot. Some may used the PC mostly for Internet surfing, and others may for games, videos or stocks. For example, a gamer will appreciate antivirus software that recognizes when games or media are being played and suppresses any non-essential alerts or activities. This year, some AV packages come with tie-ins to so-called cloud services, in which fresh information on new threats pushes down from the vendor's web servers to your PC. If you need to use your PC for some confidential works, you can consider choosing this kind of antivirus tools.
In fact, there are other factors can be taken as your basis. For some users, especially some computer newbie, they may also count on antivirus software to be easy to install and use. And when you examine help and support, make sure whether you need 24/7 access to technical support or whether you can make do with fewer hours.
Mike Leo is an edtior writing on Windows software including password reset software, antivitus software, and any other software needed to secure Windows operation systems. He is now living in Washington and also runs a small publishing house with his friend.

Different types Of Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair

About Different types Of Computer Troubleshooting and Repair

Troubleshooting computer problems and solutions
Being patient is crucial when computer  Hardware  troubleshooting issues starts creeping in the system. Getting frustrated or not taking notes can prolong the process of troubleshooting considerably. While starting, be careful about the things that might have changed. As the things, which have changed, might be the part of the fundamental issues so be attentive.Here is computer troubleshooting and maintenance tutorial
Before restarting the PC, be certain to note down any error notifications. Also, observe the programs running at that time. If the notification is in a windows box, clicking Details can suggest additional information.
Different types Of Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair
Methods of Different types of troubleshooting in computer
One of the most basic types of troubleshooting in computer methods is to carry out a simple restart of the system. One should switch off windows totally, until the PC is entirely turned off. Then one should wait for few seconds or so and then one should switch the PC back on. If there is a printer connected to the PC, it is suggested that the switch these devices off at the same time that one should switch off the computer. In most cases, one would wish to switch on this machine again before one turn the PC back on.
One should also check that whether there is any issue, which is causing the issue to repeat itself. As one, utilize the procedure of removal to locate the issue and verify to see that the issue still exist each step of the way. If the issue is expected and repeatable, it will make troubleshooting much smoother. Accidental issues are very hard to troubleshoot. One should pay heed to the actions of users and treatment outlines in troubleshooting problems. The most significant question is what changed before the issues exhibiting it.

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Power supply issues
If the PC does not switch on, it possibly has a problem with the power supply. One should also check the outlet that the PC is plugged into by inserting a different machine into the same outlet. If it is on a power strip, one should also ensure any error has been reorganized. There is characteristically a switch or button to reset a power strip from a power condition. If the outlet tests out OK and one do not hear anything spinning inside the PC when you turn it on, the power supply has possibly gone bad. This part can be restored by an eligible technician.
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Beeps issues
When one starts the PC, it will carry out a power on self-test .If there are any clear hardware problems, an error code will be shown and a sound of beep may come from the system speaker. The number/length of beeps and error codes will differ based on the exact issue. For example, an issue related with memory will often display a 201: Memory Error.
When the PC produces a series of bleeps when computer starts, that shows a hardware matter. The system is competent of spotting hardware issues and issuing the error sound. The outline and extent of beeping sound will differ by BIOS maker and hardware part.
VIDEOS-Methods of Different types of troubleshooting in computer

How a touch screen computer can benefit the whole family

Touch screens are one of the newest innovations in computing. People are divided as to whether they prefer a touch screen on their PC or not, but evidence suggests that if this is a route you're interested in then touch screens can benefit the whole family, at home, in work and educationally.so know How a touch screen computer can benefit the whole family
At work
Once you've played with them for a few minutes most people find that using a touchscreen is far more intuitive and natural than using a mouse and keyboard. Even those who think they're stuck in their ways find it an easy way to use technology and with ease of use comes higher productivity. Training times are also reduced since people grasp the technology much more quickly. A recent study showed that with the time gained from not having to translate your hand and mouse movements to the screen up to 20% of your time can be saved. If using your fingers at work is just too strange then a stylus system can add a level of precision, even translating your handwriting into type, which is great for people who learnt to type later in life who may write faster.
Around the home
One key advantage of a touch screen PC can be particularly useful in small homes. With no keyboard and mouse needed for most things those bits can be left off altogether or put in a drawer. The whole thing takes up much less space on a desk or table. If you have a look on various technology sites you'll be able to see the measurements and find out how much room you might save, especially if you choose one that can be wall mounted. Touch screens are also fairly durable, making them suitable for use for the whole family for many hours over its lifespan.

Educational advantage

Children pick up new technologies faster than us adults do, thanks to the way their brains work. It's amazing to watch a toddler play a sorting game on a touch screen or a pre-schooler learn letters via one and since studies show that physically writing helps you to learn better than typing does, the range of programs that allow you to do just that on the computer might just help your teenager to study more effectively. The touch screen is used more intuitively than a keyboard and shortcuts, allowing the kids to get on with learning and be part of the experience in a more immediate manner.
Although the technology behind the touch screen was available much earlier, in the 1970s, most people became aware of it only after the Nintendo DS in 2004 or the first iPhone in 2007 popularised the idea. Since it's relatively new to many people the benefits of the touch screen PC are only just starting to become fully realised and there's still much more to be discovered. What is clear is that they're here to stay and the advantages to the whole family can be huge.
Gavin writes regularly about computers for a variety of tech blogs and websites. He uses sites like www.distec.co.uk to keep up to date with the regular changes in the market. In his spare time he plays computer games and goes climbing. 

Office 2010 Upgrade And Its Impact On the Working

When any task is assigned would requiring working on the Office 2010 upgrade , the instant reach is towards installation of media. Due to its ubiquity, Office updates come with a far superior prospect to affect the organization's efficiency than other things. One of the main techniques to affect the total efficiency of the business is through proper pattern maintenance. Though it might seem quite an attractive job from a distance, in reality it is far away from glamorous, and in many businesses, it needs a great dose of bargaining or negotiation skills to get all of the parties on the same page.
Various sorts of templates
However, most of the people must be aware that Office has long incorporated the functionality to help in separating template folders inside each of the main claims such as Excel or word etc. The initial and general templates folder is the person’s personal templates folder, which is already situated within their user profile. There is also a Workgroup Template folder on hand. Besides, Patterns within the Workgroup Template folder are exhibited to all users of the device with any private templates they might have. Then, the view is "merged" so there is no difference between person or workgroup patterns.
Streamlining of templates
Moreover, take the time and work with the user area to recognize the general templates utilized all through the company. Gather and supervise these templates so they can be simply found and incorporated in a workgroup template position. In addition, also take the time to recognize templates that are still required. In an ideal world, every ordinary form would have a corresponding template. This procedure will not be rapid or simple, so it creates a far better situation to start than with any of the other expertise parts.
Ways of utilization
After gathering the templates, decide how they should be controlled and circulated in to the society in general. Regardless of whether one chooses to apply business unit-based allocation of templates or not, placing a copy of the suitable templates locally on every PC. This makes sustaining cell phone customers much easier as their corporation patterns exist in spite of whether they are online or not. It also makes transferring sites much easier. While the site is simply restricted, one has little power over when the devices actually renew their strategy, particularly if they are off site often.
Copy steps
Besides, there are many alternatives for keeping machine templates current, but most of them should have incremental copy usefulness at the core of their procedure. If one settles on exercising that incremental copy, then one need to ensure that they utilize the MIR option to ensure that it clears out deleted templates as well as copying updated ones. One might require having a few copy steps in the procedure. First step should copy any general pattern.  A second step should copy any business unit/department definite pattern.  Lastly, a third step to clear out any pattern that should not be publicized to the current user. If one favors, they can also utilize file system consents to manage what pattern persons can see or use, but then whatever allocation technique one utilize will have to hold up running tasks as a user other than the logged in user.

Tech QnA

technology quiz questions and answers about computers 
Q-I run small social projects and at times need to do a conference call with nine to ten people.The way we do is rater crude and i wanted to know if there is free service possible that can help me to do  a conference call with nine to ten people in a professional manner?
-Smith (UK)
Ans-Conference call and dial-in-calling are traditionally a corporate thing  but still lot of projects and institutes ,students groups use this services albeit with limited functionality.
so i request you to check out www.sabsebolo.com which allows you have upto 0 participants on a call.
Its very easy to use and follow steps on website guide.They have local dial -in-numbers in Delhi,Mumbai,Banglore,Chennai,Hyderabad,Kolkata and Mumbai.
You generate 7-digit id that you share with your team and they call in you or people in conference.The negative part is that the website displays advertiserments ,but still you get free  Conference call .