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CRM for Windows vs MAC– The Top 5 Differences

There are many different platforms of CRM that can be used on computers today. Each of these platforms can be used with relevant types of operating systems. There are certain CRM applications that are suitable for Windows while there are those that are suitable for Mac computers. There are five major differences between CRM for windows vs mac .
1. No Cross-Overs!
To begin with, a computer that has Windows will only run applications that are suitable for only windows while a computer that uses Mac will have applications that are suitable for Mac only. Several companies that make applications and software are aware of this issue and they often create their software knowing that there are different kinds of operating system. CRM for Windows will not work on a machine that uses Mac because the machine will require CRM for Mac. There can be one cross over software packages that can be used for both.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line advantages and disadvantages for business

About Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL broadband) connection-



It is well known that ADSL portrays a difference in its upload speed and download speed. Although it has higher download speeds, it is a bit of a downer in terms of upload speed.
But how significantly can it really affect your business process? Not a whole lot. If you’re prime use of the internet is to browse, download mail, pictures, files and the likes, software updates, etc. then the upload speed is not really much of a concern. If however, you use the internet to reach customers and to operate external processes then the lag could be a bit of a problem. But it is nothing that cannot be fixed with a few tweaks here and there.
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line advantages and disadvantages
 Find Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL advantages and disadvantages for business  
ADSL bonding holds the answer to this little impediment. ADSL modems are much faster than regular, other alternative modems. This process enables you to take more than 5 connection lines and constrict them all into one bigger main internet server.
How fast is ADSL internet?
To understand the exact estimate of how your speed can accelerate by there is a simple formula. Note down the actual speed per connection and simply multiply it by the amount of lines you wish to bond together. So say for example, you have 3 lines with an average speed of 5mbps, you get an all round total of a solid 15mbps of download speed. You can initially start off by adding 2 or 3 lines and then gradually move onto more lines as and when you business demands require it.
With this range of download speed at your disposal, you can now broaden your business reaches through the internet. Through this, you can even establish a cost effective virtual private network, which can enable you to share faster data between offices and other branches.
It acts as immediate mode of data communication, without a noticeable delay between message and input relays. It not only saves big on money, but also is highly convenient for both ends of the organization. Companies such as business fastweb, Telstra, zytrax, etc. provide these options at a very nominal and considerably economical cost to the client. ADSL bonding also has another feature; you can make changes to your website and add on or lose email accounts at your will. This can be done by operating the domains in your own demilitarized zone (DMZ).
The years to come are all set to experience an incredible development in the ADSL. This improvement will first and foremost arise as telephone companies and other alternative service providers approach and determine new markets, and also procure data in many solid formats such as multimedia, video and browsing.
Even though professionals in terms of data communications technology are convinced that the latest and modern broadband cabling will take years and years on end to get to all potential subscribers, there are rays of hope that the progression may occur much sooner than expected. The rate at which technological advancements are growing, there is no telling what breakthrough communicative mode might emerge in the market next. Subscribers need to be ahead of the game so that they don’t fall behind.

Connecting an Adsl asymmetric digital subscriber line broadband router


How to detect keylogger -Keylogger removal guide

How to Know Your Computer Has Key loggers and to how to detect keylogger
Safety issues on the internet are rampant and there seems to be an increase in malware and spyware attacks over the last few years. With such advanced software whatever one does seems to fall short. The reason for this is that asides from just installing an antivirus on your system, you need to actively keep an eye on your system for any changes or strange incidents that might signal a security or privacy breach.
In order to be able to do that, one must first have an awareness of what to look out for. The internet is full of all sorts of bugs, viruses, Trojans, and spyware but perhaps the most dreaded and most difficult to protect against is a keylogger. This is a kind of computer monitoring and spyware software which can get a hold of anything and everything that happens on your system.
The keylogger’s function is to record and archive keystrokes, the physical strokes, whatever they may be, that take place on your computer. In this way, all the information you type is up for grabs. This includes all the private conversations that take place (regardless of the forum), your usernames, passwords, and encryption keys as well as your website and search history. Of course, no one wants such software on their system and here are some ways to figure out whether your computer is infected or not.
1.       Check Your Task List. Whenever there is a software program operating on your system, it should get registered in your task list. To check this, all you need to do is press ctrl+alt+del and the task list will come up. Look through all the tasks to see if there is something processing without your authorization. Even if something looks fishy, check it out further by asking someone or searching online to see what the task is for.
how to detect keylogger
2.       Check Startup Tasks. A keylogger is supposed to record every individual stroke, and hence is usually launched when the system starts. To check whether any program has launched at startup, use the system configuration tool. After typing ‘misconfig’ in the box, take a look at all the programs that were launched. If something strange comes up it may be a keylogger and so you should investigate it further.  
3.       Check Hard Disk. After looking through your startup and general task lists, you need to check your hard disk. A keylogger archives keystrokes and saves them on the system to forward later. In your hard disk, if there is a presence of files which are updating themselves regularly then these may be log files. Access them and you’ll be able to figure out if they truly are evidence of keyloggers.
4.       Use Anti-Virus. Sometimes an anti-virus program can also detect keylogger presence. This is usually when the keylogger is more advanced and has multiple purposes or is a part of a larger virus or program. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to update and run a good anti-virus.
5.Use Anti-Keylogger. If you have reason to believe that you are more susceptible to keylogger threat, then it’s a good idea to get an anti-keylogger program for your computer. There are a lot of options available online and the pricing varies too. Some recommended programs are Spybot S&D which checks for popular keylogger programs.
Author Bio: Jessica works for MobiStealth and writes helpful tips for the average computer user. Her articles are direct and always aim at making the most tech-phobic individual feel at home when using computer systems. You can follow her @jcarol429.

Mobile apps grapple Centre Stage in People’s Lives

Mobile Apps Have Grabbed Centre Stage in People’s Lives
Mobile Applications have become common talk nowadays. It won’t be wrong to say that most people are obsessed with mobile applications. It has become practically impossible to while away your time without being on an application like Whatsapp or Skype.
“What is the lure of these mobile applications?” you would wonder. When you can simply send an SMS to your friend, loved one, or acquaintance, why Whatsapp? Is it that you can message so many people at a time through Whatsapp? Is it an overall design or amazing graphics? Or is it a pleasurable chatting experience full of rich smileys and other emoticons that attracts people? Well, all this matters, and these features definitely make mobile applications like Whatsapp and others preferable over the basic mobile features.
Mobile applications score over web applications even when they have basically the same design for a particular application. You can use a mobile application anywhere on the go, whereas for web applications, you need a desktop or a laptop, lots of space either at home or office or other stable place, lots of wiring and connection, and a source of electricity. With mobile apps, you save yourself from all these hassles that almost seem like a burden for the leisure-loving people.
You have a greater degree of privacy when you browse through or play with mobile apps than when you handle web applications.
Mobile application development is increasing by leaps and bounds. Traditional Web users (PC/Laptop users) are fast declining, and the numbers of mobile users who also use newer applications is on rise. Nobody wants to own anything lesser or less smarter than an Android, iphone, or any other Smartphone. If you do, it’s is like living in ancient times.
If you own a website aimed at business promotion and sales, and you wish to have its presence in the mobile internet domain, make sure you build a mobile web design UK that possesses all successful features. Building a web app that suits your specific business needs and represents your business image and style is sure to be a successful one.
You must keep in mind that business apps must be serious, whereas those meant for gaming and entertainment can be full of frills. Mobile apps have great entertainment value; most people whereas idle or busy will be found playing with their mobile apps in whatever free time they can grab. So, making a mobile app for fun purpose is in super demand in the industry.
A well-built application that is free of flaws is the requirement of the mobile development industry. There is too much competition amongst smart phone makers, and users look out for applications that are easy to use, have no technical glitches, and can be operated smoothly. You cannot afford to make less-than-perfect mobile applications if you are an app developer. Errors encountered in mobile apps meant for business purpose renders a bad image to the business, making them lose face in the front of clients.
Industry is replete with highly skilled mobile app developers uk that can practically transform any idea into an award-winning and highly popular mobile application. Whether it’s weight loss tracker, calorie counter, geographical tracking of contacts stored within the mobile, job search, cafe search, Google maps, or any other facility, now you get them all in your smart phones.
An age has almost come where anything can be transformed into a mobile application. So, if you spot a problem area in your life, and you think that it can be made better through a mobile application, never hesitate to convey that idea to a mobile application developer. He is sure to transform your dreams into reality.

Smartphone buyers guide this new year engadget for Newbies

Smartphone buyers guide this new year for Newbies

Smartphones are becoming so advanced to the point that people are replacing numerous older gadgets with a smartphone.
modern smartphone can do all the essential things that media players, digital cameras, camcorders, voice recorders and standard cell phones can do. Some people even use their smartphones more than their own laptops for checking their favorite websites on the Internet.
Smartphone buyers guide
If you are hoping to simplify your lifestyle by bringing just a single device, the smartphone is gadget to get. However, with so many companies fighting for market share, choosing the perfect smartphone can be tricky.
Here’s is a simple smartphone buying guide that should point you to the right phone for your budget.
Find Out Your Preferred Form Factor Smartphones come in all sorts of different sizes and form factors. Understand that there is no perfect form factor for everyone because each form factor has its own pros and cons. For instance, you can opt for a 5-inch smartphone, which is great for watching movies, browsing websites and playing games but one-handed operation could be a no go depending on the size of your hand.
Smaller smartphones may be lighter and more ergonomic but sacrifices in battery life might be made depending on the thickness of the phone. Simply viewing a bunch of phones online and reading reviews isn’t enough. It is best to go to a local shop selling smartphones or preferably your carrier if you plan to get a subsidized plan so you can get a hands-on with various smartphones.
Knowing your preferred form factor should narrow down your list of smartphone choices significantly especially if you are locked to a carrier. Don’t forget about the build quality too as there are some light phones that are cheaply designed and can break easily after a single drop.
Identify the Things You Plan on Doing with your  smartphone buyers guide this new year

Since a smartphone can do so many things, you need to figure out what features matter the most. This is where online 
research can be more beneficial as there are so many models to consider especially if you are looking for a 4-inch smartphone.
For instance, if you want a smartphone that is capable of playing games, you may need a high-end model with a dual-core or quad-core processor. It is even better if it has an SD memory card slot so you have available space for games and more.If photography is very important, you have to go as far as finding camera samples of any prospective smartphones you have in mind. Dont just judge the phone’s camera capabilities by the marketing hype and megapixel count alone.
Even if you have the budget for a flagship smartphone, you still have to take operating systems into consideration. Are you more into customization or user friendliness? What smartphone applications are most important for you? These questions can be answered if you search for video reviews of good smartphones. Video reviews are important because they normally take you through a lengthy tour of the device where you can learn how various smartphone operating systems function.
Other Things to Consider

If you are not signed up with a carrier yet and you plan to do so, be sure to look at all the available options because certain
carriers may offer better plans for the smartphone you like.
If you are frequently travelling, you might want to base your smartphone choice on the availability of compatible accessories. For instance, some phones support wireless charging while .others have a wider ecosystem of docks, cases and other accessories that may aid in your traveling.
Once you have narrowed your selection down to 2 or 3 devices, look up more in-depth reviews of each from critics and
customers alike so you can make the best decision.
Jack Jones is author of this article and blogs at his own site New 1000 AD

Web Content Syndication In Marketing And Lead Generation Terms

Web content syndication used to mean simply delivering articles and press releases to submission sites, which would generate links for the client according to the keywords enshrined within target web pages.
This is no longer really the case.Since, Google’s game-changing updates throughout 2012 mean the ways in which online marketing is done have had to change beyond recognition.
Now, web content syndication refers not to keywords, nor yet to articles created with no genuine informational purpose, but refers instead to properly researched pieces of work through which the target audience is given something genuinely interesting to read.

Web Content Syndication

The overall purpose of this content is still to transform readers into cust
omers but now the emphasis is on creating trust and engagement rather than simply driving people to a web page and hoping that the design of that page will do the rest.
In terms of lead generation, for example, web content syndication is used to turn sales leads into definite sales prospects. Whitepapers, guides and other thought leadership pieces on how to perform certain common tasks or overcome pain points might be sent out promoted.
If the information engages, the target might then respond directly to it.Normally, by filling out a survey or questionnaire or by replying with a click, where directed, with information about his or her own.
At this point, the target is thought to have changed from a sales lead into a sales prospect. He or she is proving that they have an active engagement with information directly related to the product or service area in which the client marketer is working. The bait is set on the hook, the fish is circling and it is now up to the marketer to bring it in.
The act of engagement with this kind of information is seen in much the same way as a double agreement (normally, referred to as a double opt-in) through email or website sign up.

A double agreement happens when a primary action sets the actor up for inclusion in a database and a secondary action confirms that this was, in fact, his or her true intention.
The most common format for the double agreement runs as follows. A decision maker within a business makes a purchase or signs up to a useful site and by completing either purchase or sign-up, implicitly or actively agrees to be sent relevant future information.
He or she is then sent an email to the email address that he or she has provided asking him or her to confirm that he or she wishes this action to complete.
Web Content Syndication In MarketingThe act of confirming, usually by clicking on a link within the confirmation email, activates the process that will see his or her contact details end up in a database of sales leads.
It must, of course, be noted that some signups require a confirmation link to be clicked before the service originally required is also activated. In these cases, the double acceptance loses its virtue.

Embedding Your Site with Chatwing Chat Widget in Easy way

Embedding Your Site with Chatwing Chat Widget in as Easy as 1, 2, 3 ,so follow below steps to how to include chat in a website
If you want a chat widget that not only compliments your site in terms of communicating with your readers, but also in giving them ease and comfort while browsing your site, then look nowhere else. Chatwing chat widget has all the grounds covered. The widget is simple enough for you to embed it in your site in seconds by yourself. Here’s how you’re going to do it.Register
First things first – register at www.chatwing.com. All you need is to type in your e-mail and your desired password and agreeing on the terms of service tab. After that, you’re all set to go in making your own chat widget.

Chatwing Chat Widget

Using the Dashboard
This is where you’ll create your very first chat box. Since you’re using it for the first time, you’ll have to click on the “Create chatbox” button. Afterwards, you’ll be redirected towards the customization page wherein you’ll modify your soon-to-be chat box to your hearts content.
Make Your Chat Box Unique
There are two options for this part. But it will be better if your start customizing using the basic mode. It’s not as complex and you can finish your chat box in no time. You can customize the fonts’ style, size and color on this setting.
There are also other options such as which log-in methods are you going to use. You can limit your chatters to log-in using a certain social media account like Facebook or give them freedom to choose what account to use from four different social media networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google. They can even simultaneously log-in using those four accounts at the same time or allow them to sign in anonymously as guests.
You can also change the name of your chat box so you can identify it easily in case you’re planning on making more. Lastly, you can also put on a vanity URL to make it easier for everyone to get to your chat box.
Choosing the advanced setting however, will show same options in basic mode with the addition of more in-depth customizations of your chat box. These include:
• Additional background colors in your chat box and Font options
• Icon Colors (like the Admin Button, etc.)
• Background Images (Choose from 1000 different images or from a URL link.)
• MP3 Background Music
• Choosing Moderators (They get the same controls as the Administrator.)
• Word Filter
• Blacklist
You can see the changes you made by clicking on the preview panel on the right side of the page. All in all, these options will make your chat box more than just a simple chatting tool.
After saving the settings and changes you made on your chat box, it’s time to put in into action. Click on the “USE” button on the topmost part of the customization page. It should be between the “SAVE” and “DASHBOARD” buttons. After clicking on it you’ll be redirected again to another page.
From this page you can freely choose what your chat box is going to be – in a separate window, embed it in your web page as a chat box, or embed it as a pop-up window. Click on the “Embedded Options” panel and look for the code below it.
You can freely modify how big or wide your chat software is going to be by scrolling the height and weight bars. After deciding the proper size of your chat box you can finally put it in your website by simply copying the code and embedding it in your site.
A piece of cake isn’t it? By doing those easy steps you can have a tool that can greatly support your site and your readers at the same time. Chatwing chat widget will greatly help you in gathering web traffic and at the same time livening up the atmosphere in your website through conversations with others.
Visit Chatwing @ https://chatwing.com

How to build white hat backlinks fast

Read How to build white hat backlinks fast

Are you searching Google to get to the first page of search engines ,but stiil you have found no success hmmm………
Dont worry now we have found super fast ways to how to build white hat backlinks without paying any services .
Its true that getting fast backlinks without doing any black hat seo technique is now possible by below steps
white hatso follow the steps to do white hat seo for fast backlinks today Steps To Test Your Website And Get A Backlink


1 Below are list of website which will get us fast backlinks


2. You have TO Copy them and paste in a notepad, replace the “yourdomain.com” to your website URL.


For my website Ill replace the “yourdomain.com” to my website URL i.e share-ask.com
so ill get the above list of website replaced by my website URL which is shown below


4. Inorder to save time try URLOpener.com, in which you have to copy above website list replace the
“yourdomain.com” to your website URL.

When you press submit in URLOpener.com after above step all the websites will be opened in a new
tab automatically and thus getting all backlinks within minutes

New tricks to build white hat backlinks


How to build white hat backlinks

Google nexus 7 specifications

Things that impress in Google nexus 7 specifications are-
A lot actually .
Top speed
It has top speed 1.3GHz quad core processor and 1GB RAM which it offfers in comparatively cheap prices toth e other top brands like Apple,samsung,Amazon,etc.
Best Display-
It supports advanced Display with 7-inch IPS LCD screen with resolution of 1280 by 800 and  216 PPI density.
Hi Fi Network –
You can access Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth,near field communication and battery life of around 0 hours .
Ease of Entertainment
Games looks amazing ,movies plays well and all other Entertainment addons are easily manageable..
New Features
The notification panel now dispaly an incredible amount of new information and also bring in more wide amonut of new information and also brings more interaction and user friendly features,plus the number of customisable icons at the task bar has now been added to seven.
The default browser which is google chrome is inbuilt with fanatastic google apps .Play magazine is type of google apps which is more intuitive way to read digital versions of magazines.
Google maps has compassion mode which is made compatible to be on portable tablet.The voice dictation apps and commands now work offline and are even more accurate .
Things Not To Like
Not too much to hate in Nexus 7.The big negative is Nexus 7 has limited space with maximum up to 16GB with no slots or way to expand card or drives.This flaw limits its use to large storage users.
Also it has Wi-Fi only device hence even if you have 3G or 4G connection you cant use in Nexus 7.This isnt big deal as most people will be fairly happy to use this Wi-Fi environment or use phone with 3G or 4G personal hotspot connected to this when on move.
Our Advice
Even if there are many tablets with most superior features compared to Nexus 7 ,but its advatage is that  Nexus 7 beats them with lowest price to offer you service

How warehouse software could improve your business

In an era where businesses are looking to reduce costs and increase profits, each arm of a business needs to be streamlined. A firm’s warehouse is no different; manual checks can only take efficiency, consistency and quality control so far.
As a result, many firms are using warehouse management software to automate many of the tasks found in a warehouse environment, such as order processing and fulfilment. In addition, warehouse software has the potential to reduce labour, error and inventory costs as well as make the most of a warehouse’s space.
With that in mind, what are some of the biggest benefits of warehouse management software?
Labour costs
By centralising warehouse tasks, warehouse management software can help businesses save on labour costs; commonly known as one of the largest parts of a warehouse’s operating expenses. For example, software ensures picking is automatically directed electronically, reducing the time spent searching for items on a warehouse shelf.
Many warehouses still use paper-based processes for picking and shipping information; a time-consuming and error-laden venture. However automated data-gathering with hand-held scanners, bar-code readers and more can help to reduce errors and make your warehouse more efficient.
Accuracy is a factor of incredible importance, especially when an increasing number of warehouses and distribution centres are being used thanks to the rise of ecommerce. With manual data entry comes errors; it’s just the nature of the beast. However, if data is transferred electronically, the opportunity for errors is significantly reduced.
As a result, order cycle times and dock-to-stock cycle times will go down while shipping accuracy rates, pick accuracy rates, order fulfilment accuracy and order rates are likely to go up.
Consistency is also a big factor in streamlining warehouse efficiency. With warehouse software, everyone has to handle the inventory in the same way, which leads to consistency in record keeping and ease of worker management. It also helps during transition periods such as the hiring of a new warehouse manager.
Warehouse software is also integral to managing the warehouse as a whole. Software helps firms respond faster to the demands of their customers and the market as a whole, increasing customer satisfaction. For instance, central software can help managers decide which products need to be ordered in larger quantities, which items need to be reduced in quantity, which month produces the most orders and more. By producing these figures, warehouses can forecast the need (or lack of need) for items in the future, thus maximising profitability.
Having the right products in stock for customers and being able to ship them quickly is the key to customer satisfaction; something warehouse software is instrumental in delivering.
The advantages of using warehouse management software are numerous. As well as improving overall business operations and profitability, warehouse management software can improve decision-making, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction. What’s not to like?
About the author:
Written by Logistex (www.logistex.com). We are warehouse technology specialists.