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Reasons to Sell Your Old Cell Phone Online

If you have recently purchased a new phone, you may be wondering what you should do with your old one. Some people will just discard their handset into a drawer and forget about it. Others may give their old phone to a relative. And others yet will sell their phone to the local pawn shop. But, have you ever considered selling your old mobile online?
There are many reasons why you should consider going down the online route when it comes to selling cell phone. First of all, you are likely to get a better price online than if you were to sell your phone to your local pawn shop or similar type store. This is usually because these stores want to make the most from the sale of your old phone as possible, so they will give you the absolute minimum they can - sometimes this can even just be pennies.

Reasons to Sell Your Old Cell Phone Online

And, if your phone happens to be damaged in any way, the likelihood is, they will not take it off your hands, as they will not be able to sell it on, or they would first need to have the item repaired before they could make the sale. There is nothing worse than passing the window of that shop later in the week, and seeing your old cell phone on the shelves for sale, at a price 4 or 5 times more than the shop actually gave you to buy it.
So, there are plenty of reasons to go down the online route to sell your old cell phone. First of all, even if your old mobile phone is damaged, you will be able to sell it quite easily online. Usually, it is as easy as searching the make on the site you have chosen to sell your phone on. From there, you can choose the model and condition of the phone, and be given an instant quote there and then.
Even a damaged phone can be sold online, and usually for a lot better price than the local pawn could offer. There is also the environmental factors to be considered. Even if your phone is damaged, and cannot be used functionally, there are still going to be functional parts in your phone, such as battery packs, micro chips, memory cards etc, and all of these components can be stripped away and given a new lease of life in another handset, somewhere else in the world. This is another greater reason to sell on your phone, even if it's damaged, rather than throwing it in a drawer or into the refuse.
And what’s better is, if you decide to sell, sending the phone off to the company is Freepost in many cases, so it will actually cost you nothing! Just another reason why it is a great idea to sell your phone online. There are many pros & very few cons involved in making that sale online. It couldn’t be easier.

Telephone callRecorder

Businesses can benefit from callrecorder for numerous reasons.
When dealing with a large amount of business it is crucial that you have some record of it. Call recording is also important to record conversation with brokers and banks. It used to be only call centres that used this equipment. However, the benefits of using call recording are becoming too obvious to ignore that businesses of all sizes are starting to use them.

Recording phone calls is important to companies for two main reasons:

  • Develop after-sales service
  • Record dealings of worth

Both reasons will be detailed below. However, there are always secondary benefits to using call recording, no matter what your main reason is. For example, if you have a dispute with a client you have the recording of the phone call to check, while others can use it see the exact details of the business that was agreed. Also, all premium rate services and some financial institutions are required by law to record their phone calls.
Improving Customer Service
Your company’s profits, margin and revenue can be affected by your staff. By using call recording you can see how effective each staff member is in dealing with your clients. The phone is often the only way a customer can communicate with some companies. So it is important that your business knows how to deal with customers correctly over the phone.
It can be very beneficial to record telephone calls for the positive development of your company in many situations. For example, one employee may be better at getting customers to buy more and this conversation can then be replayed to other workers for training purposes. Closing sales and up-selling are both tricky things in a sales environment and playing back successful examples of these can help other employees. So the customers’ services team can benefit from sharing the calls in a customer service environment.
The company and the employee will benefit from higher sales margins. Staff will want to improve their sales rate as most companies offer commission in return for closed sales. Supervisors can also listen to calls to tell staff how they can improve their service. It can also be used to review employee performance.
Getting new employees on the phones as quickly as possible is also important to any business. So by playing them some recordings they will get an idea of how to go about their new job.
If you are planning to implement call recording to your business, it may deter employees from taking numerous personal calls. However, it is important to notify why exactly you are introducing call recording. However, staff do require some privacy and respect at work and may need to take the odd personal call. The investment in call recording may see employees increase their productivity and that may be reason enough for you. Undoubtedly your staff will change their behaviour when they know they are being recorded. They may even think that you’re being Big Brother by recording telephone calls.
Record Telephone Conversations for Home or Business
Our credit cards are often used over the phone to place orders for goods and services, whether this is for business or personal use. The phone is often used for transactions of high-value, whether we appreciate it or not.
Here are some reasons for wanting conversations to be recalled:
Confirmation – You can listen back to calls to ensure you didn’t miss anything on the original conversation. When you’re engaged in a conversation it can be difficult to take notes and easy to forget some of the exact details. Therefore, before you document an arrangement you can over the detail before putting it in writing.
Dispute Resolution – If an error is being made often, you can sort it before it becomes a problem by identifying the issue quickly through call recording. The principal of the customer is always right doesn’t always ring true for most companies and can often lead to businesses being out of pocket. Also, we when we order something over the phone and something completely different arrives, call recording can help rectify this.
For more information about call recording, please visit www.crowntelecom.co.uk

SEO Tutorial-How to change your Domain name without losing Your Current Google Rank


There comes a time when you have to move domains for one reason or another. Maybe you've recently re-branded your company or maybe there are a couple of things you want changed to catch up with technology. Whatever your reasons for changing your domain, it is imperative to undertake this process with due care to avoid losing all the SEO authority you've spent years building.

Before we discuss the procedure of moving to a new domain, let us first tackle some common questions about a typical move in below seo tutorial.
SEO Tutorial
Do 301 Redirects cause loss of link juice?


Matt Cutts, Google's SEO lead voice, recently confirmed that 301 Re-direct links pass 100% of the link juice. Even though he cautions that this may change going forward, as of now, Google's stand is that your 301 re-direct links are still a perfect way to cement your sites online authority. This is a non-issue, at least for now.

Does the age of my site matter?


Some SEO gurus argue that the age of a site can affect its SEO performance. There are those who however think to the contrary. Here are some two popular theories on how Google may utilize a site's age in rankings.

* Domain Age Theory:

This theory claims that Google tends to rank older domains higher. This theory has some aspects of truth given Google's acquisition of a filed patent on domain age and rankings back in 2005. In addition, Google's lead voice, Matt Cutts hinted that domain age is a factor in ranking algorithms.

* Sandbox Theory:

This theory goes that there is a temporary algorithm penalty (sandbox) that Google uses to force newly created sites to rank at the bottom end until they're cleared from the sandbox. Evidence to support this theory is somewhat sketchy and pretty inconsistent.

So does age really affect your SEO fortunes? Well, at the moment we can only speculate that it indeed does.

What about too many 301 Redirect Links?

Apparently having too many 301 re-direct links can attract a Google SEO blow. There is a Google algorithm that is created to catch those buying and 301ing domains to cheat the system. This is a wakeup call to those who are fond of buying domains just because they have some pre-existing links to inflate their online authority.

It is unfortunate that this new algorithm may punish a few innocent movers as well. Simply put, too many 301 re-direct links may look unfavorable to Google and you'd therefore be risking a rank below if you're caught using them.

How To Change Domains Without Suffering a Google Blow 

Word of advice:

Be sure to do lots of research before you move domain. This will help you to cater for your current and future expansion needs. You also want to ascertain if the domain name you've chosen is correct. Avoid the temptation to make other changes alongside the domain change. This will help to minimize errors. In addition, if any errors come up, it'll be easy to track them down and debug them.

Be sure to research on domain history too: 

Some domain change horror stories are caused by purchasing a domain with a pre-existing Google penalty or bad history. It is extremely important to do some research before changing domains so you avoid moving to a domain that may sink all your fortunes deep down in just one night. Check the authenticity of your backlinks using Google webmaster.


You also want to check if the domain has previously been blacklisted for using spam content. It is also wise to check for drastic drops in Google organic traffic using Google analytics to evaluate the domain's past trends.

Well in reality, no domain change is guaranteed to be without any significant hiccups. However, you can avoid a huge SEO blow if only you execute your move properly. We break down the whole process below.

1. Step One:

Screen your new domain for any indications of past penalties or spam. This tip is only applicable when buying a domain that has previously been in use.

2. Step Two:

Submit an XML sitemap for your initial domain and ensure that it is registered and verified with both Google and Bing.

3. Step Three:

Create fresh content for your new website. This includes a new contact page, blog post and description page. It's also wise to create something people will want to link to. Next up; launch your site and publish the content you created for it.

4. Step Four:

Get your new domain registered and verified with Bing and Google's Webmaster tools. Build a couple of editorial, white-hat links leading to the new domain. Give the new domain several months to mature.

5. Step Five:

Be sure to test the process of 301 redirect by first copying the contents of a sub-domain. If everything works perfectly well, continue redirecting but keep a keen eye on your SEO performance. This will ensure that you locate any problems promptly.

6. Step Six:

Post a 404 page on your previous domain with a message to redirect visitors to your new domain. While still at it, try to get a portion of your previous site's backlinks switched to your new site. If there are any broken links, this is the perfect time to remove or update them.

7. Step Seven:

Google has a change of address tool that you can use to speed up the migratory process. Be sure to try it out. To help Google index any new pages that weren't on your old website, be sure to submit a new sitemap for your current site.


Also, check for diagnostic errors and fix them immediately using Webmaster Tools. Remember to keep checking your search engine performance just to be sure that you are safely on top (or at least headed there).

According to Matt Cutt, if well executed a typical change of domain should not cost you more than 5% of your current traffic. So, ensure that you are playing by the rules no matter what it takes. You surely don't want to take short-cuts and end up regretting later.


We hope that you are going to follow the tips outlined above to the letter. Remember, recovering SEO rankings after changing domains is not an overnight affair; you have to remain patient and committed to making the most out of the move. All the best!


Author Bio:

Robert Bryant is an online consultant for Beaver Mountain – log homes. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing etc.

The Advantages of Steel as a Building’s Main Component

Top Advantages of Steel-

If a warehouse facility is always at its maximum capacity, the management may need to consider expanding to accommodate and facilitate all the warehouse operations. Nowadays, whenever one needs to expand or construct a building facility, using steel as the main building components is very popular as it can certainly save a lot of resources such as time and money.

steel building

By using the latest design technology for construction and manufacturing, a new method of application features the use of computer-aided design (CAD) to replace the traditional components used in steel building construction and instead create thousands of customised structures specifically suited to your exact building specifications. Your steel components can be defined using a CAD approach and then modified until they fit the particular application. The design is then downloaded into a computer aided manufacturing process which completes that template for a pre-engineered structure. Each steel building receives the data from this computer program to pre-engineer your facility according to certain regulations such as building code restrictions.
Indeed, the ability to meet the requirements of a building code can also help to ensure the safety of everyone who will work in the facility. We all know that severe weather conditions or environmental disasters can be devastating against poorly-constructed or ill-equipped buildings. However, with the help of this design innovation, you can build your new steel building to withstand the harshest of conditions and protect everyone and everything inside. Therefore, when you pre-build a new facility on a computer, you can be certain that the resulting structure is safe, durable and high-quality.
The amazing assortment of exterior design choices is also worth noting in more detail. You will have a number of choices that include stucco, glass, wood, brick, and stone to give your warehouse the best possible look. In other words, using steel as the building’s main component does not mean that the building has to look like an ugly metal box. No matter how strict the building codes or local zoning restrictions are, a steel building can easily accommodate such specifications.
The rise in popularity for pre-engineered metal building kits in the manufacturing and construction market is due to the adaptability of steel designs for just about any use. Pre-fabricated steel building systems use a fully integrated set of metal curving, rolled metal components and various metal assemblies that complete the whole structure. Included in all of these components are the structure’s primary and secondary framing, plumbing, roof application and any accessories. Given these aforementioned features, to have a quality steel facility – both in its appearance as well as in its function is surely worth the investment.
Finally, when using a steel building for a warehouse facility, there is the benefit of having a clear span frame. It does not need any interior columns or load-bearing walls to create an obstacle-free work area. It is possible to get the most out of your floor-space as the clear span allows the freedom to reconfigure the floor plan to accommodate all your needs in the near future. So whenever you need to construct or expand a warehouse facility, the smartest approach is to use steel as your main building components.

Top 10 factors for the popularity of the Fun online games

Online world is capturing the hearts of people worldwide. Be it finding a service provider online or looking for a job in an area, online issues are coming up on every day basis and captivating the virtual world. People who love to play games but due to their hectic schedule can’t go out at far located gaming centres or clubs on everyday basis find it easier to play their favourite game online. So here comes the power of Fun online games.
Fun online games

Listing down the top ten factors which are most popular amongst the people for the popularity of online games are:


  1. Easy approach: getting up early for the job and sticking to jampacked routine full of meetings and dinners, work and family, friends and partners is what keeps a person much involved throughout day. This is where the need of online games becoming popular these days arrives. People like to sit back at home, in a relaxed and cozy bed, with their loose outfits and carefree approach and end up playing games online. Their favourite games are available just at a click without any hussle. What else do they need to revive themselves?


  1. Free Games: School goers and college students can’t afford to spend a fortune on the clubs and also the age don’t allow them to enter the place. So here online games become their saviour and give them the full scenario of the gaming centres and clubs. They enjoy as much as they would have if in the first place. so they grab the free oppurtunity for online games.


  1. Bigger List to Play From: catering to the needs and interests of all the players, there are huge number of games available online. Not only are they fit for schoool goers or grown ups but are also for the elderly and house makers. Keeping in mind everyone’s likes and dislikes, they offer a huge list to chose from and it makes it easier for the person playing online to try and find the best one for themselves.


  1. Hit and Trial Method: if you go to some gaming centre, you need to pay to try a new game. Even if you don’tlike it later, your money goes in vain. Here online, you save that fortune and you enjoy and play whateever you like.


  1. Global Competitors: playing chess or other games online with the people from different parts of the world gives you an oppurtunity to develop your skills in a broader way. Also it makes it more interesting.


  1. Phone Application: downloading your favourite games on your cell phones makes it easier for you to play whenever travelling or getting bored sitting alone. That is why this online gaming is being promoted so much these days.


  1. Easy to Learn: even if you are new to the game, thee are proper instructions regarding the techniques to be used and the way to play the game. This makes it easier for a person to understand and become the master of the new game.


  1. Everyday Upgrades: there are upgradations done on everyday basis which makes the interests of the player upright in the game and thus keeps it more interesting.


  1. Homely Environment: parents are always worried that kids might get spoiled in a wrong way when playing outside but with online gaming this fear vanishes and the kid focuses only on enjoyment.


  1. No Money Loss: if you play in a club, you intend to lose money which when realised later makes you feel miserable. When playing online, it is not the case and you are safe at your own will.

Best buy Iphone 6- Killer Features


Best buy Iphone

iPhone 6 is the most talked devices on internet these day, everyday a new rumours about Apple next device is surface on internet. As we know the last iPhone- iPhone 5 is not so successful in market and Apple market share is decreasing day by day due to Android or Samsung. So Apple is working hard to gain market share once again and we hope the next best buy iphone will be a full of new and unique features.
Here we talk about the 5 killing features of next upcoming iPhone – either iPhone 5S or iphone 6. If you rae a fan of iPhone device, then you must be familiar with most of the recent happening that have been there in this aspect. New patents coming from Apple have just been coming. So read on the 5 killing features of iPhone 6 Smartphone.

  1. FingerPrint Scanner: The iPhone 6 feature FingerPrint Scanning features which take the mobile security next level. There is a  hidden code in iOS 7 Beta 3 release for finger print scanning. The Smartphone record your finger’s 32 points when you touch your finger over iPhjone 6 screen , next time, scan you finger and if match than iPhone will unlock.
  2. New iOS : the iPhone 6 will have iOS 7 operating system, till now the iOS 7 is not release for public use, It is under beta version. iOS 7 added many new features with respect to pervious iOS, i.e. iOS6. We will enjoy the iPhone 6 with iOS7.
  3. Camera : iPhone 6 will have a 13 MP main camera with lot of new features including Dual LED flash, Low light image capturing, Slow motion photography mode, and many more. So you enjoy the photography with iPhone 6 camera with mogul Mode and better night capturing.
  4. Precognitive Battery Use: the Apple will most likely be bringing precognitive power management on the handset. iPhone devices will predict requirements of power in a given situation or location. So battery backup is more in upcoming iPhone 6, not only thet, iphone 6 batter will more powerful in term of mAh also.
  5. Eye Tracking : The iPhone 6 will features eye Tracking technology. The basic function of the eye tracking software is to understand the eye movements of the users and thereafter function accordingly. The users need to simply focus their attention on that particular part of the phone and it will function mechanically.

This is the top 5 kill features of iPhone 6. Now your tune, let us which features of iPhone 6 we will like most and what new features are you want to including iPhone 6? Are you waiting for iPhone 6?

The Absent Minded Professor Takes a Breather

There is a little bit of that professor in all of us. Granted, some of us are more distracted than others or have trouble in the morning finding our car keys, our house keys or even our briefcase or purse. Even though the moniker of the absent-minded professor makes for a great tagline, it truly does apply in varying degrees to all of us. These days, with the proliferation of new mobile communication devices, the risk of having one of them becoming lost, misplaced, or in the worst case, stolen, has become a real cause for concern.
A professional network evaluation can make any company more efficient

Absent Minded Professor

The Android Who Saved Us
While there many people who appear to have a deep emotional bond to their iPhones, there are others who are devoted to their tablets or smartphones which operate on the Android operating system, which was created by Google. It is so popular in fact, that this operating system commands almost 75% of the world market, with devices being supplied by global manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Some pretty simple maths reveals that the more popular this operating system is, the greater the chance that the mobile devices that run on it are likely to become lost, misplaced etc. Surely, someone as technologically savvy as Google could figure out how to protect someone from any of these unfortunate circumstances.
Worry about It, and Thou Shalt Receive
You probably know someone who has lost or misplaced their mobile device. If so, you know their feeling of utter panic and terror which engulfs them, as they worry that someone else is taking advantage of all the contacts, using the device to do whatever they please. Most users know that there have been some basic security protocols in place to protect them. For one, any phone using the Android operating system can be locked. A user can choose to use their own PIN number, a password and on some of the latest Android operating systems, even facial recognition. But Google is about to up the ante and provide what amounts to perhaps the ultimate level of security.
Mate, Where Did I Leave My Phone?
Just-in-time for the mad rush known as summer holidays, Google is introducing a new application, known as Android Device Manager. What this innovative and handy application will do is provide a number of different options if you should have misplaced your tablet or smartphone:

  • Perhaps your device got lost between the sofa cushions. Android Device Manager will allow you to locate it by having the device ring at full volume, even if it was left in silent mode. If it is somewhere nearby, you'll know.
  • Locate the device on a map. Sure enough, using either GPS or a triangulation system from cell phone towers, the device can be accurately located. It may very well be that you left it at the local theatre without realizing it. Now you can know for sure.
  • Remotely erase all the data on your device. If you suspect your device has fallen into the wrong hands, you can actually use Android Device Manager to remotely erase any information on your device. Yes, you'll have to buy another one, but at least your information cannot be compromised.

Everyone Needs a Little Support
It is not only people that sometimes need assistance with all of their technology. Companies also face massive challenges tying their organization together into a sensible and efficient enterprise which can function at maximum efficiency. Every company that wishes to remain competitive in today's world should have a network evaluation performed, so that any flaws in their current configuration can be identified and corrected immediately.
And if the managing director’s tablet should be lost, there's always Android Device Manager.

Bar Stools Designs & Options

Contemporary bar stools’ styles and designs have changed. There are a variety of bar stool designs to choose from, including: stools with and without arms, low and high-backed, padded and unpadded, and even a combination of these. Padded bar stools are popular as these are more comfortable compared to wooden or chrome bar stools that tend to get uncomfortable during the long-run, and most people also prefer stools with arm rests. Depending on your home environment, there are a number of stool options to choose from. But do consider that stools with back rests give off a traditional look, while modern and contemporary stools are designed without it.
Bar Stools

Currently, most homeowners prefer contemporary style bar stools –  the reason why furniture manufacturers continuously strive to design new and unique styles of furniture pieces for home use. While the bar stools’ designs may vary immensely, there are various themes in contemporary bar stools’ designs that emphasize imaginative beauty and attractive seat designs.

A characteristic of all contemporary furniture, including bar stools, is it gives of an air of confidence. Since bar stools is quite a common fixture and has a simple base concept, modern furniture designers like to push the limits in terms of design; hence, exquisitely designed bar stools that can pass off as art pieces are currently available.
Most contemporary bar stools’ designs are often focused on its legs. Emphasis is made on very thin legs with unique base shapes. Most bar stools’ legs are made from aluminium, chrome or a stainless steel tube bending. Steel bending is made in such a way that the legs provide a sturdy base for the rest of the stool.
Another contemporary bar stool design typically includes back rests and side bars. These bars extend below the bar stool seat and curve in at an angle to latch itself on to a foot rail below. It is a great way to have a stylish and stunning design without compromising form and function. And while there are a lot of bar stools readily available in the market, homeowners can also opt to have ones custom-made – bar stools that complement the look and feel of their home, such as a blend of retro and modern designs. Modern metal alloys and metal curving will make any design possible in order to provide a functional and stylish piece of furniture. Some bar stools’ height can even be adjusted by making use of a gas lift mechanism.
Aside from the bar stool’s legs, another important matter in its design is the seat. Today, one of the most important things to consider in designing furniture seating is ergonomics – the science of comfort and plays a major role in furniture design.
At the end of the day, perhaps the most difficult aspect in choosing a bar stool is how to narrow down your options with all the choices currently available. The wide variety of gorgeous and unique bar stools just keep on growing, so selecting the right stool for your home and needs can be quite difficult. But always remember to keep focused on your needs and the overall look you want for your home in choosing your ideal bar stool.

How to Quickly Install a Programmable Thermostat

Air conditioning systems and thermostats have come a long way since they were first invented. Programmable thermostats are a great way to ensure that your home stays a comfortable temperature while you are there, without working hard for no reason when no one is home. This is a great way to keep your energy bill on the lower end. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can save approximately $180 off of your annual heating and cooling bill with a programmable thermostat. If you purchase one of these thermostats from an HVAC contractor, they will probably install it for you. However, you can definitely do it yourself fairly quickly. The whole process should take about an hour to complete.
Read the Instructions for thermostat installation
It's important to note whether your existing thermostat has 2 or 3 wires. Typically, units with a third wire is better installed by a professional since the process is a bit more complex. However, if you are comfortable attempting the install yourself, regardless of the number of wires, it is your decision. Before you begin installing your new programmable thermostat, you should read the instructions thoroughly. Since there are a variety of manufacturers, the instructions may vary slightly from the model you have. Of course, if you have any electrical concerns, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly to avoid any unnecessary injury.
Removing the Current Thermostat
After reading the instructions and gaining confidence in your ability to install the new thermostat, you should shut off the thermostat's power supply. Next, remove the entire thermostat with its wall plate. If your thermostat contains mercury, as many older ones do, use caution and follow your local recycling company's guidelines for disposing. You should then label the wires and note where they were attached on the old thermostat. Keep the wires secure so that they don't fall back into the wall by taping them to the wall.
Installing the New Thermostat
Now you are ready to install the new thermostat. First, install the new wall plate if your new unit came with one. You may need to drill new holes, for which a level would come in handy. Next, you should match each wire to the corresponding terminal of the new thermostat, connecting them accordingly. If batteries are needed, put those in next. Now you can mount the unit to the wall plate, restore the power to the thermostat and program it as directed.
With technology as advanced as it has become, this is now possible without sacrificing your comfort in your own home. While many people opt for HVAC professionals to install their updated programmable thermostats, it is entirely possible to do successfully by yourself, with the help of detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer. So you can relax, knowing your home's temperature is controlled by a schedule you determine.
Paul Stevens is an experienced blogger on DIY and Home Improvement issues, he frequently used to write easy DIY tips for his friends blog, and this article was written on behalf of JTR Heating & AC

Making the Move to Managed Hosting for managed web services

For most businesses a standard shared web hosting package will suffice. However, as the traffic to your site grows, or you require the ability to add additional functionality such as customer log-in and product databases, you may need to consider moving to a managed hosting system.
What Is Managed Hosting?
Although the term causes confusion amongst those new to internet architecture, managed hosting simply refers to a hosting service in which a company rents a server in its entirety but the administration and technology is controlled by the host. Managed hosting   is attractive to some companies because it enables them to customise the architecture of their own web-space in a way that other hosting packages do not as server space is shared with other companies. There are no restrictions on the content or programming language used, which means that a range of custom-built environments can be constructed which enable bespoke workflows to be implemented. There are also larger tolerances in bandwidth and traffic, making them particularly suitable for very large organisations.

What to Look for in a Managed Host

As part of the managed hosting service, the provider will typically include a full array of technical support. This will include hardware and software design and configuration, maintenance and updating and support and monitoring. Packaging can also include advanced services at additional cost such as back-up and archiving, firewall and intrusion monitoring and virus and DDoS protection. You can find out more about DDoS at https://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk59/technologies_white_paper09186a0080174a5b.shtml#basicsddos. You will need to work closely with your provider and so you should choose a managed hosting service provider that you trust and that you can build a good working relationship with. In addition, you should also look for the following attributes.
Network connectivity and reliability are the cornerstones of a successful online business. Any downtime can result in customers and clients navigating elsewhere and taking their business with them. If you want to manage your data then you should think about a managed hostingservice provider whose systems are robust and that can offer a guarantee that their server will be available for a high percentage of the time. This is usually given as a 99.9% guarantee. This is achieved by having multiple arrays of protected servers in which duplicate copies of data are created at regular intervals.
A good managed hosting service will employ a team of trained IT professionals with networking experience to support your company and its hosting needs. They will be available 24/7 and can be directly responsive to individual requirements. Many companies also offer text-based live chat for minor queries, which can speed up the process of support in times of peak demand.
Whether your requirements are for online commerce or multimedia streaming, your ability to succeed will be based on the hardware employed by your provider. Not only does hardware need to be able to cope with the demands of traffic and intrusion, but it also needs to be able to offer the flexibility to grow along with your business. Try to choose a provider who is committed to investing in new technology and who takes the time to find out about your organisation and its individual requirements.