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You must admit that the coolest new feature in Windows 8 is the Metro Start Screen. This is the new start screen that contains tiles. It is a replacement of the older start that saw it’s end with Windows 7.The fun thing about the Metro Start Screen are the tiles it contains and they make one’s system look completely amazing and different ,so how to change tile size windows 8.
These tiles are square and rectangular representations of applications in the Metro Start Screen. They make the look and feel of Windows 8 a notch better than all the other Operating systems past and present that are in use today or that have ever been in use.
In this article I am going to discuss a method of changing the size of tiles by use of an easy to use 3rd party software. This cool software is called the Metro Scaler. It is freely available because it is freeware.
Procedure of resizing the Metro Start Screen using Metro Scaler.


Download the Metro Scaler from the internet and install it in your system.
After installing run the application. It is a simple and easy to use application. In fact it is just a window with a slider.
Once installed selects the tile size through use of this slider by simply dragging it up to the level you feel comfortable with. Its inches run from 5 inches to 25 inches in terms of size.
After dragging the scaler to the most suitable size there is a button labelled scale that should be clicked. After clicking this button the system should be restarted in order to apply the changes that had been set. After rebooting the size of the tiles will be seen to have changed. That is how it works so simple yet so exciting.
Attempts of changing the tile size are not limited as one can do it as a many times as possible until you find that ratio that best suits you. This application is just one of the many to come. I am sure more applications are being cooked and they will soon be available to carry out different system tweaks on Windows 8 systems.
If you are using Windows 8 what are you waiting for? Google and download Metro Scaler today and start enjoy what it offers at no cost because this application is completely free. Thank you for reading my article.
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How to enable audio device in windows 8 applications Audio using I.E

Unable to here sound in Windows 8 Applications such as Music or Video yet your sound drivers are working fine? Then do not worry this is only a minor problem that can be easily fixed if one is equipped with the correct information. Without sound the actual excitement of any application just fades. I will help you to how to enable audio device in windows 8. This tutorial will help you in permanently fixing this issue on a step by step basis.
The most likely reason why these applications lack sound is because JavaScript which is essential in providing this experience might be disabled. This applications are similar to those in Internet Explorer i.e. in the aspect of requiring JavaScript and any other component or resources in order to function correctly.
The process that has been give the responsibility of hosting and executing Windows Store application is known as WWAHost.exe. If you find out that your browser has disabled sound or is based on either JavaScript, HTML or CSS then none of your Windows 8 Store application ported to web-based applications will have sound.
This simply means that in order to resolve this issue you have to resolve the issues with your browser first. Her we shall take internet Explorer as the browser in use and take its example in solving this problem.
Procedure of enabling sound in Internet Explorer.
Open Internet Explore from the Metro Start Screen or the Desktop.
On the top right hand corner below the Window close button locate Settings.
Click on settings and locate Internet options.
Click on this option to open a dialog box titled Internet Options
At the furthest right hand side of this window select Advanced.
In this settings section scroll down up to the Multimedia section.
Check whether all boxes are enabled except the Show image downloaded placeholders
If not so then do the necessary changes and click on Apply then click on Ok.
Reboot the computer in order to apply this changes and enable them to take effect.
After rebooting test any window 8 application and you will find out that they will be found to be working properly and the desired expectations. It’s worth noting that the above procedure works only when the system sounds are working but sound in Windows 8 store applications is what is not working.
If the whole system does not have sound yet it has working speakers then the problem might be in the sound drivers and hence that should be solved first before trying the above way.
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