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Enjoy a More Enriching Experience with Free DVD Burner for Mac

Burn, Disco and Disk Burner are three most popular  latest dvd burner DVD applications. The main advantage of using these apps is you will enjoy a user-friendly interface. They offer exceptional output and do their job with much of ease. This is the reason behind their popularity with the tech-savvy crews. These apps have advanced features though differ from each other in terms of writing speed and other features. However, they pack in some common features enlisted as follows:
·         All of these software applications provide some basic features like DVD burning, editing and authoring.
·         They are easily accessible on the internet.
·         They ensure high quality DVD for viewing.
·         They are equipped with editing features that help the users customize the album arts.

Free DVD Burner for Mac

Now let us have glance over these most popular applications one by one.


As a free Mac DVD burner, it surely gets the priority for the users. It is capable of burning any type of file. Divide the data into four modes – Data, Audio, Video and Copy while burning. The application allows you to burn data DVD and CD without any hassle. Copy mode also enables you to copy the DVD files to DVD.
Disk Burner
This free DVD burner for Mac is a wonderful application. It is much different from other Mac DVD burning apps. Disk Burner allows you to burn a lot of things like photos, music, video files and data to DVD. In addition, this converter also ensures your data security. With it, your valuable data files will be protected on CD and/or DVD, that’s a guarantee.
Unfortunately, Disco support has been withdrawn since July, 2011. It is available free of cost though was priced $19.95 previously. Disco is mostly popular for its extremely fascinating and user-friendly interface. With it, you can easily drag and drop the source files to target program to burn playable CD/DVDs.
Apart from these, the most advanced converters are also rolling out. They are equipped with those features available on the above three converters along with some additional features. With these highly professional apps, burning your DVD to Mac will be a more enriching experience.
You can transform your photos, videos to slideshows with music and transition. With this converter, you can easily design a more professional looking DVD. Easy-to-use interface will give you more freedom. All of them are not free. But if you can get more without spending a penny, why not grab the idea?

How to convert MP4 to dvd MAC and Burn on MAC

How to Convert MP4 to dvd MAC and Burn on MAC

MP4 is a video format that you can directly play on your computer with a MP4 player. When you download a MP4 video file to your Mac, after you watch and you want to save the disk space, maybe you will cancel it. But someone even wants to save it without using the space.So here comes a good method that can help to how to convert and Burn mp4 video to dvd on mac, so you can play it on DVD Player for future. Follow the easy steps below about converting MP4 to DVD Mac OS X including Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion 10.8.
convert mp4 to dvd mac
This is a best Way to  convert MP4 to dvd and Burn on  Mac OS X computer.
Step1. Download and then install a professional Mac DVD burner. Run the software program and choose the Video tab.
Step2. Add the MP4 video file to the Burn software program. A window should pop up with the button to convert your MP4 file.
Step3. Choose the desired format from the drop down menu. Depending on the program that you choose, you might have to browse to find the saved file that you want to burn or enter the name of the DVD that you want to make. Once this is done, you can click OK.
Note: If necessary, you can edit the MP4 files before burning and converting.
Step4. Click the Burn button on the chosen software program. Wait on the DVD burner disk tray to eject and then place a blank recordable DVD inside the tray. After that, you can press the button to close the disk tray.
Step5. You might have to wait a few minutes for the MP4 video file to burn into DVD format. When the DVD is burned completely, you can exit the software program and eject your new DVD. 
Now, you should be able to use your stand-alone DVD player to watch the movie or video that was converted with the Mac DVD burner. Want to know more about converting MP4 to DVD?

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