The Essential Piece,steps to successful seo

Over the past 4 to 5 years there has been a real hype over SEO, the importance of it and why it’s a must have for all businesses. I agree, SEO is an essential solution for all businesses and those not investing into SEO are truly missing out.I’m not here to dwell on how great SEO is today, but what I am going to do, is help you. Today in this article you are going to learn the most important part or steps to successful SEO and why this part is the most overlooked piece of the puzzle.
Ok, so if you’ve been doing your homework you’re probably already well aware that SEO consists of various essential elements that you need to fulfill in order for your web page to rank at the top of Google.
The most commonly stated areas that you should spend your time focusing on for successful onsite SEO typically include:
Meta Descriptions, Meta Titles, H1-H6 titles, Alt Text, URLs, links, articles, blog posts etc.
Whilst these are all essential parts of SEO, they don’t actually make much difference to your overall website ranking unless you have cracked your ‘keyword selection’.
I tell you now; keyword selection is the most overlook segment of SEO. It’s overlooked because those that are successful online take their knowledge and experience for keyword selection for granted. Because of this they forget to highlight the importance of keyword selection in all SEO activities, they expect people to know what keywords are and how they really work in SEO terms.
Unfortunately I disagree. Most business owners and SEO specialists that I speak to barely even mention how to select the correct keywords, they don’t highlight how keywords are the backbone to all SEO activities, the best ways to incorporate keywords effectively within your overall SEO plan. Through correct keyword selection you will maximize your SEO activities.
Without knowing what keywords you’re targeting, who your competitors are, what their domain authority, page authority and link profiles look, and take the time to compare their overall online presence to yours. Then you truly are shooting into the dark with your SEO efforts.
Unfortunately I don’t have the chance to go into great depths about keyword selection today, however I must emphasis the importance of keyword selection and why you need to focus your efforts on learning this aspect of search engine optimisation as much as you can. You also need to know how much traffic you could potentially generate by ranking highly for those keywords.
I have seen so many businesses waste their time chasing and optimising their webpages for keywords that will generate no or very little traffic to their websites. This is very disappointing to see and I wish that I could help more businesses.
Don’t worry this article will be the first of many to come on this topic, I will share the essential places for you to incorporate keywords, how Google identifies what terms your site is targeting. How Google measures how relevant your web page is to a specific search term, the true value of a first page ranking and the value of a top 3 search engine ranking, plus much, much, more.
Danny Nevill is founder of Universal Web Design, a Colchester based web design company. Danny regularly shares his insights to internet marketing and web design related topics.

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