5 Reasons Why the Sony Xperia is a better phone compared to the iPhone 6!

Sony Xperia and iPhone6 both belong to the smart phone category and each one of them is popular in their own right. Those who swear by iPhone are loyal towards their sixth version but the takers of Sony Xperia are no less. In fact you will get equal share of supporters for both the smart phones. But ask any gadget freak and he will not be satisfied unless he makes a comparison between the two and finds out which one is the best. So here we go. We have done the comparison for you, so that you can sit back, relax and read through the comparison.

  • Power: the one thing that everyone checks out when they compare a phone is the power. Both these phones are fast however you will find a difference in the processors. The iphone6 comes with its own Apple8 processor which boasts of a 1.4GH dual core chip and a memory of 1 gig while the Xperia Z3 has a 2.5 GH and 3 gigs of RAM with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.

 Sony Xperia
The dual core processor of the iPhone6 makes it easier to carry out different tasks simultaneously. You can play a video game and answer a video call at the same time. This is possible because both the works are carried out by the two processors. However with the Xperia you can work four times faster as it has four cores which make this phone super fast. As a result there is no lag time between the different tasks. You get to enjoy a faster speed, high quality graphics with superior sound quality.
The memory card in a phone is used to store the different apps, videos, photos, audios and so on. In fact it allows the software’s to load faster. And with the 3 gigs memory Xperia beats iPhone6 hands down.

  • Camera: when it comes to a camera what we look for is the clarity in the picture quality. And the clarity of an image depends on the megapixel content of the phone. The iPhone6 has 8 megapixel camera which is quite high for a smart phone. But the Xperia Z3 boasts of a whopping 20.7 megapixel camera!! Yes, you have read it right. However if you compare the quality of the images at the end of the day, iPhone produces better photo quality compared to the Xperia. The camera is more consistent, and the camera software is also slicker and attractive.


  • Water and Dust: when it comes to keeping the phone safe from dust and water both the smart phones are built in such a way that they can easily sustain the dust. However you cannot talk in the rain with your iPhone6. But with your Xperia set you do not experience any water problems. This model is completely waterproof and you can drop your phone in the water tub or click pictures even under a swimming pool as the phone can easily sustain water up to 1.5 meters without any hassle.


  • Battery: lack of battery life can be a frustrating issue for the user. Imagine you are using the phone when suddenly your phone is dead. If you compare the battery performance of both the smart phones you will see that Xperia Z3 has a better standby time compared to the iPhone6. The standby time for Xperia is 37 days while the iPhone6 is about 10 days. With a 2600mAh battery the Xperia phone lasts for about 9 hours 30 minutes while the iPhone6 with 1810mAh battery lasts very less.


  • Display: and at last we come to the display part. With a 1920 x 1080 resolution the Xperia is far better than the iPhone6 with its 1334 x 750. There is hardly any contest in this department.

While the iphone6 is good in some departments the Xperia Z3 excels in almost all the departments. Both the smart phones are expensive and a buyer who is interested to spend this much money in order to own a high end phone should have a clear understanding of why he should buy the particular phone. Hence what they should look for is a comparative study that will explain which one to opt for. You can gift this phone as a gift to your loved ones during Christmas. There are many online sites that deal in these phones. In fact you can visit the company websites of these smart phones and place the order from there directly. Once the payment is made they will deliver the phone at the address provided. So go ahead and place the order today only. Now that you know the difference you will be able to choose the phone. Go ahead and place the order today only.

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