Increasing Importance of Visual Content on Social Media

Social media is one of the most important platforms of communication these days. If you have a business, it’s almost imperative to have an online presence for better results. When you do that, you should engage in online marketing. And these days, it’s impossible to keep social media out of the online marketing endeavors. Sharing on a variety of social media platforms in different ways helps you engage with a variety of audiences. Social media has given a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘pitching’. But the social media promotional work should be visual. Thevisual aids can increase learning over teaching with verbal methods alone.

But how should the social media content for your marketing endeavors be?

Social Media Visual Content

The answer to this question is changing with every passing day, as the social media is also transforming. Even a few years back, a few sentences as status updates would have helped a lot. But not anymore. These days, the importance of visual content has been increasing significantly. And you can’t deny it anymore when you create the marketing strategies for your business. Not for social media as well.

But why visual content?

There are some specific answers to this question.

  • Visual content can grab the attention of the viewers immediately.
  • It constitutes a major part of all human communication.
  • Visual content can make people stay longer on your website.
  • Goes Viral, thus helping business to expand.

Grabs Viewer’s Attention Immediately

Even if you want to give a lot of information to the human brain at one time, it cannot process it immediately, especially if it has to read it and comprehend. But it works better for images and graphical presentations. The time taken by the brain to decode the text is a whopping 60,000 times more than what it takes to understands an image. So, the use of images in the social media marketing campaigns makes it easier for you to convey your ideas to your target audience. The visual part of the reading task is useless by itself; the verbal part of the task determines the meaning of what we read.

Constitutes Major Share of Human Communication

Did you know that visual content constitutes a significantly high 93% of all kinds of human communication? It surely is the major form of communication around. And not without any reason. It is easy to comprehend and grab, thus having a deeper impact on the customers. As much as 90% of all the information, which enters the brain, are in the forms of images and graphics. They are not textual. One of the major reasons behind this is that 70% of the receptors of human body are located in the eyes. Studies have shown that people enjoy images more than text when engaging in social media communication. This also drives the brands to use images for marketing on social media platforms.

Reduces Bounce Rate for Your Website

What’s the use of sharing a content if the users don’t spend time reading it? If the users leave your website in a flash? This might happen if the users find the website drab and uninteresting. And it can be quite common if the website has only text. On the other hand, the use of images can make it significantly more interesting. Thus, it captures the interest of the viewers and they stay longer on the website. This also helps to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Increasing Use of Videos

Videos have taken the idea of using visual content for websites a step forward. It is one of the most effective ways of communicating with the viewers. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks much more. So, it becomes easy to communicate with the viewers. This is why the use of videos in the social media updates is increasing with every passing day.

Goes Viral, Thus Increasing Business

More than any other form of content, it’s the visual one that goes more viral. Just check a few social media platforms and you will find that the content that has gone viral is either an image or a video. This helps to increase the footfalls to the website. Thus, it enhances the SEO performance of the website. It reflects in your business performance, which becomes much better as the conversions are increased.

With every passing day, social media is transforming at a fast pace. Every other day, new trends are appearing there. These days, it’s the visual content that plays a major role. And it is expected to continue ruling the roost in the world of social media in the days to come as well.

All social media platforms have some unique features so the result from them should be unique. But, before any promotion through those platforms it should remember that use logic and guidelines as per your requirements.

Content source : MAGNE Consulting Pvt. Ltd

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