5 Things To Consider When Using File Sharing to share files with others

5 Things To Consider When Using File Sharing to share files with others

When a company chooses to use to share files with others there are certain things they should keep in mind about the process and the technology behind it. There are both good points and bad points to using file sharing. Here are five things a company should consider in regards to file sharing.

  1. The Implementation of a Mechanism To Control File Share Users
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Implementing a control mechanism is the best way to ensure that a company’s file sharing is safe and secure. This means setting up password protected access to file sharing services. Each employee gets their own user account with their own unique password. When sending file sharing links to employees, the links can be set to expire on a certain date. This means the people that need access to a file get it immediately can do so and others will not be able to use the link once the information in it is no longer relevant. Companies can set the time when the link expires; making it good for 24 hours from the time the link is downloaded by employees. Even if an unauthorized user finds the link they will not be able to see the information that link leads to because it will be protected by a password.

  1. Devise an effective strategy for file sharing

Company file sharing is only as effective as its strategy. An effective strategy for file sharing can make the difference between companies whose files are secure and one whose files are vulnerable to hackers and other dishonest people, including shady employees.

  1. Can a file sharing program work effectively with the business?

Before a company chooses to use file sharing, they need to determine whether or not it will work well with their business. In order for file sharing to be successful, each employee must understand how to use it. Many business productivity tools are compatible with file sharing programs such as Share File. Corporate emails can easily be organized using file sharing programs.

  1. Will the file sharing program a company uses be compliant?

Depending on the industry a company belongs to, some file sharing programs like Share File are compliant with legislation. For example, if a healthcare company uses a file sharing program it must be compliant with HIPPA and if an educational company or school uses file sharing it must be compliant with FERPA.

  1. Is file sharing safe for the business to use?

In some industries the information exchanged during file sharing is information that, according to the law, has to be kept confidential. To make sure this information is kept away from those not authorized to access it, business owners should use ShareFile.com by Citrix.
File sharing, if used correctly, can help just about every business to make their communications safer, more convenient and more efficient. Any file sharing program used by a company must be a high quality program that each employee can easily use and understand. File sharing is a powerful tool for companies.

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