SEMrush Competitor Keyword Research Tutorial for Beginners-Review

SEMrush Keyword Research Tutorial to do Competitor Keyword Research for Beginners

semrush keyword research tutorial for beginners


How to do keyword research with SEMrush keyword tool

In this SEMrush tutorial, I’ll tell you accurate steps to how to use SEMrush to do keyword studies easily.

SEMrush Keyword Research tool Tutorial involves basically 3 vital steps:

1.Discover long Tail keywords

2.Stealing competitor’s keywords

3.Research Keyword Difficulty

Method 1: Using Seed keywords

Have you ever tried about long tail keywords in Adwords keyword Planner,wordtracker,moz keyword research, to do keyword research for organic seo ?

If not then I’ll give you a 100 percent accurate way to find long tail key keywords easily with the help of SEMrush keyword tool .

As I already said that discovering long tail keywords with SEM rush is simple. On this step, I can locate a few long tail keywords that I use for my SEMrush account.

Initially, login in your SEMrush dashboard here

Now, input your seed keyword. Seed keyword is the principle keyword which you are focusing in your web page to rank. Like, running is the seed keyword of running ground Okay?

Now input your  seed keyword and press enter.

Now SEMrush would be showing overview or organic information of this keyword, trends, CPC of the keyword also number of researched facts about your keyword.

Now, scroll down and take a look at the 2 type of keywords. One is “PHRASE MATCH KEYWORDS” and the second is “RELATED KEYWORDS”.

PHRASE MATCH KEYWORDS are the keywords which include your focus keywords.  Yups! there are many long tail key keywords researched using SEMrush.

phrase match keywords adwords

Now,Click on view more and a web page will open. You will find your long tail keyword. You may type them consistent with your want. If you need to arrange them through competition then you could achieve this. This will give you your long tail keywords easily. Click on the Export button to export long tail keywords and a pop up to download will hel you to download the file.

Export in SEMrush

There are 3 alternatives of exporting in SEMrush wherein you could export the record. I have chosen excel report as my report to download the file.

After downloading the file ,open it and find the focus keywords .

The Downloaded excel report will give you many keywords related to your focus keywords. Example running,jogging,running ground,etc are related to running . Did you understand?

Related keywords SEMrush

Do you know? You can find the Related keywords SEM rush similarly using above steps. Download them and spot the keywords.

Within a few minutes, you  can find numerous keywords for your studies. With keyword Planner, it takes long hours to find such keywords. Now, I think you have discovered way to do keyword studies easily and in only some mins. Cool, right?

Hey! I’ve an secret tip for you. When you get the desired keyword,copy the desired keyword and paste it into SEMrush bar. Then, you may get extra long tail key keywords. Repeat steps to get more long tail key keywords.

Method 2: Competitors Keywords or spying on your competition

competitor keyword spy


This is the most crucial method to find best keywords  . Imagine that you could rank on Google page 1 by just spying on your competition?

Yes its possible to  rank on Google page 1 by just spying or researching on your competitor data.

Your competitor are similar to a SECRETS which can help you move ahead of your competitor if you find there SECRETS .

While you do keyword studies by older methods like Adwords keyword Planner,wordtracker,moz keyword research , it takes lot of time to locate desirable and right keywords. so, if you search keywords SEMrush keyword tool without difficulty then it can speedup your work to get the accurate keyword for organic seo .

Assume, you have got a competitor weblog which has rating identical or almost to your weblog.

semrush domain overview

Then, that imply you can rank fast for the keywords which your competitor is already ranking. In case you steal competitor’s keywords and write a more indepth article, then you definitely have possibilities to rank ahead of your competitor .

Its best way to get your the best keyword from your opponent free. This keywords can give you the lot of visitors, traffic can bring you lot of much needed product sales

Now can you guess the way to how to discover the keywords of your competitors? Haha, I realize what you suspect.

Sure! SEMrush permit you to steal your competitor’s keywords. To steal your competitor’s keywords. follow the steps.

  1. First login for your SEMrush Dashboard here
  2. Input your competitor’s URL within the SEMrush bar and click the enter button. You will see lot of opportunities in that area. WOW! too many info, right?
  3. There you will see the keywords of that domain. You may sort the keywords as per visitors %, volume, CPC, COM ,etc and export the keywords by  clicking on Export button .
  4. Analyze all your competition and export the keywords. In this way, you may get hundreds of keywords easily.
    Now, you can see  your competition keywords or SECRETS OF THERE SUCCESS . There might be maximum of the keywords which you can rank without any difficulty .

Method3: Keyword Difficulty

I know, you got lots of the keywords after doing Method 2 which saved your lot of time compare to other methods.

Now its time to think how many of them could actually rank?

Keyword difficulty helps you to make decision based on how much difficult is the keyword to rank in GOOGLE.

It is better to give up or stop working on highly competitive If  keyword. Your goal should be working on LOW competition Keyword  were  chances of getting rank in GOOGLE are huge .

Keyword difficulty of a keyword depends on various factors (consisting of ON-web page and off-web page optimization).

There are numerous tools to locate the difficulty of a keyword. SEMrush is  must have tool to assist you in this case.
SEMrush introduced a new feature of finding keyword difficulty.

Till now you have determined the keywords and exported them in excel files. It’s time to test difficulty of the keywords.

Pick out any keywords that you suppose are relevant to your topic.

Then, login to SEMrush here and click on keyword difficulty.

Input your  keywords  and click on Show Difficulty button.

semrush keyword difficulty index semrush keyword difficulty tool

This will give you keyword and the percentage of difficulty This tool is referred to as SEMrush keyword difficulty.

This completes the SEMrush Competitor Keyword Research Tutorial for Beginners-Most Accurate Way


I hope now you can know how to do SEMrush Competitor keyword research accurately without any difficulty .You can always comment below for any queries below


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how to do keyword research with semrush




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