Reasons Why Startups Should Include Fitness Routines At Workplace

///Reasons Why Startups Should Include Fitness Routines At Workplace

Reasons Why Startups Should Include Fitness Routines At Workplace

Reasons Why Startups Should Include Fitness Routines At Workplace

                                    Exercise at the office brings Happiness in life

Of late and into these modern times we are seeing corporate houses and start-ups introducing a gym or some kind of fitness providing facility into their premises. In fact looking after and arranging for some fitness classes is now among the top priorities in the list of duties of human relations( HR) officers. It is being felt that as most Indians have two distinct characteristics one that of being shy and inhibited and two tending to become obese may be due to their eating habits and work stress or both combined . So to combat both these tendencies it is thought that a fitness routine  will be an effective measure.

If we go in a chronological order we find that…

Include Fitness Routines At Workplace

1…Gymnasiums and  dance classes go a long way in making individuals shed their shyness and become more communicative with each other  thus helping and improving camaraderie and work efficiency or team work. Since multinational organizations and for that matter any organization employs people from all parts of  the world people do tend to feel lonely and strange in an alien culture . So in this case a common recreational activity like a dance session or a group work out will help them mix and may be find more people belonging to their ethnic group and create a feeling of affinity and togetherness and a sense of Inclusiveness.

2….Productivity is increased specially with the help of dancing . As shown by a research study conducted in York university and Sheffield university dancing increases the release of  endorphin which improves the mood and productivity level of the employees. Dancing stimulates brain activity and problem solving abilities thus enhancing a feel good status.

3….Best Team Building Activity: A dance routine or a group work out at the gym requires people to interact with each other . At least they are required to leave their offices and come face to face with each other (which they would not have done otherwise) and this makes them mix , and interact thus encouraging them to bond positively with each other and build a feeling of fraternity and togetherness . This brings positive results in the work environment too it encourages team spirit and ownership towards the organization, a feeling of oneness begins to grow.

.4…Great Stress Reliever;  As we know the word stress is heavily underlined in the world of start-ups. So it is felt that  since dancing is a feel good activity it would help release tension and reduce stress  It would lower stress because it  produces neurotransmitter, endorphins, which act as pain killers or soothers and reduce stress. Thus, after a good dance workout session, the endorphins result in calming the body and mind rejuvenating it


5…. Saves the employees time, energy and money : The introduction of a dance routine or a small gym in the office premises itself is welcome by most employees who though they would want to go for excercise after office hours  but find it too tiring to walk out of the comforts of their homes after a hard days work . So if a dance routine or a small session at the gym in the premises is made available then they would love to visit it and keep up their fitness routine. A dance routine also help’s the organization to provide recreation to its employees without spending much in the form of heavy gym machinery.

Like the old adage which says that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Corporate houses and startups seem to have realised the truth of these words and are working towards providing their employees with a healthy body to house a healthy mind and give their full potential to the place they are working for. If the work force will be happy and satisfied then they would not grudge any amount of hard work.

We can safely conclude that dance classes and workouts go a long way in team building

and  bringing about a feeling of camaraderie thus having a positive impact on and increasing productivity. They are now becoming as important for organizations as a good pay check.  ..

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