PRP Hair Treatment: Success Rate of Hair Restoration?

Platelet-rich Plasma is the newest type of hair restoration. PRP is a composition of your blood with a high concentration level of platelets. PRP Los Angeles has proven to be the best procedure for those suffering from hair loss.

Hair can destroy someone’s self-esteem. It is good to consider a PRP hair transplant because it is proven to be safe. It also does not take a lot of time, and the recovery is quick too. PRP Los Angeles is the best place to undergo PRP therapy because there are qualified doctors.

The Benefits of PRP Hair Loss Treatment

The following are the benefit of PRP for hair loss treatment;

It Uses Your Blood

The blood used for this therapy comes from your own body. It makes the PRP process safe for anyone. It also makes the process very useful and less risky.

High Rates of Success

PRP for hair loss has high success rates. You will see results in a few months after the procedure. The outcome is always natural and permanent, as well. The side effects are very minimal. You may feel some mild discomforts during the therapy, and then they will be over after the doctor has finished.

Affordable Hair Restoration Treatment

PRP hair loss treatment is cheaper compared to other methods. It also gives permanent results. Always go for this procedure because it can save you some dollars.

It is a Natural Process

PRP Los Angeles uses your blood, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction. The outcome may be slow but permanent. You will not experience any infections because the procedure is done in a clinic to ensure proper hygiene. PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical process. It would help if you did not worry about any scarring because you will have none.

Quick Recovery

PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical process, which means that you will not have any swelling or bruising. The recovery time for PRP therapy is about a day. You can continue with your activities the next day after the procedure. But before you resume your normal activities, listen to your body. If you feel any pain or restlessness, make sure to call your doctor.

It is a Painless Process

PRP procedure is usually not painful. You may feel some little discomfort, which goes away after a while. Many people can handle pain, but others will need some painkillers. You may also feel some itching and soreness, which are mild. Suppose you feel these side effects, not worry because they are normal. Also, if they are extreme, call your doctor immediately.

The Cost for PRP Hair Restoration

PRP for loss treatment is still and is not yet proven to be the best treatment for hair loss. It is cosmetic, and so health insurance does not cover it. You will have to pay for this process using your own money.

If you are considering undergoing PRP therapy, you may also consult your insurance if they can cover it for you. PRP hair restoration cost depends on the following factors;

· Your geographical location
· The type and reputation of the clinic you choose
· The doctor
· The number of injections needed
· The quality of the device used
· It will also depend on the additional nutrients in the injections

The cost ranges from $ 900 for one injection and $ 2,500 for the three PRP treatments. When choosing a clinic, the price is always important. Some doctors may charge cheaper, and the service is poor. It is too good to be careful while choosing the clinic.

The Success Rate of PRP Treatment

For PRP treatment to work, you will have to be consistent. The doctor will observe the results within the first two to three months after the surgery. PRP treatment has to be combined with other medicine for it to be successful. The success rate is about 70%. Due to its affordable cost, you should go for this process. You will be able to see the result in a few months. These results are always very natural and long-lasting.

Does the Process Work?

According to research, PRP reduces the rate at which the hair is thinning. The study also shows that the density of hair growth improves after the treatment. PRP treatment works for both men and women. Those who are suffering from alopecia can again undergo the treatment.

PRP hair restoration also works well for those people who have lost hair due to stress. Also, if you started losing hair recently, this would be the best method for you. It treats baldness as well. Because it leads to thick and healthy hair follicles, the process works for most people, and it would be best if you considered it.


PRP hair restoration is a perfect method for hair treatment. It is a less invasive procedure and has few side effects. Before you undergo this treatment, make sure to consult your doctor first—also, research on the best specialist and clinic for better results.


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