Professionalism in public relation


Professionalism in public relation

Professionalism is the effort put to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public. Public Relation is also said to be an combination of philosophy, sociology, economics, languages, psychology, journalism, communication and other knowledge into a system of human understanding.

It is known as public relation is a science that is responsible for managing communication between an organization and society, with the aim of building, managing ad maintaining its positive image.  It is said that its origin go back to antiquity, when tribal societies tried to promote respect for the chief’s authority.

The main objective is to maintain a positive reputation of the brand and maintain a strategic relationship with the public perspective, customers, partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders.  Which leads to positive image of the brand and make it seem important and successful.

There are two major skills required are – one is specific knowledge and the other is an adequate personal makeup on the mental and on the behavioral planes.  The two are interwoven and both are complex composition of several elements.

What a public relations professionals should possess –

A good public relation professional should know how to fight adversity, seize opportunities, pitch stories, maintain a positive image, cultivate strong media connections and build strategy. He knows ……

 It’s hard to listen; easy to talk

It’s hard to agree; easy to argue

It’s hard to give ;easy to take 

It’s hard to build; easy to destroy.

The scope of Public Relations in today’s world.

The scope of public relation is wide and also include political field, entrepreneurs, teachers political leaders social workers, religious leaders and leaders are all involved day in and out. its a tool in production, marketing and finance.

Today public relation is accepted by all business organization and by non-business organization as well.  There is plenty of scope to reach out to the student population to help industry and institution building, and the promotion and development of citizenship are vital and should be instilled into the community.

The tools that were available to Public Relation practitioners in the past were relatively few.  Development of software for satellite communication is a great challenge for all those who want to communicate.  The television and radio which have proved to be of immense influence in developed countries. The spread of literacy has made the written word much more meaningful.

A public relation practitioner should be sufficiently competent to be welcomed into the policy making level of the institution which he has been called upon to serve.

Wrong use of public relation has aroused criticism.  The actual strength of public relation lies in its looseness, flexibility  and informal approach. A public relation practitioner should not misuse his power and potential. A public relation person should anticipate opportunities of an organization with proper preliminary planning and guidance ,these become the most tangible phase of the company. The tools of public relations are – publicity, advertising, printed materials, employee activities, stockholder reports and company publications.

Public relation is a hardnosed operation and blessed are the men who are in this professional public relation area. It’s very important to present himself as a competent and trustworthy individual. Professionalism is  essential as it is a core ethical values of practice of public relation, including advocacy, honesty, loyalty, professional development and objectivity.



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