Printer and copier inks and buying consumables from the internet

With many people having printers and copiers in their homes now the demand for good quality ink at a reasonable price has never been higher. There are so many different types and providers; it can be difficult sourcing the correct product at the right price.
Types of ink
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There are usually three common types of ink that you will come across. These are liquid ink, powder ink and solid ink. You will come across liquid ink being used in printer ink cartridges and also in writing pens and refills. Powder ink is what is currently used in laser toner ink cartridges. This powder is activated by heat in the printer before it is applied onto the paper and becomes ink as we know it. Once it is applied it cools and is imprinted on the paper. Solid ink is a more recent addition to the ink family and is more commonly used it larger Xerox printers and is also known as wax.
Types of cartridges
Most users of computers who have their own printers will be familiar in the concept that your ink can be the most costly part of home computing, especially if you have a high volume of printing. The most popular cartridge used in home use is the ink cartridge. Original toner cartridges are what you should look for when sourcing a new cartridge of ink, but you may be able to use compatibles, which are usually re-manufactured originals. Branded originals should be easy to spot as they will have the brand name on them and the product number.
If you do choose to use compatibles you must ensure that they are the correct ones for your printer. Many websites offer original brands and compatibles so it is important to research your purchase carefully.
Some printers use toner ink cartridges. These are usually printers that produce very high monthly outputs of print. They are popular in offices where many members of staff will be using one printer heavily, or busy homes with a high volume of print. The page yield for a toner cartridge is much higher than that of an inkjet cartridge. This is an advantage to the user who will not have to keep changing it often.
A printer cartridge is the general term assigned to any type of ink or toner cartridge or printer consumable. The most popular cartridges include Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, Dell and HP.
Ink and toner
The quality of ink is usually guaranteed in branded cartridges. If you are going to use compatibles ensure the provider states that the ink they use is of the highest quality and will match that of the original brand. You should expect to get the same print quality and the same amount of ink from the compatible cartridge as you do from an original. It is best to look at internet ink sellers websites for such guarantees before you buy. Some website based providers will offer free delivery of their cartridges and you may even get a discount for bulk ordering.
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