The principles of gas furnace work

If you live in a region where winter temperatures drop below zero the problem of proper heating of private homes becomes extremely important. When you create a heating system in a private home use various schemes of heating system design.
principles of gas furnace
Recently it has become a popular trend to building country houses. If a house owner is going to live in this house, not only in summer but in winter too, he faces with the problem of organization of country house heating. There are an incredible number of options and everything depends on the imagination of the developer and his financial opportunities.
The oldest appliance for room heating, known for ages is a stove. But its main disadvantage is that warm air rises up while the floor stays cold. Fireplaces, which also came to us from antiquity, have been changed greatly, but still play mostly a supporting role in whole house heating. The most popular are water heating systems, based on circulation of heated from the boiler water in pipes around the house. Heating boilers can be supplied from different fuels. Air heating is used rarer, but it is still quite effective. Electric heating in residential homes is a relatively new kind of heating, with its operation room heating is carried out without heat-transfer agent as electrical energy is converted into heat energy. All these systems are quite effective and reliable, in a case of their breakdown it is quite easy to repair or replace one of the components.
Gas furnaces are the most convenient and effective appliances for house heating. Home gas furnaces were engineered to be an energy efficient appliance, with up to a 95 AFUE percentage. The more efficient the furnace is, the less fuel it will use for producing heat, and it means fewer costs on your utility bills. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Usage Efficiency) percentage explains what percent of fuel is converted into heat. That means a modern furnace with 95% AFUE converts 95% of the used fuel into heat, and only 5% goes into furnace operation. These household appliances will last you for long time if to maintain them well. Gas furnace that is used to heat up houses needs to be maintained. If it doesn’t work properly then you should fix it either by yourself or with professional technician assistance. But if you want to repair something, you should first know how it works. So if you want to repair your gas furnace on your own, you should know how it works. In gas furnace, natural gas or propane is sent through pipes which are connected to the furnace. When this gas is burned it produces heat. Air distribution system which intakes the air and heats it. Then the heated air is sent out through the vents of air distribution system. There is a probability of above mentioned components damaging. So you need to identify the problem first before you find ways to fix it.
The most commonly faced problem is that the gas furnace doesn’t produce heat or produces less heat. In this case, ignition system needs to be checked. Some gas furnaces are heated using an electric spark to start the flame and some have a standing pilot ignition system. It is always much better to turn to professional technician to get the problem fixed efficiently.
To operate the gas furnace you need to follow some instructions which are almost essentials for everyone. The thermostat button of your gas furnace should be on the interior wall of your room which you need to locate first. Then you need to turn it ‘On’ position which compels the furnace to get its function through the electronic process. You could have the facility to get the ‘automatic’ temperature control through the ‘automatic’ command to the system there. In automatic control the furnace will automatically functioning when the room temperature drops below the specific level set by you.
While you are operating the thermostat it will send a signal to the gas valve. The system recognizes the command that the temperature condition is either above the specific level or dropped from the level as set by you and it works automatically. This signal induces the gas valve to get opened and flow the natural gas flow to the furnace.
If your gas furnace is old one then there will be the standing pilot light that ignites the main burner while new or latest models are having the electric ignition process to light the furnace. But in both the cases this flame is used to burn the gas or air.
To know the system better you need to know that there is a combustion chamber where the air is being heated by the burner. After some specific volume there is the sensor that recognizes the volume of heated air and blows it to the heat exchanger for further use.
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