How Hosted Predictive system Increase Your Call center system Potential?

Hosted Predictive system

Most of the modern industries, businesses, organizations and companies, depends on the call centers in one or the other way. Whether it is providing customer support or customer service, technical assistance or ticket booking for flight or hotel, selling of products and services to financial, banking or insurance assistance, and so on… call centers provides an array of services to a wide range of industries around the world.

call center system

So what is a call center? A call center is a place wherein a group of people (referred as agents) makes and receiv3e calls for or on a company’s behalf, providing customer service, support, as well as to sell products and services offered by the organization. However, unlike conventional phones, these agents’ makes or dials call with the help of dialers, which are automatic and are configured with the server with internet connection, and are also interconnected with the agents’ computers. These dialers dials calls automatically with the help of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

On the other hand, just like any other business, call centers are also on a constant lookout for an effective dialing solution that allows them to increase their productivity and dialing efficiencies. They are also searching for a solution which incurs fewer overhauls. Overall, they are searching for a dialing solution that allows them to increase their agents calling capacity as well as the call flow. At the same time, a solution that allows them to reduce the server downtime, allowing the agents to increase their performance.
Automatic dialers have always served as a good solution for outbound call centers, whose major business is to make calls to the customers and sell the products and services. However, one of the major drawbacks of the automatic dialers is that they are unable to screen the calls, as a result of which the agents have to face a lot of unproductive calls such as fax tones, busy tones, voice mails, no answers, etc. All these factors, also results into server downtime, hampering the productivity and business efficiencies in many ways. Overcoming all these drawbacks and flaws of the automatic dialers, hosted predictive dialing services have proven to be an optimal solution for today’s modern call center industry.

Hosted predictive dialing service or commonly known as hosted predictive dialer, dial’s a list of telephone number just like automatic dialer but connects only the answered calls to the agent making calls. It screens and eliminates all the unproductive calls such as answering machine, fax machines, busy tones, busy lines, disconnected numbers, etc. It works on a computerized algorithmic calculation which calculates the number of logged-in agents, average call handling time by each agent, as well as the average time taken to answer the each call, and manages the call flow accordingly. This allows the agents to focus on their core calls more as they didn’t have to spend their time disposing the unproductive calls.
Some of the major benefits of hosted predictive dialing service include:

  • Screens and eliminates all the unproductive calls.
  • Manages and adjusts the call flow based on the number of logged-in agents, number of free agents, average call handling time and average time to answer each call.
  • It automatically predicts when the next agent will be available to take the call and dials the call accordingly.
  • Based on computerized algorithm that reduces the server downtime and time that agent spends waiting between the calls.
  • Increases the productivity of the call center with effective and uninterrupted call flow.
  • And much more…
Overall, hosted predictive dialing service proves to be the effective and optimal solution to increase the call center business efficiencies, productivity and potentialities.
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