Should you Choose to Outsource or Hire an In House Team for Your IT Support?

Outsource or Hire

In this digital age, every company needs IT support. One of the dilemmas most managers need to solve is choosing between outsourcing the services or hiring an in-house team. Each option has their own advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed further below.
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Outsourced IT
·         24/7 service – Some companies have employees working the graveyard or weekend shift. They are outside of a common in-house IT department work schedule. Should they experience an equipment or network problem, there is no one to fix it. Some outsourced IT companies, on the other hand, provide their services 24/7. An outsourced IT company can replace the assigned personnel to you if needed. They can give managers ease of mind in knowing their productivity won’t be crippled by problems.
·          Inexpensive solution – Having an in-house IT team can be more expensive for many companies. Their rates are the same as regular employees and should have the same benefits. This includes medical coverage, paid leave and much more.Outsourcing your IT support can cut all of these expenses. You are simply paying for their services.
In-house IT support
·         In-house expertise –An outsourced IT staff may not be able to quickly assess the problem of a company’s equipment. This can be due to a unique feature present in their system. In-house staff is equipped with the expertise to know your company’s computers and programs. They can detect and resolve almost any problem.
·         Cost control – You have more control over the cost of your in-house IT support as their salaries aren’t fixed. This makes them potentially cheaper than outsourced support. You can take advantage of this if your company has multiple offices with their own computer equipment.
Outsourced IT
·         Delayed solution delivery – Outsourced IT staff will not be able to instantly fix a problem when called upon. They will need to be scheduled and briefed about the problem.  Outsourced IT support will also require time to study your company’s system.
·         Language barrier – Certain outsourced IT support are provided via phone. A language barrier may occur while the IT person attempts to resolve the issue. This can lead to making the situation more complicated and frustrating.
In-house IT
·         Increased costs – There are numerous fees involved in having an in-house IT support. This includes the cost to find and hire them. Upon having an in-house team, you will also need to consider their equipment costs. This includes their computer and other required electronics. Once they have everything they need, the team will also require time to be trained.
·         Availability – One of the main cons for in-house IT mentioned earlier is their availability. They can only resolve a problem within their appointed shift. They can also work on weekends or have some available during afterhours but this also means additional costs in overtime fees, as well as hazard pay. Another thing to consider in your in-house IT team’s availability is their leave. They are not invulnerable and can get sick. Resolving the problem may get delayed if one or more of your IT staff does not come to work.
In conclusion, whether you choose in-hour or outsourcing your IT team is dependent on your needs and budget. In general, an in-house IT team is suitable for large companies while small to medium sized businesses are more suited to outsourced support.
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