Office Spaces And LEDs: A New Front

In the office, at home or at the mall, we are surrounded by light. And while the light technologies have developed behind the scenes, LEDs have shown themselves to be at the forefront of lighting solutions. But LEDs are more than bulbs—they represent a high class of lights used for various applications, the most popular for everyday use are light panels.

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A patented technology, LED light panels disperse an even sheet of light through any room or behind surfaces. Using LEDs, light panels use less energy than traditional bulbs to create more light without blinding passerby. They also last much longer than other lighting solutions. Best of all, such panels eliminate hot and cool spots in a room by evenly dispersing light, often along acrylic sheeting. On the wall or ceiling, panels are edge mounted. Due to their flexibility of use, LED panels have a width breadth of applications. Their ability to remain cool allows them to be made into enormous sizes for onstage or advertising purposes, too.

Applications for LED Light Panels
Go to any mall or special event and you’ll see LED light panels at work. Often, such panels are used to feature a product or provide an eye-catching display. At a trade show or convention, like Comic Con, companies will use light panels to provide a cool light by their register, product display or autograph table to not only attract passerby but to provide even lighting where it may not otherwise be possible.
At the bar, light panels backlight rows of bottles or highlight top shelf items while keeping the dim ambiance of the bar. Some bars even have panel-lit table tops and walkways to add a warm, alien intrigue to the room without distracting diners or drinkers.
Modern office spaces designs have also implemented light panels. At the office, light panels provide a unique, classy look while providing the necessary illumination for a professional workplace. Employees don’t deserve to work under glaring fluorescent bulbs, known to contribute to computer vision syndrome.
Because of their patented technology and durability, LED light panels in offices spaces have fun, functional design applications. Add focus and clarity to a meeting room with overhead panels, or create a custom reception desk out of panels and wow clients the moment they walk in the door. Walls of panel lighting in various colors are exciting without straining the eye like other options. You can also backlight your company’s logo in the office foyer to make your brand stand out or create a custom art piece for the office  bathroom.
At restaurants, LED panels are used to illuminate small fountains of onyx, where the light swirls and emits a mystifying, understated glow.
LED light panels are hailed by architects, lighting experts, and interior designers as the next wave in lighting form and function. It’s not just the energy efficiency, design, and options available in light panels, but the quality of LEDs that set them above other lighting solutions.
Tamila Brown is a freelance blogger for companies seeking to boost search engine ranking through thoughtful guest postings. She is a happy mother of two who spends much of her free time with her children at the park reading. For businesses and stage designers seeking affordable artful lighting designs, she recommends LED light panels provided by LED Light Panel.

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