Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers For Her

Valentine’s day is the day of love. People usually confess their feelings for their loved ones on this day. Love is celebrated on this day. It is a perfect occasion to show someone how much you care for them. Everyone makes sure to plan something special for their partners. Lots of surprises and gifts are given on this day to make their day. Numerous gift options available these days have made it difficult for people to decide what to give and what not to give. Whatever may be the trend, flowers always remain in trend. They are forever in love. Everyone loves to receive a bouquet on a special day. To help you in your journey of love, we have shortlisted some of the best Valentine’s day flowers for you. 

Best valentine’s day flowers for her 

Red Roses

The primary flower which you can give her are the roses. Everyone is aware that roses stand for love. They symbolize love. You can put together all the long-stemmed red roses and make a bouquet of them. This is sure to make her day. In this way, you can easily communicate your passionate love to your partner. 


Purple orchids can also be given on Valentine’s day. It is not only roses that stand for love. There are other species of flowers also which portray your deep love for her. Orchids are the symbol of beauty and strength, which is also essential in any relationship. It will make your relationship and bond strong. Purple orchids carry a lot of emotions within themselves and are elegant too. This sweet gesture of yours will melt her heart, and she will cherish it forever in her heart. 


Sunflowers can also be given. You can arrange a host of sunflowers in a bouquet and give it to her. Sunflowers are known for their cheerful and uplifting nature. It also stands for longevity, which will make your relationship stand the test of bad times. Both red and yellow sunflowers can be given. 

Tiger lilies

You can also add a unique touch to the flowers by mixing lilies with roses, or you can give lilies. Pairing different flowers can impart royalty to your relationship. Very few people are aware of the Tiger Lillies. This is also a species of lilies family and is a symbol of passion. 

Pink tulips

How can one forget about the pink tulips. Tulips will be a perfect gift to give to your loved one. Tulips also come in a range of hues, and every color symbolizes something. Pink tulips are the most beautiful ones as they stand for affection and care. With the help of pink tulips, you can easily show her how much you care for her. 


For married couples, carnations are the best option. Carnations is also regarded as the first wedding anniversary flower. It has a great fragrance. It will bring good luck in your life as it stands for purity. According to your preference, you can choose a color of flower. Every color of it speaks itself like white spells, good luck, and red spells love. 

White daisies

What about white daisies. If you want your relationship to be cheerful always, then you must opt for white daisies. Yellow daisies can also be given. This will bring a broad smile on her face. Daisies stand for innocence. In this cruel and mean world, you can get the innocence in your life by giving daisies to her. 

Silk flowers

Silk flowers are also a good option. There are chances that someone can be allergic to flowers, but there is nothing to worry about now. There is a remedy for that too. In this case, you can give her silk flowers as they do not contain anything of such kind. They will rightly deliver the beauty of real flowers. 


You can also give her a ranunculus. It is known to have a great fragrance. And its fragrance will fill your life with joy and delight. She will always remember this day of her when you went on your knees and proposed to her with flowers in your hands. Moreover, ranunculus stands for luxury.

Calla lilies

If she is very modern, then you can give her calla lilies as they depict modernity. They have a slender look and will have a great impression on your beloved women. You can even send flowers to Cyprus


Lastly, you can give her anemones. It is a bright flower and stands for protection. It will convey your message to her that you will always care for her and protect her. Relationship is not only based on love; it requires other elements too.


Flowers are the best when it comes to emotions. Although there are other gifts also, flowers have their significance in any relationship. They should not be underestimated. Flowers will forever spread happiness and love to your relationship. 

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