Modern Engineers and Designers Need to Understand the Potential of Perspex

What is a Perspex Sheeting?
Perspex sheeting is a useful and versatile material that has many uses and applications. It has been used for a range of objects such as signs, POS, visual communication, window glazing, design, architecture, furniture and much, much more.

prepex sheeting

Advantages of Perspex Sheeting

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There is of course a reason as to why it is such a popular material for this vast range of products; it does have many distinct advantages to its use.
Of these advantages the most distinct are its high shock abrasions and flex resistance. It also has an excellent weather and UV resistance on the clear version of the material. This combined with its low density and light weight compared to glass makes it a viable substitute for windows in certain instances. Of course Perspex sheeting isn’t exclusively available as a clear material; it is also readily available in a comprehensive range of colours and finishes.
Here are some important physical characteristics of Perspex:
·         Transparency
When Perspex is in the colourless form, it is as transparent as the finest optical glass. Its total transparency is 92%, which is the largest physically possible transparency of any material.
·         Resistance to breakage
Perspex has 6 to 17 times greater impact resistance than ordinary glass. When it is subjected to forces beyond its resistance, Perspex reduces the risk of injury because it breaks into large chunks that do not have sharp edges, where the parts are falling apart at low speed due to the ease of material.
·         Resistance to weather conditions
Long-term exposure of Perspex to various weather conditions is the evidence of its resistance to weathering. No other transparent plastic material has such resistance to weathering.
·         Chemical Resistance
Perspex has an excellent resistance to most chemicals, including inorganic bases and acids, such as sulphuric acid and ammonia, and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as hexane, octane, and petroleum products.
·         Small mass
Perspex is more than twice lighter than glass. It weighs 43% of the weight of aluminium and 70% of the weight of magnesium.
·         Dimensional stability
Perspex is known for its resistance to shrinkage and deformation during long periods of use. Many instruments and drawing tools that require high resistance to deformation and dimensional stability are made of Perspex.
·         Resistance to heat
Perspex responds at a very high temperature, which may cause the softening of the material and the deformation in shape. On the other hand, the Perspex is not affected by cold and low temperature, so it does not become brittle and prone to fractures.
·         Ease of processing
Perspex Sheeting can be cut, drilled and machined treated like wood or metal. When heated to the appropriate temperature, and brought into a state in which it can be bent, the Perspex Sheeting can be formed into almost any shape.
The Diversity of Application of Perspex Sheeting
Products made ??of Perspex Sheeting with an extremely wide range of applications, due to the quality, simplicity, and resistance, are indispensable solution compared to competitive products.
Characteristics of Perspex make it indispensable solution in comparison with other materials that are used for making various products. Nowadays, it is the most widely used material for use in interior and exterior design. Perspex sheeting is often used for making variety of products such as displays of the neon signs, various types of shelves, models, holders for business cards and price lists, voting boxes and many other useful products.
Most common use of Perspex sheeting lately is a replacement for glass on machines and equipment. Perspex sheeting is also used in the food industry, because it is approved for contact with food.
This last property is especially appealing to craftsmen such as furniture makers and architects. Such artisans enjoy the strength, flexibility and colour range of such a material and the shapes, sizes and forms from which they can create. Additionally many architects are now being encouraged to be environmentally aware in their projects, as a result the 100% recyclability of Perspex sheeting make it an all the more attractive proposition.
You may not know it but many modern homes may in-fact utilise Perspex sheeting, for example in the bathroom. In such an event the Perspex sheeting can be mounted and sealed with good adhesives and sealants in order to secure a water tight finish.
It is clear then that the aesthetic and ergonomic properties of such a material make it a viable and relatively cost effective material for wide scale and niche manufacture. Whether this be making a unique one of piece of furniture or protecting valuable artwork in a gallery. Perspex sheeting has all the qualities you could need from UV protection to ease of cleaning.
Finally, we can say that Perspex sheeting is Engineering Sheet Plastics, obtained by process of bio polymerization in molds. This is very useful material for modern man and the modern way of life.

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