Living in High-Rise Buildings in Toronto with Full Responsibly and Taking Precautions

Living in High-Rise Buildings in Toronto with Full Responsibly and Taking Precautions

In February 2019, a woman in Toronto intentionally threw a chair from her condo from a high-rise building. Although no one was hurt or any grave situation occurred as a result, this act was caught on camera and went viral within a few days. The authorities caught the girl in question, and she faced the court of law. Last month in July 2020, she was handed a sentence of 2000 dollars in fine as well as 150 hours of community service too. 

High rise condos in Toronto is not something new as there are several projects already completed, and many of them are in the pipeline. People living in high rise buildings enjoy a lot as they make this decision intentionally to live in such a place. It isn’t anything like residing in a duplex house or living in a mansion. A single person or a family needs to be responsible and have to take any precautions while living in such an apartment or condo.  

Let me describe some of the aspects/scenarios here so that you can understand my viewpoint easily. 

Taking Care of Children and Elderly People 

This is probably one of the most important aspects while you are living in a condo. Think about taking responsibility for children and elderly people, especially when they are on the terrace or balcony. Even near the huge windows, it can be dangerous. While only a few incidents are reported around the year from high rise Toronto condos, it is the responsibility of the person to make sure that such incidents don’t happen.

It is the nature of children to be playful, and that’s why they don’t take much consideration when it comes to anything ordered to them by their parents or guardians. Hence, it is the responsibility of parents and any person in charge to oversee the reactivity of children. In the same way, elderly people must also be watched carefully as some of them may have a medical condition in which they require continuous attention. And failing to adhere to this may result in a tragic incident. 

Elderly people can sleep due to a medical condition, have eyesight, and simply not be able to take care of themselves. Near the balcony of a high-rise apartment or near open windows, it can be dangerous for them. 

Be a Responsible Citizen and a Good Neighbor

The Incident mentioned at the start, is now famous across news websites and social media as the “chair girl incident” is a watershed moment. This has sparked a new row in making people living in high rise buildings more responsible. And not just a responsible citizen but also a good neighbor too. Everyone needs to take care of their neighbors as well if they are in any sort of difficulty in this one thing they need to understand. 

So, what can a person do in being responsible and a good neighbor? While you can certainly help or hurt your neighbor if you see some activity in the balcony of the condo apartment next to you,  there is something that can be done collectively and that I will discuss next.

Alter in the Floor Plan Individually or Collectively

Living in High-Rise Buildings in Toronto with Full Responsibly and Taking Precautions

If you think that the walls of your balcony or terrace are too short or anything that is there to prevent people from falling off is not good enough, you can always change it. But the owner of a condo or association may not allow you to do that. In this way, you need to talk to your neighbors and anyone else who may be interested and worried about this aspect. Then you can talk to the owner as you have the backing of some more people so that your case will be strong.

Always remember that it is not just a precaution but your duty to Make sure everything is in line, and thus you and your family are safe. Cityplace condos are one of the best when it comes to all the precautions and safety measures taken. That’s why they are one of the most famous and popular condos in Toronto.

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