Why you should have HTC one leading smartphone companies in your Pocket!

Why you should have HTC one leading smartphone companies in your Pocket!
HTC one is one of the leading smartphone companies now-a-days. It has lots of functions which attract users to buy it, use it and recommend it to other folks. It’s more effective, reliable, smart and intelligent.  Its hardware, software and design all showed that the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer has put a lot of hard work in it.
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The design of HTC one is the most attractive thing for the users out there. The main features present in the design of HTC one are:
ü      It has 4.7 inch (1080p) LCD display which makes it most extraordinary phone of the century.
ü      It’s thin, smart aluminum frame is just amazing which makes it No.1 mobile in the market.
ü      It has dual speakers, which deliver you cool and clear sound while listening to music or watching movies.
Well, hardware and software wise, HTC one leading all the other smart phones in the mobile world. Some of its specifications are given below:
ü      The best thing is that HTC one has 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. OMG, 1.7 GHz, Wowww, isn’t it miraculous???
ü      It has two ship memory configuration, means 32GB internal storage and 64GB external one.
ü      HTC one is the fastest android mobile available in the market, and many quick benchmark test proved it.
ü      There is most advanced version of android jelly bean is installed in it and on it there is a layer of HTC’s sense UI. This makes its interface interesting and cool.
ü      HTC one has updated ImageSense system, new imageChip 2 hardware along with revamped light sensor.
ü      You can run a hell of android application on HTC one with latest gadgets and other cool apps.
HTC one is smart and elegant smart phone but there are some errors as well which includes:
ü      The main problem with HTC one is with its battery. It takes too much time to charge when you put it on charging which is annoying.
ü       There is some problem with its WIFI connectivity. Probably due to the some hardware problem in WIFI antenna.
ü      Some people did face a lot of problems with its newly called feature BlinkFeed. There is no way you can shut it down completely.
Finally taking everything into account, one thing is cent percent sure that with its extraordinary features and qualities, HTC one has proven itself smart, stylish and sexy one in the mobile market.
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